Alaskan Alpine Club








Jed Brown's website Fairbanks climber, cool climbs.




Apocalypse Design Serious Alaska adventure clothing and equipment.

Apocalypse Design research and testing lab entrance.






AlaskaStories.com Alaska mountaineering, caving, kayaking, adventure and other stories, information, photos and rhetorical illusions.






ParkServiceCorruption.com. Our benevolent National Park Service thugs.





Alaska sites


ExtremeDreams.com John Svenson's mountain art (climber), Haines Alaska.


AlaskaIceClimbing.com Alaska ice climbing info.
Alaska Rock Gym A where-it's-at rock gym in Anchorage.
PackRafting.Blogspot.com The Roaming Dials, Alaska adventure sorts.
ABECAlaska.com Guided backpacking and river trips in Alaska's Brooks Range. (ABEC? Always Bring Extra Chocolate)
Valdez Ice An online guide to Valdez Alaska ice climbs.
Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking Shop AMH - the climber's store in Anchorage.
FoggyMountainShop.com Juneau Alaska mountain climbing shop.
Recent Earthquakes Alaska and Pacific Coast recent earthquakes. The place is shaking.
IceAlaska.com Ice art in Fairbanks Alaska.
UltimateGeoCache.net The undisputable Ultimate GeoCache.
BarbecueNight.com Fairbanks adventure crowd every Thursday function.
ProjectNight.com Wednesday night project night for some Fairbanks sorts.
Mountaineering Club of Alaska The club in Anchorage.
https://sites.google.com/a/alaska.edu/alaska-alpine-club/home University of Alaska alpine club, the chaps who
deceptively support government climbing restrictions, much to the amusement of climbers.


Wings Air Service Fairbanks mountain pilot, Robert Wing.




Climbing related sites


MooseJaw.com Online outdoor gear store, by people having fun.

ChicksWithPicks.net Female ice climber group.



American Alpine Club The boys who claim to represent American mountain climbers, much to the amusement of climbers.
BigDeadPlace.com The REAL Antarctica insider stories.
BodyResults.com Mountaineering training information to get you in shape.
ClimbMagazine.com Archives of good info at top of page. British.
EarthTrekUK.net Karl, walking around the world.
ExploreNorth.com Circumpolar area information.
Gripped.com Canadian climbing magazine.
MountainZone.com Climbing and other adventure news.
Mount Everest history A cool Brit website about Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha).
Ouray Ice Festival The cool Colorado ice festival.
RockClimbing.com A comprehensive climbing website.
Summit Journal Climbing and Adventure news.
SuperTopo.com Yosemite based climbing info site with good forum.
Sport Adventure Adventure news.
TraditionalMountaineering.org Climbing website with good info, Oregon.aving fun.

International scene - clubs


UIAA International Union of Alpinist Associations. The association of each nation's primary mountaineering organization(s).


Alpine Club The staid old British mountaineering institution.
Alpine Club of Canada
British Mountaineering Council (BMC) The Brit climbing organization which does all the organizational stuff.
Chamois Mountaineering Club A British mountaineering club with a great links page for international climbing clubs.
Federation Francaise de la Montagne et de l'Escalade French language.
Icelandic Alpine Club
Indian Mountaineering Foundation
Japanese Alpine Club
Mountaineering Club of South Africa
Nepal Mountaineering Association
New Zealand Alpine Club
Scottish Mountaineering Club
Swiss Alpine Club

International scene - general

Banff Mountain Festivals The Banff Film Festival and other events.
Outdoor Directory An outdoor adventure directory based in Jolly Old England.
MountainZ.co.nz Another New Zealand mountain site.


Other sites

Think.ws Intellectual technology to solve problems caused by governmental / organizational technology. Solutions for excessive climbing regulations.



WinterKing.com Homer Alaska. Inordinately safe custom boat. Meticulously clean and neat. Fun, dynamic crew who pay attention to details. The owners have classic Alaska stories and friends. Located in awesome Homer, on the spit of course, with a view of all the mountains you want to climb.



AlaskanCottages.com Where you want to stay in Homer. Your first choice if it is available.



FairbanksGoldCo.com Physical location of the ice towers. Cool Fairbanks info. Fossil ivory and bone finds, etceteras.



FreedomOutlaws.com The definitive statement of those who support American individual freedom.

CourtCorruption.com The process of how the pitiable government minds alter their perceptions, exampled at Yakima Washington, for your amusement.

SumOfIgnorance.com Obvious.



BuchananLake.com A small lake with floating islands, because the web slave likes it, for some reason.





FloatingIsland.net Floating island information.




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