Alaskan Alpine Club

The 2007-08 Ice Tower, Page 7

22 March 2008 to 17 April.


22 March



































23 March Back and front sides.

The front side (web cam side) picture is a bit foreshortened, making the tower look less tall. The camera guy was close to the tower.
















29 March. 176 feet high from bottom of cliff to top of ice.





The view back down to the ice shack by the Radome, from the 145 foot high north parapet.




























The north parapet was a fine place for some fine wine on a sunny afternoon.

A delightful interlude in ice climbing.

A Frey Syrah. Wonderful wine. Magnificent wine making family.






















5 April














17 April






















Some old style ice pro is photo tested. It held the photo, barely.


















More pictures on the Ice Tower 8 page.

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