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Gullible Climbers

A story about the ACCESS FUND

How gullible are American climbers?

Wise climbers progressively learn more knowledge from their climbs, and by resolving the contradictions they recognize in words, such as these.

Who are the wise climbers?

With everything you read, hear or see, did you want to learn new knowledge, or only what you already knew? Use your answer.

If your mind receives information it finds comfortable, it is learning nothing new. It has already created a neural routing for that data, which is why the information is perceived as comfortable. Your time is thus being wasted.

If your mind receives information that is uncomfortable, irritating, insulting or angering, you are learning possibly new and thus possibly useful knowledge. The information is uncomfortable to your mind because new neural routings must be found in contradiction to previous perceptions.

If you want to be comfortably flattered, do not read these words. Go to a government or common organization website that flatters intellectually lazy people who like to remain ignorant and like to send money to organizations that flatter ignorant people to get their money or political support.

If you want a sound-byte type answer or solution to your problems or frustrations, donate money to the Access Fund and do not wonder why the same old ongoing problems were passed on to you, and will still be frustrating your offspring.

The solution to all problems is openly available in knowledge, that which sound-byte seeking fools flee.

Unless you are already aware of the nature of the Access Fund and all such organizations, if you are an American mountain climber, this web page may verify to you, your friends and the world, how gullible you most likely were until you finish reading this page and resolve your revealed contradiction, to no longer be so laughably gullible.

Ask real questions of everything you read herein. Write your questions. Answer them. That is how your mind learns new knowledge.

The human mind learns new knowledge by forming words into questions, not statements, by design.

This page was written on another occasion of great laughter, because the amusing sorts at the Access Fund sent the Alaskan Alpine Club another solicitation to become a member, after the Access Fund was repeatedly ridiculed for prior such wastes of their member donations.

In that solicitation Heidi Wirtz, with a picture of herself, claims to be a World Class Climber and Access Fund Ambassador, and endorses the Access Fund. How does one accountably become a World Class Climber, if not by agreeing to be flattered by a flatterer in exchange for encouraging dumb people to give money to the flatterer?

How laughably gullible is Heidi Wirtz?

First, for those who are foolishly angered and more foolishly defensive, instead of being wisely curious and thoughtfully questioning, when their amusing gullibility is proven on public record, the writer claims no superiority for two reasons among others. The human brain and its operating system are of the same design in all people, by design. No one is smarter than anyone else. We just learn different things at different times, sometimes obvious things after other people learn them, to our amusement and embarrassment. Further, the writer was so abjectly stupid he went to Vietnam as an infantry officer to assist the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime's effort to slaughter Vietnamese because they refused to kowtow to the incessantly lying Washington DC war regime. War, designed to force other people to live as a ruler decrees, is a fool's quest obviously still popular among gullible young males, and dumb females craving the power of dumb males, instead of learning the reasoning process of the human mind.

Your mind learns new knowledge by ASKING QUESTIONS, AND ANSWERING THEM. Do so.

Having belatedly learned the stupidity of my military adventure after more-questioning people learned it sooner in their life, I suggest that you young military age folks ask more questions of the US DemocanRepublicrat war regime (military industrial complex) to advance your ability to ask increasingly more effective questions (the human mind's reasoning process), instead of mindlessly believing the incessant lies of non-self-questioning idiots with government jobs. Their minds function in the same unquestioning manner as the Access Fund sorts.

If you would believe me when I was an army officer, or a person with a different government job, an organization leader, the writer of these words, or anyone of any such ilk, rather than ask questions of the contradictions my or their words create in comparison with your mind's existing perceptions, you are as laughably gullible as military personnel and Access Fund members.

People who contribute to the Access Fund are as dumb as the following demonstrates.

For your greater knowledge of human organizational design, the process the Access Fund uses to bilk its members, commercial sponsors and other supporters out of their money, is identical to that of the National Rifle Association (NRA) among its gullible members. The same is true of USA and all citizen's rights organizations. The writer of these words was a member of the Board of Directors of NRA, and made similar efforts to cause them to question and resolve their contradictions. But being power-damaged minds insatiably craving more power and money, not knowledge, the NRA leaders refused to listen to, or read, any words like those you are reading, and continued to bilk gullible members out of their money, to acquire more power, by the process described herein, just as will the Access Fund leaders, for the same reason, even if they read these words.

You, not the amusingly ignorant Access Fund minions, can learn the related knowledge, and thereafter laugh robustly at them and their ilk.

When you see a climbing equipment company endorsing the Access Fund, that means the company's products are more expensive because YOU, the climber buying its products, are paying the company's donations to the Access Fund. ALL business expenses and taxes are passed on to the end product and service user.

The Access Fund brags about having spent $10,000,000 (ten million smackaroos) on its endeavors. That money came from gullible climbers.

What did you get?

The most classic example in American mountaineering history reveals the answer otherwise found in many questions of many actions.

The climbers lost more climber rights, encountered more government-created hassles and restrictions, paid more process-costs, and surrendered more of their money going to the insatiable Access Fund predicated on increasing the problems to increase the excuses for increasing donates to the Access Fund lying about solving the problems (the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals), identical to government process.

First, one of the reasons the common Americans fought, killed and died to form a new government separate from the British king, was the king's policy of charging the peasants a tax to walk on the Crown Lands. Is it not repugnant to the most basic human freedom so appreciated by mountain climbers, to be forced to pay a tax to merely walk on open lands claimed by the government? What is your answer?

The Brit king's armed sheriffs collected the tax that they proscribed. That tax paid the sheriffs to arrest the peasants who did not pay the sheriffs.

The writers of the US Constitution established the right to walk and travel by common means on the public lands, as a right, for which the government held no authority to require permission or charge a tax. Are public lands owned by the public, or by government administrators? Does the owner hold the right to walk on her or his own land?

The cost to the common people in the US, of no longer having to pay a tax to the king, or ask the king's sheriff's permission to walk on public land, created as a human RIGHT in the US, was the lives of many common people who died horrible deaths to get out from under the tyrannical British monarchy.

So what happened then?

Mountain climbers must now pay King Barak Obama a 350 dollar tax for the RIGHT to walk on the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime's Crown (public) Lands described as Denali. The tax was supported by the stinkin rich and arrogant Access Fund and American Alpine Club leaders who want the prominent mountains for the exclusive use of the stinkin rich and arrogant American Alpine Club and Access Fund swine.

The US revolution fighters obviously wasted their lives. They should have left you under the rule of malicious kings since that is what the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime has functionally become.

The tax to walk on US Crown Land is set and collected by armed sheriffs called National Park Rangers. The tax pays Park Service rangers to arrest the climbers who do not pay the rangers to arrest the climbers who.....

"Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation, to preserve your freedom! I hope you make a good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it." John Adams, Philadelphia 1777.

By what process did America produce such repugnant humans who would accept a National Park Ranger job to arrest climbers who do not pay the rangers to arrest the climbers who do not pay the rangers....., precisely what cost John Adams and his countrymen so much to escape? Every society holds that percentage of malicious mental midgets from whom Adolph Hitler got his Gestapo, and the US National Park Service gets its malicious, unquestioning rangers, each claiming to be doing good for the fatherland, the environment, the service, law and order, or... fill in the blank, without ever asking questions of their rhetorical illusions.

By what process did American mountain climbers become so flat gullible and stupid that they would willingly acquiesce to returning to the rule of an absolute monarch (King George Bush) who decrees public lands as government lands or Crown Lands, upon which walking requires the common people to get permission or pay a tax to the King's sheriffs?

For what did the common people who fought and died miserable deaths in the American Revolutionary war, die?

How more contemptuous of human rights and human life can you get, than being a US National Park Service sheriff for King Barak Obama, demanding that the peasants pay a 350 dollar tax to walk on open public land?

Every 350 dollars and countless other such taxes imposed by countless government bureaucracies, all going to the general US Treasury fund despite the lies of Park Service liars, after paying the police who only exist to collect the taxes, is 350 more dollars for more bombs for Obama's Presidential ego gratification wars, as effected by his predecessors and successors.

Worse. By what process have the Access Fund and American Alpine Club sorts supported the creation of, sustaining and routine increasing of that tax on climbers, and an annually increasing array of tax paid, costly police-enforced restrictions on climbers, while paying the Access Fund and AmerAC leaders and staff to therefore fool more climbers out of yet more money otherwise useful for climbing?

Have not the gullible NRA members lost their gun owner rights to over 20,000 gun restriction laws in the US, and additionally lost their foolishly donated money to the lavishly paid NRA leaders who facilitated those 20,000 laws under the lie of defending gun owner rights?

During certain NRA Board meetings, including Executive Sessions (secret), the NRA Directors and staff occasionally let slip various of their routine actions that facilitated more gun restriction laws that created a greater NRA member perception of an increasing threat to gun owner rights. Those NRA actions were professionally orchestrated by NRA staff to garner surges of donations to NRA by laughably gullible NRA members who were, and are, easily conned out of their money by such ruses and intentionally facilitated loss of rights.

NRA members are so damn gullible that they have been told of the process for decades, by several previous NRA Directors, and you can put their faces in front of these words, and they will still keep donating money to the NRA while NRA leaders and their sweetheart Public Relations contractor routinely laugh at the gullibility of the donors, in private.

The same process is being used by the Access Fund, American Alpine Club, and nearly all other citizen rights organizations, with the same results. Like the NRA members, American climbers are as dumb as rocks in that regard, as demonstrated in the following.

The tax to walk (climb) on the public land described as Denali in Alaska, is unlawful. It cannot be lawfully demanded. The demand, imposed under power of office and color of law, constitutes a criminal action by the government thugs. It is a rhetorical ruse easily sustained by the Park Service, Access Fund, American Alpine Club and others because American climbers are as gullible as American gun owners. If you have a king's crown, police badge, government uniform or title, you can tell them anything, and they will kowtow to your demand. It is beyond their comprehension to ask an effective question (introduced below).

The Vietnamese had the good sense to refuse to kowtow to the repugnant, idiot, murdering Americans, just as the early Americans refused to kowtow to the Brit king and his mental midget Redcoats. Those Vietnamese and earlier Americans understood the value and utility of their own minds, the most valuable concept known to humans. The refusals cost a lot lives, but did you want to live as a mindless minion serving verifiably idiot US National Park Rangers and their Access Fund dolts, or did you want to use your mind and its utility? Your choice, if you easily learn the knowledge of how to effect the choice among dumb government thugs with guns and Access Fund minions.

The US Supreme Court has found and declared, as any commonly literate person can ascertain from the dictionary meanings of the words, but beyond the understanding of National Park rangers, gullible climbers and gun owners, that......

An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or enforceability as law.

Write those words with your hands, or you will remain as dumb as Park Service rangers who enforce only inferior laws and sincerely believe that they are somehow doing some sort of good, the trained illusion of power-damaged minds.

Now start doing with your priceless mind what apparently Heidi Wirtz and her Access Fund colleagues are not capable of doing, just as I was so embarrassingly incapable when I was a trained-to-be-dumb Distinguished Military Graduate US Army airborne ranger aviator infantry lieutenant.

Do the people in the US hold the RIGHT to walk on their own open public land that is not lawfully fenced with chain link fence or locked in a public building for material security purpose? (Yes)

Is a RIGHT that action for which the government holds no authority to demand government permission or the payment of a tax or fee? (Yes)

Is the US under the rule of written law, that is, words on paper, not people with government jobs? (Yes)

If two laws contradict each other, describing the same action as both lawful and unlawful, perhaps using different words to describe the same fundamental action, must one law, already identified in written law, prevail above the other to retain the rule of written law above the rule of personalities such as police, prosecutors or court judges who could impose one law against those not in their personal favor, and another protecting their friends? (Yes)

Do agents and officers of the government hold the known legal duty, the evasion of which is a crime, to use power of office to impose only a prevailing law, and never an inferior law contracted by a superior law? (Yes)

Is a crime committed by an agent or officer of the government, including an officer of the court, if he or she uses power of office or color of law to make a demand under claim of authority in law, based on an inferior law contradicted by a superior law? (Yes)

Does a lawyer, by definition of a government lawyer's license, such as a government agency lawyer telling law enforcement agents what verbally described laws to enforce, represent the law, or instead represent legal opinion and advice which is not the law? (Opinion and advice, not the law)

Are police and other law enforcement personnel such as National Park rangers identified as illiterate and too ignorant to enforce laws in a nation under the rule of written law if they need agency lawyers or superiors to verbally tell them what the laws mean, and what laws to enforce, instead of deriving the knowledge from the written laws themselves as must the common people who must obey the written laws? (Yes)

In a non-field situation, such as in a government office, if a person expressly requests an officer of the government to fully reveal the law used as a claim of authority for a demand made under said claim, and requests the officer to certify it, on notarized written record, under penalty of fraud, malfeasance, evasion of a known legal duty, perjury to oath of office and other laws, as prevailing for the basic action in question, not contradicted by any superior law, is said officer required by law to so comply, the evasion of which is a crime, if the demand under said claimed authority in law is sustained? (Yes)

Is it a felony crime for an agent or officer of the National Park Service to use National Park Service power of office and color of law, under an inferior law contradicted by a superior law, to demand that a person who might be a climber pay a tax or fee, or get a permit (permission), or register with the government under threat of punishment, to exercise the RIGHT to walk on public land described as the mountain, Denali? (Yes)

Is it a felony crime for an agent or officer of the National Park Service to use National Park Service power of office and color of law, under an inferior law contradicted by a superior law, to demand that a person pay a tax or fee, or get a permit (permission) to exercise the RIGHT to travel by common means, such as by automobile, on the public rights of way, such as the roads in National Parks? (Yes)

Are US National Park Service rangers, including those who get promoted to Park Superintendents, selected from that percentage of the US population which is so dumbed-down by the government's public schools, fundamentally malicious and unquestioning of what they are told by ignorant superiors and lawyers, that they could read the above questions, and remain clueless, and not be able to figure out what questions to ask of their glaring contradictions? (Yes)

Is it a felony crime for an agent or officer of the government to use power of office and color of law, under an inferior law contradicted by a superior law, to demand that a person pay a tax or fee, or get a permit (permission), or register with the government under threat of punishment, to exercise the RIGHT to possess and carry guns? (Yes)

Are the NRA members and Access Fund contributors, including corporate sponsors, so amusingly ignorant that they cannot understand the effect of these plain English words, even if you hand them a dictionary? (Well?)

Is the value of your human mind measured by the amount of money you can get to pay the myriads of insatiably greedy, inherently corrupted government agencies and their laughably gullible crony citizen organization leaders fooling you out of your money, or your ability to identify, openly question and resolve the contradictions and criminal fraud of their actions?


You can pay the pitiable sops their tribute if you wish. They are useless to the human phenomenon, and sincerely perceive that they need the money you worked to earn. But wisely do not identify yourself as gullible and dishonest as the Access Fund, American Alpine Club, NRA and other government crony leaders. Learn the lessons of the mountains which function on flawless logic, if you wish.

It is an aside to note that the tax for the right to walk on public land described as Denali was at first pandered under the old excuse of paying for mountain rescues. But when certain Alaskan Alpine Club questions publicly proved that excuse to be a common lie, the Park Service had to admit on public record that the money went to the US Treasury's General Fund (available for George to buy more bombs). Shortly thereafter, when routinely asked what the money paid for, the Park Service publicly stated that the money was used for mountaineering programs, just another lie. Then time when by, and the Park Service started saying again that the money went for mountain rescues, its favorite excuse for anything related to mountaineering. Since the worthless US news journalists parrot whatever government says, on cue, and never ask effective questions, the therefore dumbed-down Americans believe that George Bush's bomb money really pays for mountain rescues, much to the ongoing amusement of commonly intelligent observers.

All knowledge is available to your mind, by asking yourself questions. The human mind learns knowledge by forming words into questions.

Do you own your body?

Do you hold the RIGHT to manage your own body in any manner of your choice that does not identifiably damage another identifiable, unwilling person?

Can you find any clause or combination of clauses in the US Constitution granting the government the authority to own or manage your body?

Is it possible for a human to hold any RIGHT if he or she does not own his or her own body?

Is not the only process to lawfully separate a person from his or her RIGHTS, under the rule of written law, that person willfully and knowingly surrendering their rights, such as by willfully and knowingly surrendering to the authority of an inferior law denying rights otherwise protected by a superior law?

Can you hold the RIGHT to possess a gun in your hand or on your body if you have willfully acquiesced to the inferior law establishing government ownership and management of your body under the anti-drug laws intensely supported by the NRA leaders and their DemocanRepublicrat Regime needing enemies to create the power to fight enemies?

Therefore by what process did the NRA leaders fool their gullible NRA members out of their rights, while pandering diversionary rhetorical illusions, as did the Access Fund and American Alpine Club leaders?

How did the obviously gullible, dumbed-down American climbers lose all their rights, including even the right to walk on open public land?

A right is that action for which the government holds no prevailing law authority to demand permission or the payment of a tax or fee, and therefore can be exercised at individual whim without prior notice, such as the right of freedom of speech acknowledged in the US Constitution and in reasoning. A privilege is that action owned or controlled by another human, for reason in prevailing law, such as the grantable or deniable privilege to walk on another person's private property, or enter their house, created by the prevailing laws of private property.

By what process did the majority of the German population in the Nazi era come to sincerely perceive that it was appropriate to round up and jail Gypsies and Jews, and kill them? By what process did a majority of the current US population come to perceive that it is appropriate to pay government agencies whatever fees they demand, and ask for deniable permission, to exercise normal human rights, such as to walk on public land, build one's own home without a building permit, ingest whatever one wants, carry a gun, or do nearly everything else humans prior logically did without US government permission?

If you ask no effective questions, and act as an idiot by simply doing as you are told by an idiot with a government title, can you not be easily fooled into lawfully surrendering your rights by acquiescing to inferior laws you do not question?

Are not the obviously ignorant government and organization leaders dependent upon an ignorant, unquestioning citizenry or membership? Have not the US government's public school teachers simply not taught their students how to ask effective questions of ignorant people with government and organization leadership titles?

Did you want to remain as ignorant as government dolts and Access Fund sorts, by asking and answering as few questions as they?

Easily notice that government and organization leaders, including those openly claiming to oppose each other, are incessantly telling gullible people that the leaders are cooperatively working to solve problems. Notice that their process sustains the illusion that they are leaders, and sustains their ego gratification process, as well as financial income. Notice that they never solve the problems. What would gullible people therefore come to believe if they never learned how to ask effective questions of the obvious contradictions.

Notice that the American mountaineering magazine editors and other news journalists never ask effective questions of what are obviously glaring failures and incessant lies pandered by the Access Fund, American Alpine Club, National Park Service or any organization leaders.

In their entire history of claiming to represent climbers, no Access Fund leader, American Alpine Club leader or American mountaineering magazine editor has ever asked the type questions asked and answered above by the Alaskan Alpine Club. Is there a greater proof of the monumental gullibility of American climbers who have been paying and believing the Access Fund leaders, American Alpine Club leaders and American mountaineering magazine editors?

Is that not another reason to claim that you are an Alaskan Alpine Club member, to demonstrate your greater thinking ability above the hilariously ignorant American Alpine Club members and their ilk?

All leaders have more in common with each other, including those who most vocally claim they are enemies of each other, than any of them have with any of their followers, by design of human organizational process. The leaders lie to and fool the members into financially perpetuating the organization and its leadership who never achieve their stated goals which would therefore negate the reason to perpetuate the organization and the financially lucrative or ego gratifying leadership positions.

Spend your Alaskan Alpine Club dues money on climbing gear, by suggestion of the club president who will more often deny he is the president since there is no need for a club leader when all the members are their own leaders.

If you train your offspring to NOT ask the type questions above, is it not likely they will become as embarrassingly gullible as the Access Fund and American Alpine Club sorts, to further define the dumbed-down Americans? By what results is your prior social training defined?

The verifiably inherent result of the Access Fund and National Park Service process, which is vastly beyond the comprehension of the self-limited minds of their leaders, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary, is you paying Access Fund leaders ever-more money for them to compromise away an ever-increasing number of your previous rights, in your name, to permit/fee requirements of the National Park Service so you must pay an ever-increasing number of Park police to arrest you if you do not pay them that ever-increasing amount of money for everything you previously did as a free citizen.

It is not important that you end up paying the government multiple times for everything, in myriads of such taxes on top of taxes which diminish what you can afford to do, and give the government more money for more bombs to slaughter more people who do not kowtow to the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime. The controlling concept is that you teach yourself and your offspring to be so monumentally stupid that your offspring cannot figure out even simple contradictions such as exampled herein, and end up being as hopelessly stupid as Access Fund, American Alpine Club and National Park leaders, including George Bush.

The lawful process to willingly surrender your RIGHTS, and therefore no longer hold RIGHTS, is your willfully acquiescing to paying a fee (tax) or asking for permission (getting a permit) to exercise what you had the right to do without the permit or paying a fee. The fact that you were fooled or intimidated into doing so, by corrupted Access Fund and American Alpine Club leaders, or armed National Park Service thugs using power of office to unlawfully deny your rights, is your decision.

There is no identifiable demarcation in the Access Fund / Park Service process. It is endless. Without an identifiable demarcation, you will eventually pay a permit fee for permission to breathe while in a National Park. The Park Service will claim ownership of the air, like it did for the land, and claim the responsibility to manage the air under the same process it used for the land, because the dumbed-down Americans were so easily conned into believing that the land belonged to the Park Service rather than the public.

The original and logical demarcation under the prevailing common law was the difference between a RIGHT, inherent to YOUR public property in National Parks, and a PRIVILEGE, inherent to ANOTHER PERSON'S (the Park ranger's) privately owned property which cannot exist as National Parks. The contradiction is obvious. The Access Fund and Park Service eliminated that demarcation between rights and privileges, abolishing any identifiable human RIGHTS. If they acknowledge even one RIGHT, its functional definition leads to all the other RIGHTS that the Park Service already unlawfully decreed as privileges for which you must pay a fee or get permission.

While grade school kids can understand the above plain simple logic conforming to prevailing law, the self dumbed-down Access Fund, National Park Service and American Alpine Club sorts are completely confused. They literally cannot understand the mutually exclusive difference between rights and privileges, or any other contradiction illuminating the controlling flaw of the institutional power of institutional leaders over other inherently equal humans. They sincerely believe as does idiot George Bush, that because they stumbled into an organizational title, they somehow acquired a superior human mind that can make other people's decisions for them, under threat of armed thugs. Mention to them that they make as many daily decision mistakes as everyone else on average, and you just as well be talking in Swahili. They genuinely believe that they hold a superior design of human mind. They are that flat stupid. It is their void of thinking ability to which Heidi Wirtz firmly attached her name for public record, hopefully to her subsequent embarrassment to the extent of myself for having ask as few questions while assisting the mass murdering minions of the US Army slaughtering Vietnamese because they refused to kowtow to the Washington DC idiots to whom the Access Fund and American Alpine Club sorts kowtow.

The Alaskan Alpine Club is one of the rare few organizations which will publicly answer every question you can ask (to the extent of our available time), with an answer that answers the question you asked, and verify the accuracy of the answer against every question anyone can ask . Therefore we tell the truth, unlike the government, Access Fund, American Alpine Club, NRA, ETC. We do not exist to tell you what you should or must do, but to convey to you the knowledge you can use to do what YOU want to do despite the demands of those attempting to tell you what to do. We seek no power over you, and do not want your money, unless you want to donate it for an accountable project or effort administered with wisdom and respect for your money. Such a concept enrages the power and money craving organizations that cannot tolerate your knowing that organizations like the Alaskan Alpine Club exist. Therefore the Alaskan Alpine Club is politically attacked by all the power-craving organizations, especially government, its supporting organizations and publications.

If you have extra money, wisely consider not making a fool of yourself giving it to the organizations like the Access Fund, American Alpine Club, NRA and their ilk making a fool of you by telling you things that defy truth identifiable by asking more questions. If you are a climber, spend your money on climbing gear and opportunities.

If you are wealthy, and are going to give away money anyway, and want to give it to a climbing organization that tells the truth, you can send it to the Alaskan Alpine Club for specific goals of your choice. Our current projects include the ongoing Mountain Rescue Fund, whose investment fund pays for mountain rescues. It is enhanced by donations. We are also creating our new headquarters library, archives and museum. We would like to upgrade our shelves from the dumpster salvage shelves we currently have, which are adequate. But some real wood shelves that look as impressive as those in impressive looking libraries would upgrade the club library to a 5.9 image. You can send money for the Headquarters upgrade. We will tell you, and you can prior approve precisely what your money buys. Or you can create a new club project of your choice.

And you are always welcome at the Alaskan Alpine Club headquarters, modest that it currently is.


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