Alaskan Alpine Club

The Alaskan Alpine Club membership number

This page illuminates an organizational process of the International Union of Alpinist Associations (UIAA). It conveys to UIAA leaders the information that they requested. While most organization leaders prefer to conduct many of their organizational activities behind closed doors, privy to only the leadership, or by private means that reach only the insiders, the Alaskan Alpine Club suggests that organizational process representing organization members and money expenditure, is more wisely presented to all members and leaders equally, and any interested general public, for open analysis of all representational actions, so that any possible contradictions can be sooner discovered and resolved. The controlling concept of an organization led by wise leaders is to convey knowledge to as many minds as possible, to identify and resolve contradictions, to leave the organization actions as flawless as human minds can devise. Because the Alaskan Alpine Club claims to represent the interests of climbers, whether they are club members or not, and UIAA claims to represent climbers internationally, the Alaskan Alpine Club presents this information for the consideration of climbers.



For benefit of the UIAA leadership and others.

First the conclusion will be presented, and then the explanation. We are certain that UIAA leaders will read all of these words, because they requested member organizations to present a more detailed assessment of membership numbers. The Alaskan Alpine Club herein offers more detail than any other organization.


Why does the Alaskan Alpine Club have a small number of members, and why does the number not change on record?

The Conclusion:

The Alaskan Alpine Club utilizes an advanced membership concept which results in an undeterminable, small number of members, that therefore creates a more effective organization benefiting mountain climbers.

Concurrently, the concept creates and maintains the incentive for the leaders to learn and advance their intellectual abilities, because they hold no power or strength in numbers of club members. The only mechanism they have to solve problems and thus achieve goals, is their ability to think. Despite the objections of organization leaders upon seeing such words, the strength in numbers concept consistently replaces leadership thinking ability, as is verifiable and otherwise observable in their actions, often creating superlative amusement.

Give one human, five other humans at his command, and give another human nothing except his mind, then give them the same task. Who will think more? Is the human phenomenon predicated on the human mind, or muscle? Give one organization leader a million members, and another leader nothing, and give them the same task. Which mind trained in that manner would you subsequently select for the tasks you seek to accomplish? How many humans are required to out-think a million muscle mentalities with a leader dependent upon strength in numbers of followers? What portion of the human body invented machinery to achieve tasks that previously required thousands of laborers?

The Alaskan Alpine Club lists its membership for UIAA records as less than 100 members, each year.

To recognize the Alaskan Alpine Club membership concept, one must understand what created it, as with most concepts, despite your possible preference for sound-byte answers to all things. Old mentality organization leaders incessantly want sound-byte answers, and cannot recognize why they cannot solve ongoing problems consisting of more than sound-byte complexities.

Therefore, if you read only the conclusion without reading the explanation herein, you will end up like UIAA leaders who expressed their confusion over the Alaskan Alpine Club membership number, years after they were repeatedly told how the number was derived, as found on the Alaskan Alpine Club website.

Demonstrating the nature of organization leader minds which function on power rather than reasoning and communication, upon the UIAA president openly expressing to the UIAA delegates the leadership's confusion over the Alaskan Alpine Club membership number, at one of the UIAA meetings, the president did not simply turn to the Alaskan Alpine Club delegate present and ask him to clear-up the confusion. The Alaskan Alpine Club delegate would have immediately done so upon request. Certain of the delegates who recognize the incessant self-confusion of UIAA leaders were as amused as the Alaskan Alpine Club delegate.

To solve any next problem you face, your mind will do as you trained it to do with the previous problems. If you leave a contradiction in place when you could have easily resolved it, the next time you will do the same, and then not understand why you have accumulated so many unresolved problems. And then you will no longer hold the intellectual ability to solve them because you trained your mind to avoid solving each small, easily solved problem, leaving their accumulation and the larger problems even more confusing.

Human minds which function on power, such as organizational strength in numbers, rather than reasoning, do not utilize reasoning to resolve contradictions when they are identified, and instead leave contradictions in place to thus flaw subsequent decisions. Organizational power cannot exist without the existence of contradictions, most of which are created and maintained to obscure the original contradiction, that being the use of power, rather than human reasoning which can resolve every contradiction. Strength in numbers is a power concept. Thinking ability is a reasoning concept.

The Alaskan Alpine Club membership is simply defined as all those persons who are aware of the written concepts of the club, who state their endorsement of the concepts, at their whim or upon question, and who wish to state that they are Alaskan Alpine Club members.

Therefore the membership number of the Alaskan Alpine Club is unknown, and not of any utility to climbers, but it is a certain number, as ascertainable by any general inquiry among climbers, although no wise person would spend any time or money to ascertain such a useless number among the world population.

If the Alaskan Alpine Club leaders, or any other organization leaders, state that an action should be exercised, the reasoning for the conclusion is valid or invalid regardless of how many members are in the club. Left to its own reasoning, and the wise questioning of anyone, without claimable support in a number of members who are members because they paid dues for a different reason, a valid conclusion inherently creates the support of reasoning people, and an invalid conclusion inherently holds no support of reasoning people. One reasoning person will ultimately prevail over millions of unthinking people who support unthinking leaders for reasons unrelated to the conclusion, by design of the human mind. Among countless examples, Christopher Columbus and the Wright brothers demonstrated that controlling concept.

The Alaskan Alpine Club leaders do not need more members to enhance their thinking. Their thinking and utility to climbers is advanced by questioning their conclusions, whether by themselves, club members, any climbers or anyone else. You need not be a member of the Alaskan Alpine Club to question or assist the club leaders or fellow climbers. A member and non-member hold minds of the same design as each other and of the club leaders. If a person expresses a concept that would be beneficial to climbers, that person need not be a member of the Alaskan Alpine Club for the club leaders to utilize the concept. If the Alaskan Alpine Club leaders can facilitate manifestation of that concept, they can do so by conveying the concept to any climbers, regardless of any club membership, especially after computer geeks invented the internet thing. If the concept holds merit for manifestation, climbers will manifest it to the extent of their interest, providing the time, energy and money, benefiting climbers, regardless of which climbers belong to which organizations. The club leaders will assist that process to the extent of their ability and club resources.

Having removed the traditional, self-imposed limits on organization leadership minds, the Alaskan Alpine Club leaders therefore tend to learn more innovative ways to solve problems and benefit climbers.

Because the social conditions have not changed much in Alaska and the US, and from the history of the Alaskan Alpine Club's prior membership process identifying about 100 dues paying members each year, the club quite rationally established the membership for the current process at a conservative number of less than 100, for UIAA, simply because UIAA perceives that it needs a number. The club could have claimed more than 100, but some people are up-tight about exaggerations of numbers, so we were conservative in that regard.

The membership may be any number within 100, including the seven Board members who administer the club programs. They hold no need to state that they are club members, but usually do upon inquiry. A few of the past Alaskan Alpine Club presidents have refused to join the club, independent minded Alaska mountain climbers that they are, and performed admirably for the interests of climbers and the club.

For your mountain climbing interests, would you support a club member who served those interests poorly, or a non club member who served them well? Well? Alaskan Alpine Club members are able to answer the question and manifest their answer.

If there is ever a reasonable indication that the Alaskan Alpine Club has so many members that it approaches the basic level for the opportunity to pay more dues to UIAA, under UIAA's amusing taxation for strength in numbers process, and for UIAA's insatiable craving for more money, we will create a rational per capita financing program for such an event and attempt to verify that number. Of course the number may diminish upon that inquiry, to thus solve the costly problem of having to administer a long list of names.

The club currently acquires donations for the annual UIAA dues, benefiting UIAA in excess of UIAA costs of informing the Alaskan Alpine Club of the annual UIAA meetings and such.

Money becomes efficient and effective when it is requested for identified, worthy tasks, rather than paper-shuffling bureaucracy.


The explanation:

This explanation is a test of whether organization leaders can think their way into advanced concepts, or any concepts outside the traditionally stagnated leadership box, for benefit of international climbers in this case. Does the physical and mental ability to climb a new route on a mountain extend to the mental ability to think new concepts? Traditionally, individual minds create new concepts, while organization leaders are the last people to understand them.

This explanation is well beyond the usual ability of organizationally thinking minds, but notice that it is stated in plain language. It identifies and resolves contradictions by concepts, while organization leaders only want the simpleton and perpetually failing solution of more power in numbers of members and amount of money.

Organization leaders attempt to view their members as a single unit of power, conforming to the organizational image of the leader representing that single image, defying the unalterable separation of human minds and defying new concepts that advance humans beyond old organizations.

UIAA, like most organizations, creates certain institutional contradictions in its process, and then, rather than resolving the original contradictions it creates, attempts to solve the resulting problems with more contradictions while leaving the original contradictions in place. The persistent and time consuming arguments over UIAA membership numbers is an example. UIAA will never solve its problems until it resolves the reason they exist. The Alaskan Alpine Club has done so.

The question comes forward: Was the task of an organization that of accumulating a large number of members, or that of achieving expressed goals benefiting organization members?

Because accumulating large numbers of members creates increasing numbers of administrative processes for an inherently limited leadership and available time, especially when effort is expended to maximize numbers, only a foolish person would suggest that the leadership can administer a membership goal and other goals without sacrificing the effectiveness of either.

Did UIAA want a large membership, or want to achieve its espoused goals? Accurately answering the question identifies the two different processes, while UIAA leaders will flee the question and thus perpetuate their mind's false illusion that the processes are identical. In like fashion, the minds of US President George Bush and his ilk in many governments sincerely believe that world peace is achieved by waging war, suggesting that the processes are the same, much to the amusement of thinking humans.

If UIAA leaders learned how to achieve their goals, members would flock to UIAA, and UIAA would not need members. Would you not prefer that they learned how to achieve their goals?

UIAA leaders have based the organization's dues on the number of members in each federation. The craving for more money has resulted in repeated, time-consuming arguments among UIAA delegates at meetings, who claim that some federations do not accurately state the number of their members, to avoid paying UIAA leaders so much money, if you can imagine such a thing.

The UIAA leaders want more money, a common craving among humans who do not understand what money is. Some UIAA member federations do not want to pay the UIAA leaders more money. Because the federations obviously do not get anything of comparable value for that money, their reaction to the leaders is indisputably valid. If the UIAA leaders offered anything worth the dues, they could be a successful private business graciously offering a service for which climbers would willingly pay.

What is the total time consumed by how many people in UIAA obviously bickering over every aspect of the UIAA membership number, and incessantly reformatting related recalculations for dues? The question causes laughter among those familiar with UIAA. What could a human mind do with that total human time in relation to solving actual problems for climbers? UIAA leaders refuse to answer the question, and thus perpetuate the time spent bickering over that number, rather than just solve the problem.

This information is a result of said bickering. UIAA created a new page of membership accounting instructions, starting in 2003, suggesting that member organizations more carefully review their records to more accurately count their members so they can pay UIAA more money, because the membership voted down a dues increase at the 2002 meeting, despite the leaders imposing a second vote to try to railroad it through. So the organizations are requested to do a time consuming paperwork idiot drill.

The leaders therefore now say that UIAA is confronted with a serious financial problem. There is no serious financial problem. There is a serious UIAA leadership greed problem, as the vote and any analysis of UIAA spending illuminates. Why does one person say he can live and function on the money he earns, while the wealthier government sort says he needs more money and someone should give it to him? Why? Why does the honest person offer a service for which customers or employers willingly pay, while government and organization leaders offer rhetorical illusions to fool the majority into forcing the minority to pay more money to the leaders for fabricating those rhetorical illusions?

The UIAA leaders formally state that their new paperwork demand, resulting from this bickering, entrenched by the leadership process, can only improve the mutual confidence and friendly relationship between all member associations. When was the last time you became more friendly because you were required to do more paperwork for which nobody paid you? Let me see. The leadership distrusts the member organization leaders because they are suspected of not paying enough money for the leadership greed, and they had the audacity to vote down a dues increase, so we will make them do more irritating paperwork, somehow creating trust, to make them pay more and therefore they will be more friendly. If you are not laughing at humans, you are missing the only show they produce.

An analysis shows that organizations only create problems, solving none, while individuals both create and solve problems. If you need to solve problems, which resource would you use?

The old mentality of building large empires and displaying the power of organizational strength in numbers, illuminates the reason for the yet persistent intellectual stagnation of humans. The organizational leadership mentality is the reason its victims still struggle with ongoing problems that require thinking-ability to solve, not larger numbers of organization members doing what has already proven to fail.

For an unknown problem, would you, as a leader, select as your resources an organization of a million members spending their time maintaining their organization, or one thinking person spending his or her time thinking through the contradictions defining problems?

The Alaskan Alpine Club would chose one thinking person, and not want that person to waste her or his time with any club membership process or expense. Knowledge, not trite old organizational process, is the tool to solve problems.

Notice which organization leaders, including those of UIAA, will absolutely refuse to answer the above easy question, for public record.

For an organization leader, would you chose a person who flees questions, or a person whose mind will answer every question?

The Alaskan Alpine Club's membership concept identifies the future of the more effective organizations.

UIAA and other organization leaders may wish to learn this concept, and therefore advance their organizations.

But like climbing new routes, learning a new concept requires thinking beyond the guide books.

If your organization had any remaining problems when the current leader assumed office, and he or she is using the same old concepts and processes used by the previous leaders, your current leader is only perpetuating the problems.

During the first several years of its existence, after the Alaskan Alpine Club started in 1979, the club attracted a membership of 100 to 120 dues paying members each year, without effort put into increasing membership. Alaska has a small population and a superb climbing arena.

Alaskan climbers are independent minded sorts who tend to not join clubs. This is understandable for a far north environment where readily available outdoor activities and freedom are evident. Alaska climbers are often also kayakers, cavers, skiers, boarders, mountain bicyclists, skydivers, hunters, snow machiners, airplane pilots, fishermen, geologists, dog mushers, wildlife biologists and other outdoor adventurers.

Therefore the comparatively boring clubby sort of stuff in town is not popular. The mountain climbers of Alaska are more attracted to the readily available mountains, if you can imagine such a thing, not to indoor meeting rooms associated with club activity. Organizational bureaucracy cannot compete with the mountains, among actual mountain climbers.

Organizational bureaucracy does very well among bureaucrats in large cities far from the mountains. There are a lot of bureaucrats in cities and stagnated societies, who also do a little climbing, then inflate their climbing self-perceptions by organizationally claiming to represent the climbers. That is the same concept as kings and presidents in their castles, bestowing upon themselves military officer titles, and taking credit for the perceived glory of the infantry soldiers slaughtering each other on the battle fields.

The Alaskan Alpine Club leaders analyzed leadership and organizational concepts, to advance beyond them, to more effectively achieve goals, rather than mindlessly exercise the same old obviously failing organization leadership processes. If the old processes worked, why are the organizations still attempting to achieve old goals? Why are they perpetually desperate for more members and more money even after they get more members and more money? Well?

The Alaskan Alpine Club leaders asked the questions that other organization leaders fled, then answered them, and verified the answers.

If a problem can be solved with more members and more money, the organization leaders would be able to identify the achievable number of members and amount of money that would solve the problem, so that process and the credibility of the leaders could be verified upon those numbers being achieved. Notice that the organization leaders who harangue their followers for more members and more money cannot understand the foregoing sentence even if you hand them a dictionary, while everyone else understands it and laughs at the obviously unthinking organization leaders.

The unique Alaskan Alpine Club was centered on defending the rights of active climbers, from the bureaucratic restrictions and hassles imposed by our dear and benevolent friends in the US National Park Service. The armed Park Service thugs seized most of the Alaskan mountains in 1979 by an unlawful Presidential decree, and then in 1980 by a US congressional act riddled with contradictions and violations of superior law. The Park Service immediately threatened to impose a list of severe climbing regulations that would prohibit and harass the great majority of traditional mountain climbing in Alaska.

For mountain climbing, mountain climbers need only the mountains, and the freedom to walk on the mountains. UIAA cannot give them any mountains, but could assist with the political process to eliminate the common government restrictions on mountain climbers. UIAA leaders fail the latter, do not even try, and instead offer as many rhetorical illusions as US National Park Service sorts who trained their minds to sincerely believe they are serving the climbers by restricting and taxing them, without reasoning holding any cause-and-effect relationship.

In contrast to what the climbers need, UIAA leaders demonstrate that they insatiably want more money and more members. Notice the fundamental difference between the interests of the leaders and the climbers. If they were the same, the different words would not apply.

Another 1,000 members would be welcomed by UIAA leaders, but a climber would not want another 1,000 people in his climbing area, and cannot verifiably benefit from another 1,000 members in UIAA.

Under the new Park Service attack on climber rights in Alaska, the primary reason for the problem quickly became obvious.

In the United States, actual climbers were traditionally not club members. Nearly all of the so called climbing clubs in the US had been easily usurped by city-living environmentalists, saving their mental illusions of the mountain wilderness by politically supporting the armed Park Service thugs and every other gun toting government bureaucracy harassing the climbers and everyone else. Their minds envisioned the perfect wilderness as one in which the wilderness was already dead and preserved, killed by an army of heavily armed police patrolling the corpse and arresting any non-government visitor who dared to show up without first paying homage and money to the political regime that killed and patrolled the wilderness corpse. Individual human freedom, regardless of it creating no damage, was harassed or outlawed in the government wilderness gulag, except among the privileged government class.

Among our more interesting learning experiences, we were informed that the Japanese written word for wilderness, is the same as that for freedom. The concept is valid. Without freedom, there is no wilderness. We utilized the knowledge of that concept. If freedom does not damage the wilderness, there is no valid reasoning to destroy the freedom and thus the wilderness, in the name of protecting the wilderness. If a million people who pay taxes to protect THEIR public land wilderness, want to crowd into THEIR wilderness area, then either they hold the non-deniable RIGHT to do so, or no one may be allowed to do so, including the privileged government elite and their insider environmentalists. If the land is removed from the access of the tax payers, then the tax money must be returned. If you cannot universally define wilderness, then you cannot intelligently claim its existence for laws that restrict the actions of people. The human mind's ability to utilize reasoning can resolve every human-caused contradiction.

Mountain climbing is one of the pure expressions of individual freedom.

It is conducted with negligible damage in a durable environment where socially imposed constraints are not logical. The mountains are the perfect place for the unbridled expression of individual freedom imperative for the advancement of the human mind. The activity of climbing mountains is an ideal expression of individual freedom, because it damages nothing.

While certain idiots sincerely believe that if freedom exists, individuals will spend their money and time to run around destroying the wilderness and everything else, the individual human mind does not function in the manner of organizational leadership minds which will create wars and destroy anything to advance their organizational leadership power. Government is merely one of the larger types of organizations. Further, despite no laws being capable of stopping anyone from destroying anything, there still exists the aforementioned idiots who suggest that laws must restrict those climbers out in the mountains.

Analysis of the amusing claims that climbers damage the environment, routinely pandered by the verifiably anti-climber American Alpine Club, UIAA, US National Park Service and other power-craving sorts verifies that the claims are rhetorical illusions. Concurrently, the government solutions to their illusion are illusionary non-solutions creating more verifiable damage than benefit.

For example, the minuscule displacement of vegetation, by a few mountain climbers on a few spots of a few routes on a few mountains, suggested by armed governments which represent entire ecosystems destroyed by cities, highways, government office complexes, industries and their maliciously destructive militaries imposing the worst offenses, offers any commonly intelligent person robust laughter over the abject intellectual void of government drones and their environmentalist supporters pointing their fingers at climbers. After the US government has dropped more bombs on this planet than all other countries combined, and continues to do so, together with its obviously malicious environmentalists, turns to say that climbers must be restricted because they might step on a plant, UIAA leaders parrot the environmentalists without question, while Alaskan Alpine Club leaders therefore openly ask itemized questions for public record.

The asking of questions advances one's knowledge, while the failure to ask and answer real questions of obvious contradictions identifies and perpetuates ignorance. People of what intellectual ability will join an organization led by ignorant leaders who willfully keep themselves ignorant? Would you claim to be a member of an organization of ignorant people, or of thinking people? When Alaskan Alpine Club members encounter each other for the first time, they immediately know they are among thinking people. Thinking people advance each other's knowledge. Rightfully laugh at the American Alpine Club members still wallowing in their self-induced ignorance that can find no escape among themselves because they are too fearful to ask and answer questions of their glaring contradictions.

If any plant or animal species is found to be so rare that the activity of climbing genuinely threatens its existence, and the species is found to be of such identifiable value that effort should be made to save it, the reasoning-based solutions are first, education, the solution to all human-caused problems, second, establishing the species where it is not threatened by a competing human activity, and third, an education-based law, not an inherently counter productive punishment-based law, against harming the species.

While the mental midgets of government employment maliciously violate reasoning-based law as a matter of course, evidence by wars and government-sanctioned executions, reasoning people do not kill other people because reasoning reveals that such destructive action is not logical, not because a law was written against killing people. Nearly every country has laws against smoking hemp, while hundreds of millions of people smoke hemp, revealing the stupidity of the government people who wrote the counter productive laws. The laws restricting inherently non-damaging climbing only reveal the stupidity of the government people, such as US National Park drones, who wrote the laws, and that of the American Alpine Club environmentalists and their ilk who support the climbing laws.

Notice that nowhere is there sound reasoning to regulate or tax climbers, as such. For example, a species-protecting law would apply to the plant or animal, regardless of the damaging human activity being that of climbing, or bomb testing by government terrorists. The law is not a climbing law, but a species protection law, allowing all activity that does not damage the species. A bolt route up a clean face near a crack that contains an endangered plant, does not damage the plant and thus need not be involved with the law that forbids only damaging the species. Reasoning works.

If you suggest the Park Service police-state mentality, that efficiency of enforcement process must be placed above non-damaging individual freedom, then you will have suggested the Stalin/Hitler police-state mentality that efficiency of enforcement process must be placed above non-damaging individual freedom, and thus laws must be adopted to require the environmentalists to register with the central authority, as climbers are required in National Parks, because environmentalists might be terrorists. Well, eco-terrorism is how the government has described the activities of the environmentalist Earth First chaps. So when everyone is registered with the central authority, and paying more taxes to employ more paperwork collecting central authority bureaucracy, crime will no longer occur if the Park Service Police State's reasoning is valid. The cost of the hassle is worth the result. Or is such reasoning a fool's illusion, routinely used by environmentalist and government dolts?

The requirements that climbers get a permit to climb, and pay a fee, under penalty of being jailed, the traditional solutions imposed by mental midget government drones, solve no problems, and create many.

Effective, problem-specific applications of corrective process for damaging actions, require thinking-ability, a concept void among organization and government leaders who only know the concept of organizational strength in numbers. As with the amusing US government, the American Alpine Club seems to sincerely perceive that if they can claim enough members, their members will conform to the idiot illusions of the leaders, and all other climbers can be forced to do so. Organization leaders crave an additional million members. But a million members cannot actually solve a real problem any more effectively than one human mind. If that were not the case, the Chinese and India governments would have created flawless societies having easily solved all the social problems, while Finland and Iceland would be among the most problem-saturated countries on the rock. The reasoning is not credibly deniable. Strength in numbers does not solve real problems. Thinking by individual human minds is the mechanism to solve problems.

Further, a law cannot prevent a human action. It can only create a subsequent accounting process. Effectively conveyed knowledge of the problem can prevent a human action. The mind favorably reacts to knowledge, and against any form of force, by design. A large majority of an organization cannot solve a problem by making a law or rule imposed on a minority who opposed the majority because the minds of the minority recognized a contradiction that the majority failed to resolve. If laws could solve problems, the law against theft would have solved that problem. Do you refrain from stealing, because of the obviously feckless law, or because your mind was provided with the reasoning of the greater problems that stealing creates? Which did you wish to provide for other people?

The Alaskan Alpine Club was formed with the smaller number of actual climbers rather than the larger number of organizational groupies, in a small population pool. The number was further reduced by definition of those climbers who would join a club, especially after the US climbing clubs had become known for being anti-climber environmentalist groupies supporting armed Park service thugs routinely harassing and arresting climbers, etcetera. The number of Alaskan Alpine Club members therefore remained small.

Because organizations are traditionally based on the strength-in-numbers concept, or the wealth of their members, while real climbers are few and usually financially destitute, and because the Alaskan Alpine Club faced the entire US government and all the existing US climbing clubs attacking the rights of climbers with a sudden Park Service take-over of most of Alaska's mountains, the club leaders were forced to think beyond the old organizational methods.

The limited bureaucratic energy of the Alaskan Alpine Club was used to thwart Park Service regulations, at direct benefit to climbers. The club also created the first mountain rescue insurance program in the US, and still the only functional one in the US, open to anyone. The amusing story of that program illuminates the extent of the American Alpine Club deceit and attacks on climber rights, exercised as dishonest devices supporting the Park Service restrictions on climbers.

Those and other Alaskan Alpine Club activities represented the verifiable concerns of actual climbers. This contrasted to the rhetorical illusions of existing organization leaders who claimed the support of large numbers of unthinking members, and who only created excuses for more organizational activity supporting institution leaders, functionally useless to the climbers climbing in the mountains. Why would the Park Service threaten severe climbing regulations in Alaska, if the American Alpine Club leaders had done what they prior told their gullible members?

Consider that the Park Service had dishonestly used the mountain rescue expense issue, for years, as an excuse to impose climbing regulations (that were designed to increase the number and magnitude of climbing accident expenses for further regulations and budget excuses). After all the self-flattering and spending of money by the great, fabled, prestigious and wealthy American Alpine Club, for all those years, why did the problem persist without a solution? Who was serving the climbers?

The little Alaskan Alpine Club formed and promptly created the first Mountain Rescue Fund in the United States, open to anyone, covering the costs of mountain rescues and other off road rescues. The American Alpine Club first attacked the Fund with as much criticism as the AmerAC boys could rhetorically fabricate. But because the Alaskan Alpine Club leaders had already questioned the concept with more criticism than the AmerAC boys, to thus resolve the identified contradictions, the AmerAC was then embarrassed into creating an AmerAC rescue insurance program. But it was designed to be a sham if you read the fine print, and not available to anyone but AmerAC members who therefore supported the government attacks on climber rights. The Park Service repeatedly denied that the Alaskan Alpine Club Mountain Rescue Fund existed, demonstrating that Park Service dolts lie if their lips are moving, as usual.

The Fund was easily created and not important. What it proved of the American Alpine Club leaders, the National Park Service employees and the inherently dishonest congressmen who shovel tax money to incessantly lying Park Service thugs, was the value of the Alaskan Alpine Club leadership reasoning process. The club leaders were analyzing the process of institutionally power damaged minds which derive their insatiable power by attacking climber and other citizen rights.

By extensively questioning all of the mountaineering representation contradictions, the Alaskan Alpine Club leaders learned the uselessness of numbers of club members, and several other traditional organizational illusions, in diverse arenas of their traditionally perceived utility. The club leaders did not need to kowtow to any larger or more powerful organization leaders to achieve money, influence, status, flattery, and such traditional cravings of petty organization leaders. So everything could be questioned. The human mind advances its knowledge by asking unlimited questions, not kowtowing to idiots in organizational or governmental power.

A further classic example was illuminated when the Alaska State Park Operations Officer directly stated to the Alaskan Alpine Club leaders that the number of climbers organized to object to a new Park regulation banning climbing in several areas, would have no effect because the ban was already formally adopted in the regulations before the public hearings were conducted to give the gullible public the illusion of an opportunity to object.

It is amusing to note that said Park Operations Officer who wrote that ban on climbing in Alaska, was subsequently welcomed as a new member of the anti-climbing American Alpine Club, and became prominent in their Anchorage based Alaska Section leadership structure. The UIAA leadership was informed of that example, among many others, and continued to support and praise the anti-climbing American Alpine Club leadership, much to the amusement of Alaska climbers and other international climbers who ridicule UIAA leaders.

All leaders have more in common with each other than any of them have with any of their followers. An itemized analysis of American Alpine Club actions demonstrates that it is the most anti-climbing organization in the world, with no other organization more extensively opposing climber rights and opportunities. The suggestion can be defended against any questions, because it has been. And the UIAA leaders, functioning on the same concepts, cannot comprehend a suggestion that their fellow AmerAC leaders should be separated from UIAA to regain UIAA's integrity.

That above mentioned Park Operations Officer had openly admitted to what many of the public had already learned from experience, while the organization leaders who organized time consuming public expressions of objections at such hearings, still deny that admitted fact so they can perpetuate useless organizational activity wasting the time and money of their members. Because public hearings do not constitute elections to vote bureaucrats into or out of their jobs, the bureaucrats impose whatever laws they jolly well please. The public hearing process is a fool's illusion, like most organizational thrashing-about, wasting the time of the public, including climbers, and giving bureaucrats what they routinely decree as public support for new regulations. The bureaucrats can lie about the results of the hearings, with impunity, and there is no process to hold them accountable. When you testify at a government public hearing in the United States, if you object to the involved agency's grab for more power and denial of your rights by its writing itself new laws referenced as regulations, your presence will be summarily defined as public interest, and the results will be defined as either support for the agency's actions, or no significant opposition. The best you can possibly do, if public opposition borders on violence, is teach the agency which tactics to use for a follow-up hearing designed to impose the laws with a different set of rhetoric.

The regulations, written by non-elected bureaucrats who cannot functionally be fired for trammeling the rights and freedoms of citizens, carry the weight of law, the violation of which can put you in jail. Such power is inherently corrupting, and because no majority-rule process can stop it, one must think further than the typical majority rule organization leaders.

The actual climbers repeatedly learned that the Park Service had in its effective influence, and in its employment, the inherently superior number of environmentalist leaders, such as the American Alpine Club boys, claiming to represent the climbers, and supporting government attacks on climber rights. The token rhetorical objections to those attacks, by the so called climbing organization leaders, were fecklessly mouthed, with a wink to the government, to fool the gullible climbers, as proven by certain effective questions. The American Alpine Club was the leader of that gaggle, and the AmerAC, primarily through Putnam, functionally owns the Pavlovian support of the International Union of Alpinist Associations, even while the AmerAC openly displays its contempt for UIAA among US climbers, much to the amusement of observers.

Certain government agents repeatedly reminded the small Alaskan Alpine Club that the Park Service had the American Alpine Club and therefore UIAA well controlled within its political sphere, for the perception of climber support during back room government meetings imposing the restrictions on climbers.

Because the Alaskan Alpine Club is more unique (if more unique can exist) than generally understood by organizational minds, at the time of the Park Service take-over of most Alaskan mountains, the club leaders had political contacts in the US President's office, Congressional offices and other government agencies, informing us that even if all the actual climbers in the US organized, they would still not have the numbers represented by the environmentalists who controlled the aforementioned representational image for government actions.

Therefore a perhaps historic analysis of the concept of organizational strength in numbers and wealth was effected. The result was in part the development of intellectual technology, superior to organizational technology. As only a peripheral aside to the result, the utilization of that knowledge caused the aforementioned Alaska State Park ban on climbing to be suddenly repealed by the aforementioned Park officer who barely retained his job, more than even he recognized, for the idle amusement of the Alaskan Alpine Club leaders.

Amusingly, traditional organizational leaders are still clueless of any concept beyond organizational strength in numbers and money, by definition. They cannot understand the above mentioned concept or the meaning of these words, even if you hand them a dictionary. They are the self-induced ignorant supported and thus flattered by the ignorant, for their mutual damage, for the amusement of the thinkers and observers.

What would YOU learn from the following fact, while UIAA leaders are either intellectually incapable of learning it, or are anti-climber? If all the actual climbers in the US organized, they would still not have the numbers represented by the environmentalists who controlled the mountaineering representational image for government actions against climbers. Would you therefore organize all the climbers, or instead think sufficiently to out-think the concept of strength in numbers? What do the UIAA leaders suggest? Why do they want more members?

What do you want done for the benefit of climbers? It is too easy. The process resulting from out-thinking the strength in numbers process was devised. Where is the incentive for your desire?

Therein, the Alaskan Alpine Club no longer needed to maintain any particular number of dues paying members. The now outdated concepts relating to organizational strength were replaced and surpassed with intellectual ability, by chance that which distinguishes the human from other animals and their colleagues in the military and police. One mind can inherently out-think 6.5 billion or more minds. And all minds are of the same design. The mind of the most prestigious, most highly titled and most credentialed organization leader is the same design as the mind of the peasant living in the jungle. So which one can learn more about how to solve a particular problem, the one which asks and answers the questions that the other minds fear, or the one which flees those questions and uses its time to get more power in organization member numbers and money? Well?

Therefore the club adopted what will be the future standard for membership in effective organizations. It is the current definition of an Alaskan Alpine Club member, as noted in the preceding conclusion portion of this explanation. Notice who cannot understand it.

The Alaskan Alpine Club verifiably represents the interests of actual mountain climbers, not organization leaders, numbers of groupies or majority illusions. Is there any higher attribute for a mountain climber club? Well?

The verification is identified within unlimited questioning by anyone who might wish to challenge the claim, leaving no question not successfully answered for the verification. Amusingly, the answers to the questions, and the questions those answers therefore create, concurrently prove that the traditional climbing organization leaders are actually representing only their own personal organizational process interests (power of the leaders), at great cost and detriment to the climbers whose activities are used for the excuses, for scant if any benefit to the actual climbers.

As only an indicator of the greater concept, the classic example of the latter in the foregoing paragraph, demonstrating the laughable gullibility of US climbers and the idiot, dishonest leaders they follow, is the usual US Park Service threat to suddenly ban climbing or camping in a certain climbing area because of a lot of rhetorical illusions. This is followed by tens of thousands of human hours expended in organizational meetings, fully paid on the government side, with taxes from the people including climbers, and donated time on the side of the climbers, including fund raising activities among climbers to pay for organization leader travel and other expenses. The leaders travel to meetings such as the aforementioned public hearings. The full cost is paid by the climbers and other citizens, while the benefit is derived by the government and organization leaders, including their self-flattery for being great leaders.

The obvious scam, fabricated at whim by a rhetorical illusion, benefiting the leaders at the cost of the followers, is repeated with such regularity and such short intervals, that the inability of most human minds to identify or remember obvious scams is illuminated, much to the laughter of even the most minimally perceptive persons.

Then, with much publicity, the result is announced as the stunning success of the climbing club leaders, for which the leaders expend yet hundreds more hours and thousands of dollars congratulating and flattering themselves, in the name of the climbers, seeming to prove the imperative nature of strong climbing organizations with many members and more money donated to the leaders.

But all of that time and money could have been spent climbing. What actual, line-item interests were served by those organization leaders? Who will ask what questions of which contradictions they recognize in all that expensive activity?

Oh, the stunning success of the climbing organization leaders, already recognized by thinking readers? The climbers will be able to climb or camp where it was previously free to climb or camp as a RIGHT, after all, and the new permit will only cost $4 per climber per day to camp, or $150 per climber for the permit to climb, now as a PRIVILEGE, with the therefore climber organization supported fee and surrender of a RIGHT to be increased later, before most people read these words.

While climbers can recognize the obvious contradiction just described, the idiot climbing organization leaders and their idiot groupie members still believe that was a success, even after reading these words. The dumbing down of unquestioning Americans has been thorough.

What was the original situation? What was the cost of the process, to whom? What was the result in comparison with the original situation? Who does not ask these type questions? What real problem, identified on the ground, was solved, if one can be identified and verified? What would have instead been the cost-effective actual solution to that actual problem if it existed? Notice who flees these questions, while genuine leaders can openly answer them in public.

You are then paying for more Park police who are only there to arrest you if you do not pay them. Before the costly organizational idiot-drill fabricated by government leaders and their pocket organization leaders, the climbing and camping were free, a RIGHT of the people to visit their own public land without consuming any of its resources, administered under general taxation because it is open to everyone. If the climber pays for the camp or the mountain, that proportion of general taxation must be deleted from the taxation calculation, or the government just scammed more money to buy more bombs or hire more police to arrest the people who do not pay them. Like the so called problem itself, the need for the ban as a solution was a rhetorical fabrication, without a cause-and-effect relationship to any real problem, and without authority in prevailing law. The government drones and their unquestioning, pocket climbing organization leaders simply fooled the gullible climbers into fooling themselves out of their time, money and rights. They spent a lot of money and time to fabricate the illusionary excuse to pay for something that was previously free, and the money only went to the police to arrest them if they do not pay. How do you define gullibility, stupidity and dishonesty of organization leaders and members?

If you had watched the American Alpine Club and National Park Service drones at the 2002 annual UIAA meeting in Flagstaff Arizona consume much of the time of the UIAA delegates, easily fooling the gullible UIAA leaders with the above described scam involving the Yosemite National Park Camp 4 and Denali National Park examples, you would understand the Alaskan Alpine Club delegate's response. After the presentation the UIAA leaders asked no questions of the glaring contradictions, and praised the AmerAC and Park Service. The Alaskan Alpine Club delegate therefore so pitied the unquestioning participants who were so easily self-fooled by that simpleton scam, that he did not ask the questions that would have embarrassed or enraged them. A few perceptive delegates later variously laughed or expressed similar pity for the other UIAA delegates. It is easy to understand how the American Alpine Club can easily fool the dumbed-down Americans. It would be embarrassing to the UIAA delegates to be so fooled, if many of them did not represent their governments doing the same thing to the climbers in their countries.

The larger organization of more gullible members was the mechanism to replace the individual who, if he had lacked the organizational structure that fooled him, would have used his mind to ask the questions that would identify and collapse the original contradiction, easily leaving the government scammer scrambling to get away from his regulatory scam as fast as possible to retain his job. It is an aside to mention that maintaining Camp 4 for climbers could have been achieved with a single letter of a certain type asking a certain series of questions, thus eliminating all that money expense and waste of time serving only the financial income and ego-gratification of ignorant Park Service and American Alpine Club leaders.

That is an instructive example. The ongoing examples are endless in history, wherein the most basic questions of organization leadership process illuminates that the unquestioning leaders and members, fooled by their perceived but never adequate strength in numbers, therefore fooled themselves out of what they could have retained by reasoning their way through the problem, if they only had incentive to ask questions for lack of strength in mindless numbers of unquestioning members. The extrapolation of the concept under both mechanisms reveals the knowledge sought by all people, but requires the ability to ask those questions.

You train your mind, and then it controls you. If you train it to flee questions rather than ask and answer them, it will, leaving you easily fooled by rhetorical illusions you did not question, and therefore, laughably gullible.

Notice what the mental midgets, George Bush and Tony Blair, did with their strength-in-numbers-of-bombs concept, like their colleague Saddam Hussein did, after the history of wars only created each next costly war for the useless glorification of idiot leaders, while UIAA leaders encourage strength in numbers rather than reasoning ability.

Let me see now, New York was attacked by some Saudi organized, Saudi financed Saudis who killed themselves, so Bush slaughtered a bunch of Afghans, so he must therefore slaughter a bunch of Iraqis, quite obviously, and UIAA needs more members and money so their show of force can bully Bush into not increasing and extending the $150 tax per climber on Denali to other mountains which produces more money for the Bush Army that needs more bombs to next throw its weight toward Korea and Iran. Are these humans a hoot, or what?

Therefore, the Alaskan Alpine Club addressed and resolved the organizational membership concept that was made obsolete. First the club placed its original programs in separate trusts. The people whose interest is in a particular program can work on it without any waste of time on general club process normally squandered to centrally control this or that for the ego gratification of a club leadership. The programs succeed or fail on their own isolated merits without regard for the ego of an inherently corrupted club leadership craving flattery and claiming credit for doing what the volunteers actually did. If the program is benefited by mention of the club, the club is inherently mentioned for that benefit. If the program benefits by mentioning only the program itself, that is inherently done for the benefit. The Alaskan Alpine Club therein and by further mechanisms eliminated any foundation for any financial benefit, power or ego gratification by club leaders, leaving them as representing only concepts bare and accountable to their own reasoning ability in face of open questioning therein advancing their reasoning ability. The mechanisms of institutional corruption were itemized and eliminated.

The maxims for volunteer work are: He or she who does the work, makes the decisions she or he wishes to make. If you want to make the decisions, do the work. If you attempt to defy the maxims, to get something for nothing, or more for less, your decisions and work will fail.

The separated trust participants can deny the claims of the organization leaders who therefore waste no time attempting to flatter themselves by claiming credit for the work of the participants. The credit goes to the worker, not the lazy leader. If the leader wants some credit, he must do the work. The actual goal is served above organizational names or their leaders. The names are only names, regardless. The work and results are inherently separate. The program is therefore more efficient and effective, precisely what the actual climber and any wise person would want. No time or resources are wasted on flattering leaders, in dramatic contrast to UIAA process.

Attend a UIAA meeting and take detailed notes. UIAA is obviously a self-flattery organization of ego-dependent leaders incessantly and to the extent of abject boredom, repetitiously thanking themselves for their rhetorical illusions of doing this or that, supporting institutional attacks on climber rights, in the name of climbers. Look at your detailed notes of a UIAA meeting. Any denial is laughable. Power serves only itself, and never humans. Organizations only create power for leaders. That is all they do. And then power serves itself, never humans.

The Alaskan Alpine Club membership was simply defined as all those persons who are aware of the written concepts of the club, who state their endorsement of the concepts, at whim or upon question, and who wish to state that they are Alaskan Alpine Club members. The leaders cannot claim any power-based representation because the club's membership concept creates no representation of power. The leaders are left with reasoning alone, the ability of the human mind. The leaders cannot claim to be leading a powerful organization with a large number of members, but any number of climbers can claim to be members if the leaders represent their interests well.

Is that not precisely the club you would most respect as either a member or non-member? Well? The useful concepts are served without the inherently corrupting results of organization leadership power. What greater respect can club leaders show their members? Who would denigrate a club of such flawless and inescapable mutual respect among its members and leaders, and for what reason stated in their name for others to judge one's reasoning ability?

Would UIAA leaders disparage such a flawless club membership concept?

Concurrently, as a mountain climber, would you suggest that a person who has climbed all the 8,000 meter hills and a gaggle of the others, and who politically attacks climber rights, is a true mountain climber, or instead suggest that a person who has only seen a post card picture of a mountain but actively defends the rights of climbers, is a true mountain climber? What is the substance and spirit of a mountain climber, and wilderness? Look more closely at the behind-the-scenes actions of many so called famous climbers praised by climbing organization leaders and government officials, repugnant lot that they have proven to be behind the backs of the climbers. I will suggest as the true mountain climber the guy who only saw the post card picture. You may define your substance and spirit as you wish.

Dependence on organizational strength in numbers trains the mind to be lazy, not ask questions, and not develop thinking ability. Unsolved problems require new knowledge to solve, requiring greater thinking ability, not more organization members doing what perpetuated the problems.

Pity those organization leaders who are insatiably greedy, and cannot figure out the concurrent process to achieve all the money they crave for what they say are organizational imperatives, in the name of those climbers out there in the mountains. Who are so intellectually incapable that they cannot answer the following questions? Are each of those organizational expenses really imperative to actually solve a real problem? To whom and for whom are they imperative, especially now that we have the internet? It is the named organization leaders who constitute the answer to that question, who will prove its validity by paying those expenses, or otherwise prove that the leaders were lying as usual. Would you follow and let your name be represented by a liar? Does the actual climber need his organization leader traveling to another useless organization or public meeting to hear himself yammer among other yammerers flattering themselves for being so important that they are chosen to yammer to yammerers, or does he need a new piece of climbing equipment? Does the organization need to do that which the majority vote can force the minority to help pay for, as what the leaders said was for the good of those who expressed their objection by voting against it, or what is willingly financed?

All the institutional wrongs of history were done for what those in leadership power said was for the good of the people. Which intellectually absent organization leaders would use that disproven excuse? Do US and international mountain climbers desire to pay $150 per climber, to the wealthiest government in the world, to exercise an otherwise right to walk on the public land referenced as Denali in Alaska, to pay the armed Park police who are only there to arrest the climbers who do not pay the police? Well? Why will UIAA leaders refuse to answer that easy question? Precisely why have the American Alpine Club and its UIAA leadership refused to simply ask the harmless questions in an effective manner that would rescind that unlawful tax as fast as the aforementioned Park Operations Officer rescinded his ban on climbing in Alaska? Well? (Power serves only itself, and never humans.)

Is a leader who is dependent upon money rather than his or her intellectual ability, a leader who anyone but a fool would follow? If the leadership action that costs money is actually imperative for the organization, the money will be available for the asking, because the members will recognize the imperative, the actual meaning of the word, not just the leader and his current majority not questioning the leader's self-serving illusions. In the same manner any more long range program will derive the invested labor to generate the money for long range activities. Money willingly follows sound reasoning. Humans thwart the flow of money taken under forms of organizational force, by design of the human mind which functions on reasoning, and abhors force.

Therefore the Alaskan Alpine Club stopped wasting its time and money on even useless membership cards, and membership lists, and such institutional illusions. The Club recommends that its members spend their dues money on climbing gear, transportation to the mountains, the Mountain Rescue Fund, or other verifiable benefit to themselves. Is there any wiser expenditure of money for an actual mountain climber, or wiser recommendation by a real climbing club leadership? Do you publicly endorse your own answers to questions? Notice who flees those questions, rather than answers them.

If there is genuine need for money to achieve an identifiable goal, which cannot be achieved by intellectual ability alone, then the money will come forward from those who identify the need, for a goal that benefits them, or it will not be a need or a worthwhile goal. The person holding the money he or she earned, will recognize the need, or it is not a need worthy of the money, by definition. A majority vote to force any share of the money from the minority, rather than use sound reasoning to acquire the money voluntarily, proves the failure of the reasoning and the ultimate failure of the goal among a species predicated on reasoning. The involved process requires only the intellectual ability to manifest it, and requires no minority to be forced into something they correctly do not recognize as a need or worthwhile goal. Who but fools, such as traditional organization leaders, believe that they hold a superior brain design that can successfully make the other guy's decisions for him, and force those decisions into existence, and not be personally liable for the consequences of each wrong decision?

In their insatiable greed for more money, UIAA leaders create an increasing penalty tax on increasing organization members, while basing their organizational ability on strength in membership numbers (rather than thinking ability), and do not have the thinking ability to figure out why there are persistent, ongoing, time-consuming and costly problems relating to organization membership numbers, much to the laughter of observers. UIAA leaders have been offered the solutions for their problems, but lack the thinking-ability, that is, the ability to question perceived contradictions, to understand anything beyond more mindless members and more money, quite obviously.

Clearly the Alaskan Alpine Club membership concept does not fit the ancient and self-stagnating institutional process of UIAA and all the other moribund old membership number-based organizations failing their goals regardless of the number of human bodies and dollars they can claim for the power of the leaders. But then the Alaskan climbers climb in the Alaska Range in the middle of winter, and have fun the whole time, albeit lavishing in global warming these days. Actual mountain climbers are among those who push back the limits of humans, including their addiction to stagnated old institutional processes.

While you are reading these words because UIAA leaders have not yet learned how to solve their membership number and dues problem, real mountain climbers are climbing mountains, by definition.

This might be a time for the UIAA leadership to re-think its trite old institutional processes, although they would be infinitely wiser to go climbing. The mountains teach the same lesson. You cannot force the mountains to do anything with a majority vote. You must use reasoning that conforms to what is, rather than what you want.

UIAA leaders do little beyond repeatedly restructure UIAA structures, like all organizations that exist for the organization leadership, in the name of the good of the people of course.

Is the UIAA leadership capable of understanding a fully functioning member organization which administers its membership number in a manner outside the most common process? Do all mountain climbers climb the most common routes?

The Alaskan Alpine Club membership concept is not a threat or hindrance to UIAA. The existence of that different concept within UIAA creates the diversity of knowledge that can benefit UIAA. If you want to move toward the future, look for anything different.

If UIAA would like to become the representative of international mountain climbing, with profound effectiveness that will otherwise only evolve after many more decades, the Alaskan Alpine Club will assist the UIAA leaders at their request. We will also assist national organizations who recognize that UIAA will likely continue assisting only UIAA leaders.

Please inform the Alaskan Alpine Club if you have any questions or identify any contradictions in the above words. Wise leaders invite criticism, because it identifies possible contradictions one would therefore resolve. We can only advance our knowledge by identifying contradictions, to thus resolve them. Expressions of appreciation or flattery identify only what we already learned.

The club wishes climbers and all other people the best in all things.

David Buchanan
The club web page servant.

email : David at Buchanan.ws


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