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The 2007-08 Ice Tower, Page 1

24 November to 16 December 2007...... and then next 07-08 Ice Tower pages linked below.

This year Big John Reeves the local big ice artist is crafting another big ice tower / cliff, on the bluff above the Radome.


This year the pipes and valves are the way they should be, hopefully. Each pipe can be fully drained when shut off for nozzle changes, hopefully.





Started out with the water spraying on only one side, over the dirt bluff. Plugged the back side nozzle holes.

Started with these nozzle heads, then shifted to single nozzle irrigation sprinklers for a few weeks, then back to these nozzle heads.





24 November 2007

Turned the water on at 1:PM.

Two nozzle heads about 30 feet apart at the top of the dirt bluff.

A name will be conjured up when the resulting ice form indicates itself.







27 November








29 November


The surface water flow found an easier route through some old swallow nest holes.

























3 December












7 December








10 December























16 December























More ice on the next ice page.

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