Mountain Rescue Fund info....

The Mountain Rescue Fund has been suspended until further notice...

Stock market losses and the extensive devaluation of paper US dollars by the Federal Reserve Bank over-printing them, have made it prudent for the Mountain Rescue Fund trustees to temporarily suspend the program.

The bulk of the principle of the fund is secured in a long term, but not liquid investment that will maintain or increase its value. The rest of the fund was in a more liquid stock market fund that has not done well during the recent era of the Federal Reserve Bank printing paper dollars as fast as the Military Industrial Complex executives could sop them up for Bush and Obama's Presidential Ego Gratification Wars, with a few hundred billion handed to the New York bankster executives, for their new mansions.

The Fund has never had the expenses of "overhead". All donations have remained within the Fund principle or actual rescue expenses.

The Fund has not been advertised, so it has always had only a few members, not enough to pay for rescues. The Fund was built with previous, local fund-raisers and stock market investments.

With the shift from traditional mountain climbing to sport climbing gyms, convenient roadside ice and boulder climbing, and climbing in mountain tourist areas (National Parks) the primary market for the Mountain Rescue Fund has diminished.

All things change, on schedule. The program will be re-activated when possible.


Information about the Alaskan Alpine Club Mountain Rescue Fund (NOT ACTIVE)


The Mountain Rescue Fund constitutes a voluntary effort by mountaineers and other outdoor persons to meet their responsibility for the public expenses of off-road rescue missions involving themselves.


The Fund will pay a portion of the public expenses for off-road rescues involving Fund members. Aviation expenses will be the priority for Fund payments.


The Fund does not provide a rescue organization. Membership in the Fund does not imply that a member will be rescued at a time of need, or that the total expenses of a rescue will be paid.


A contribution of (THEN $20) will enroll a person for the remainder of the calendar year in which that person enrolls. Contributions to this Fund are tax deductible under IRS code 501c3.


Any person is eligible to join the Fund. There are no requirements to be a member of any organization. Fund membership is separate from the Alaskan Alpine Club membership


A rescue mission is covered under this Fund if it is a bona fide rescue resulting from an accident, injury, illness or evident threat to the health of a Fund member, conducted in Alaska, Canada, Greenland or the U.S. The rescue must involve an off-road incident, and may include non-mountaineering activities or environments. The rescue must be conducted under the jurisdiction of a State or County public safety agency, appropriate Canadian or Greenlandic authority, or a recognized rescue organization.


The Fund will currently pay up to $4,000 per rescue mission, but never more than 5% of the Fund principal assets per rescue. As the Fund grows, payments will increase to the full public cost of each rescue.


The Fund will pay public treasuries and recognized volunteer rescue organizations.


The Fund will not pay private debts incurred by Fund members.

The Fund will not pay for rescue expenses incurred by the military in the U.S. Budgets for military rescue missions in the U.S. are included in normal training funds that are spent on aviation flight time regardless of the opportunity for realistic training during real rescue missions. Military practice rescue missions are ongoing. No additional tax expense is incurred when the military participates in actual rescue missions in the U.S.

The Fund will not pay the government for any rescues in the U.S. which are controlled by any land managing agency. The Fund endorses the Alaska Outdoor Council's policy on proper agencies for rescue missions. That policy concludes that resource managing agencies which usurp emergency services detrimentally divert funds from resource management goals, and fragment public rescue capabilities.

There is also a deadly conflict of interest when the same agency that writes visitor regulations which can affect accident potential, then in turn gains budget excuses from accident and rescue events within its land jurisdiction. The incentive is to facilitate increased potential for accidents and expensive rescues through regulatory policies. Power corrupts, and budget excuses are a notorious priority over stated government agency goals. With budgets always under threat in the debt-ridden U.S. government, deadly abuses in this regard, some of them proven in court, are prevalent among U.S. land managing agencies, especially involving the thoroughly corrupt and abusive National Park Service.

At those times when a land managing agency in the U.S. refuses to surrender jurisdiction and financial control of a rescue mission involving a Fund member, the public news media will be made aware that the public tax burden for the rescue would have been reduced if the rescue mission had been conducted by a proper emergency services agency.


A payment under these stipulations will be made by the Alaskan Alpine Club. For rescues involving non-aviation expenses, the Board will decide upon appropriate payment, with favor going toward any comparable, bona fide rescue expenses.


Mt. Rescue Trust Ltd will manage the Fund's principal assets.


The Fund will be invested in commercial mutual funds or other secure investments. All dividend and interest monies shall accrue exclusively within the Fund.


The Alaskan Alpine Club will donate the time, effort and money from its administration fund to advance this program until it is large enough to sustain these costs with its own resources. A priority goal of the Alaskan Alpine Club is to assist outdoor persons in meeting their public responsibilities.


No portion of the Fund will be used to compensate Board members or any person for any reason other than in compliance with the Fund stipulations, and other than for standard investment fees required for the investment program by a recognized, commercial investment company. Said company may not be substantially associated with the Alaskan Alpine Club, Mt. Rescue Trust or their Directors or Trustees.


Additional contributions to the Fund are solicited from outdoor recreationalists and others interested. All donations are tax deductible under IRS code 501c3. Fund members are encouraged to organize fund raising activities to benefit the Fund.


This Fund will be effective to the extent that individual mountaineers and other outdoor persons accept their rescue responsibilities before accidents involve them, and voluntarily support the program. Word-of-mouth encouragement among fellow mountaineers is encouraged. This non-profit fund is not commercially advertised, and does not incur administrative expenses. Tell your mountain climbing friends.


Send $X (future decision) with your name and address to the Alaskan Alpine Club, 1957 Weston Drive, Fairbanks Alaska 99709. Phone 907 479 2149. Email: climb at AlaskanAlpineClub.org.



Considerations in regard to the Mountain Rescue Fund, and rescues....

The Fund administrators analyze government rescue operations. They offer objective analyses for an activity whose effectiveness is dangerously stagnated by non-competitive government control that is routinely misused for increasing budget excuses. There is no such thing as power that does not corrupt. Government holds power, and is insatiably greedy. While the Fund administrators often criticize the Alaska State Troopers in those analyses, the Troopers remain superior in effectiveness and efficiency compared to the other government rescuing agencies. Under the current trend, that may not continue to be the case. The Alaska State Troopers are becoming as greedy, malicious and self-serving as the National Park Service, due to the repugnant amount of oil money in the Alaska government.

Calculations from many previous rescue missions, before self-serving government agencies drove most volunteer mountain rescue groups out of functional utility and independence, revealed that privately administered rescues cost 10% of what government spends on rescues. Privately administered rescues involving real climbers instead of government bureaucrats with paper climbing credentials offer greater effectiveness derived from greater knowledge and incentive.

Mountain climbing and outdoor adventure attract independent minded people who inherently learn more knowledge because they challenge old limits, and question everything, including rampant government incompetence. Mountain climbers know how to efficiently function in the mountains. Government employees who are assigned tasks for a salary do not learn those tasks as well as people who pursue them from unpaid personal interest.

Mountain climbing is an expression of individual freedom that therefore advances the human phenomenon. In contrast, as a representative example, the National Park Service hires mountaineering rangers (police) for the primary job of arresting climbers who do not pay the police (fees, paperwork budget excuses, etc.) for the job of arresting climbers. Therefore, quite naturally, no real mountain climbers will work for the Park Service, by the functional definition of what climbing is and who climbers are. Climbers do not arrest climbers for climbing without first kowtowing to incompetent government bureaucrats. Opposite the nature of climbers who question everything, police can be punished for questioning inherently fallible orders of their superiors. Impeding the questioning process stagnates their mind's learning process. The mind learns from asking and answering questions, especially the difficult ones that anger the minds of government and other institutionally titled officials.

There are no mountaineering regulations and police outside the parks, where mountaineering freedom results in fewer problems among more climbing. A questioned analysis of the credentials of the traditionally incompetent Park Service mountaineering rangers and other so called government rescue experts would leave anyone openly laughing at them and their process. And they teach their incompetence to replacements upon promotion. Therefore the results inherently spiral government down into greater incompetency, creating more problems, in contrast to the advancing knowledge of the citizenry. Government covers its incompetence, fooling its personnel and other fools with rhetorical illusions dutifully pandered by unquestioning news journalists who are easily impressed with titles and paper credentials, and who are ignorant of actual mountain climbing.

Government ignorance of the value of money compounds the problem, since government forces people to pay government despite the notoriously poor quality of government service in every government in human history.

Government control produces incompetence and failure, because the less knowledgeable, whose orders cannot be questioned, use force of government to threaten and stagnate the minds of their own personnel and the actions of the more diverse citizenry who learn more knowledge by questioning everything. In contrast, freedom works.

The mountain climbers have historically met their rescue responsibilities, with their own volunteer rescue groups and funding programs, more than any other private sector of the outdoor recreation society. Yet mountain climbers have been traditionally more denigrated in the news media and among government agencies, for the costs of rescues. That contradiction is primarily due to the traditionally dishonest tactics of National Park Service chaps, much to the amusement of climbers.

Tax funded rescues of mountain climbers cost a negligible fraction of one percent compared to the tax funded rescues of all other public activity sectors which include more frivolous endeavors.

The Alaskan Alpine Club Mountain Rescue Fund was created when the extent of fraudulent government rescue expense calculations and tactics, used by the National Park Service as excuses for larger budgets and more regulatory impositions compounding the budget excuses, was exposed upon asking a certain question at a certain public hearing.

With no incentive to do otherwise, primarily because the news media never asks EFFECTIVE questions of National Park Service officials, the Park Service has become notorious for using mountain climbers as a budgetary and regulatory whipping boy over the rescue issue, much to the amusement of climbers analyzing the gullibility of unquestioning news journalists.

The verified accounts of Park Service rescue budget ploys include their willfully blocking rescues until prior located accident victims, known to be seriously injured, died. Those actions were based on the Park Service's accurate admission that dead bodies in National Parks make good budget excuses among congressional budget committees who question Park Service officials as little as do news journalists. American politicians shovel tax money at perceived problems, rather than use the human mind's thinking process to solve problems. Unquestioned funding inherently escalates corruption, teaching the persons who receive the funding that they can simply lie more to get more funding each year.

The Clouser-Scanlon court case for Denali National Park, and the Ben Johnson court case for Grant Teton National Park are classics, among others. In both cases victims would have lived if volunteer mountain rescue groups had been allowed to operate in the parks. When wrongs are rewarded, such as with more government funding, they are inherently advanced. You may be the next victim.

More amusing have been the Park Service's repeated denials that any private rescue funds exist, after having repeatedly signed for certified mailings of information on the Alaskan Alpine Club Mountain Rescue Fund. If a Park Service chap's lips are moving, they are lying, much to the robust laughter of people sufficiently intelligent to ask questions of obvious contradictions.

Of course the Park Service refuses to notify Denali climbers of this non-profit Fund, while the Park Service denigrates climbers over the rescue expense issue, and praises the environmentalist organizations that support Park Service political scams.

Denali National Park officials wrote a regulation to tax mountain climbers $150 (then $200, then $350) each for the right to climb Denali. Park officials claimed that the money was needed for rescues.

When the Alaskan Alpine Club promptly exposed the itemized counts of criminal fraud in selectively charging a fee for public emergency services, the Park Service withdrew their claim that the tax was for rescues, and substituted the words, "for mountaineering programs". The tax was then imposed by bureaucratic fiat, as usual. There are no functional checks and balances on lucrative corruption in the US government.

Then in their rhetorical excuses for the tax, Park Service rangers switched back to mentioning rescue expenses for mountain climbers, to easily fool those who ask no questions. Of course news media journalists never question the glaring contradiction, as is the case with nearly all government created contradictions.

Below are the questions that news journalists never ask US National Park Service officials, even after being given the questions to ask, much to the laughter of people who enjoy watching the idiocy of American news media journalists.

1. Does the mountain, Denali, constitute public land? (yes)

2. In whose name is the title of public land in this nation? (the people)

3. Do the people of this nation hold the right to walk on their public land? (yes)

4. Can a tax, fee or permission be lawfully required by the government, for the exercise of a right? (no)

5. Is it a punishable crime for a government official to impose a demand under power of office and color of law, when that demand denies or infringes a right of the people? (yes)

6. Is there any damage to public policy described as a crime in prevailing law, created by a mountain climber exercising his or her right to walk on the public land described as the mountain, Denali? (no)

The tax to climb Denali is unlawful. Its imposition constitutes a crime by National Park Superintendents and rangers. The tax is rhetorically advanced by an inferior law for which the Park Service dolts know that unquestioning news journalists will never question to discover the contradicting superior and prevailing law. Knowledgeable climbers in Alaska do not pay the unlawful climbing tax for Denali. Gullible people, who believe rather than question the government and news media, foolishly pay that tax and many similar taxes, much to the laughter of the knowledgeable climbers.

The issue is not that of inherently corrupted governments. That is normal. The useful issue is the origin of the internationally recognized Dumbing Down Of America. If you deny or fear discussion of the origin of a problem, it will get worse, and you will be your victim. Among the combination of causes for the Dumbing Down Of America, largely created by government sorts, lawyers and public school teachers, a primary cause can be selected for analysis, that of the news media, whom the gullible public foolishly thought was paid to ask effective questions.

The incompetent public schools, which are government schools, produced news journalists who methodically became too ignorant to ask effective questions, because they were never taught how to ask effective questions. They then spiraled into the results of that phenomenon. No government can tolerate effective questions, including government school teachers, by proof easily revealed from certain questions. The human mind learns knowledge by asking and answering questions, either overtly or by analysis of the brain's process to identify and resolve contradictions.

Because the news journalists have adamantly refused to ask the above six questions, for many years, as only one small learning example herein, they never learned how to ask the next more effective questions when Park Service dolts easily lie to journalists and laugh at their gullibility.

It would be the same if I were a news journalist or Park Service dolt, by definition. You are not what you flatter yourself to be, but what objective questioning proves of your words and actions. I was as embarrassingly stupid when I was employed by the government and not allowed to question orders, much to my subsequent laughter. Did you prior recognize that it is inherently unlawful, and mutually exclusive by definition, to be charged a tax for the exercise of a right? A right is that for which no permission or tax can be demanded, by definition.

Concurrently, the asking of permission (permits) or paying of a fee (tax) is the process that defines the willful surrender of a right. While Park Service rangers have routinely laughed in private discussions among certain climbers and others, at how easily they fool news journalists, the rangers have made themselves as ignorant. They actually believe their own lies, or those lies would not ring true when spoken and written. The Park Service rangers could not identify a human RIGHT, even if you handed them a dictionary or asked them the above questions. They are the laughable victims of their mind's inability to effectively question their own glaring contradictions, and those of their superiors, poor pitiable chaps.

Because the mountain climbers have traditionally led the outdoor recreation groups for fulfilling their adventure responsibilities, by creating volunteer mountain rescue groups that rescued more non-climbers than climbers, they were able to recognize and question more of the contradictions created by inherently corrupted (dishonest) government sorts, especially the National Park Service mental midget police who think with their badges and guns.

The design of human society, a function of the design of the human mind, does not exempt any social sector. The overwhelming tactics of the grossly over-funded National Park Service, which advances government power by destroying individual responsibility, with the avid assistance of the American news media, have been socially effective. Because the Park Service controls most of the most popular mountains, the Park Service has been able to functionally destroy or usurp most of the volunteer mountain rescue groups, particularly attacking individuals among them who ask questions. Therefore, while still verifiably more perceptive than the social average, it is getting more difficult to find even mountain climbers who have not sunk into the Dumbing Down of America. Most of them pay that $350 tax to exercise a right, etcetera, and are as clueless of the contradiction as news journalists.

In regard to the above mentioned individual climbers who ask questions, I was arrested and jailed a week, shackled, chained (standard humiliation tactics by pitiable school yard bully police), denied bail, denied a trial, declared guilty on record, denied an appeal, and more, for politely asking the Park Service certain questions that prove an ongoing criminal operation by certain Park Superintendents in several National Parks. I was amused. Effective questions enrage power-damaged minds.

These words on a website will change nothing, except to the extent of your own mind's ability, if you start asking and answering a lot of questions. The Dumbing Down of America is an institutionally entrenched juggernaut, led by the institutions of news journalists and the government's public schools. You may advance your own personal knowledge by asking the above six questions, and not stopping with those. If you work for a government or a news media institution, your choice is to utilize the priceless value of your mind, by asking EFFECTIVE questions, to therefore learn more knowledge, and therefore be fired, or ask no effective questions, to thus be the reason that people around the world talk about the Dumbing Down of America. I recommend asking the questions and learning more knowledge. Your mind is worth infinitely more to you than you currently recognize, and certainly more than your current job. If you are fired because you learned more knowledge than your boss, you will belatedly learn that your job was keeping you stupid and intellectually stagnated.

When this author suggested to a young bureaucrat that the illogical government process she was administering to force people to do useless paperwork was keeping her ignorant, and that she should start asking questions of what she was doing, she responded: "I would rather be ignorant with a job." THAT IS THE DUMBED-DOWN AMERICA BEING LAUGHED AT BY AN ADVANCING WORLD.

Because these words have been sent to police agencies, the following classic learning questions are offered for the advancement of their personal knowledge. For the liberals, if the superior law of the US Constitution's second amendment states, "shall not be infringed", to secure the people's right to possess and carry guns, and 20,000 inferior gun control laws in the US now infringe that RIGHT, who are the tax paid criminals enforcing those inferior laws that unlawfully infringe that RIGHT described in the superior law? Well, who has become too dumb to accurately answer that question? And for the conservatives, if the superior law of the US Constitution's ninth amendment, undeniably securing the right of each adult to own and manage their own body as the single most unalienable right retained by the people, who are the tax paid criminals unlawfully enforcing the myriad of inferior laws against the RIGHT of individual adults to inhale smoke of one's own choice into one's own body? Well, who has become too dumb to accurately answer that question?

You train your mind by your words and actions. If you train your mind to not answer certain questions, such as the above, it will literally be unable to access the biological process to answer an expanding array of similar questions, exposing your embarrassing ignorance to more questioning people around you, and leaving you frustrated by simple contradictions. If you are so horribly in debt that you cannot afford to lose your current job by asking questions of your obviously ignorant government boss, at least ask questions and write the answers in private. But do not contradict your accurate answers with your actions, or you will train your mind to contradict itself. Your mind is worth infinitely more to you than that for which government chaps, lawyers and news journalists, use theirs. Train it with intelligence. Wisely emphasize to your offspring the wisdom of their asking real questions of every contradiction, with tenacity, or they too will be the Dumbed Down Americans. Knowledge will never harm you or them. Ignorance will. The human mind is a knowledge device.

And most pity the National Park Service rangers. If you think you have found anyone dumber and more self-fooled, I will ask the questions that prove your error.

You may ask me any question, and I will respond with the most flawless logic my mind can produce, to the extent of my available time. If you find any contradiction in my words, and we can verify that contradiction, the resolution will be easy, conforming to logic, and I will thank you for your having advanced my knowledge. In contrast, notice that government chaps and news journalists flee effective questions. To whom would you turn to learn the knowledge you seek?

May you learn the most knowledge of the most concepts, most efficiently.

You can find more information at DougBuchanan.com.

But wiser to have not read the above because you were in the mountains learning what the mountains teach. The mountains laugh at humans, as you would wisely learn to do.


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