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A test of the reasoning ability of mountain climbers.

This is a test. Grade yourself. Other climbers, and everyone else, will recognize your real grade when hearing your common conversation. You have no escape, even if you do not take the test.

Any contradiction will do for the test, since the ability to resolve a contradiction is the controlling and revealing test of a human mind's reasoning ability. The contradiction selected for this test is a classic for mountain climbers, and easy.

Like most tests, this one involves questions. But unlike most tests, this one is predicated on your mind's ability to actually answer the questions that are asked, with complete sentence answers, written or spoken. That is the test. The answers can be any statements you wish to speak or write, as long as they actually answer the question asked, not any other questions you imply by an answer that does not answer the precise question asked. And if you cannot form complete sentences, as is the case with many dumbed-down American victims of the public schools, your grade will be evident as mentioned above.

Our dear friends in the National Park Service have formally proposed to raise the (unlawful) tax to climb Denali and Mt. Foraker, from $200 to $500 per climber per climb. There is both agreement and disagreement, creating a contradiction. (The tax was raised to $350.)

First demarcation of your reasoning ability.... Reasoning people recognize that "democracy", which is "majority rule", which is "mob rule", does not objectively distinguish between right and wrong, or logical and illogical. A million people can be wrong, in opposition to one person who is right, in regard to objective knowledge. Christopher Columbus and the Wright Brothers, among a few billion other folks, demonstrated that concept.

Nor is logical or illogical determined by institutional titles and credentials. Who, with what high titles and credentials, were right in regard to the contradiction in the claim that Iraq's Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, as the "reasoning" to start a multi-hundred billion dollar ongoing war that also cost many lives and created many new enemies of America? Who, with what high titles and credentials, were right among those who said that if we lost the war in Vietnam, a "domino effect" would cause the world to fall to communism? (We lost the war. Where are the communists?)

Nor does "the amount of money for government propaganda" determine logical or illogical, as is obvious.

Since a majority of opinions, and any involved titles and credentials, and the amount of money for propaganda, cannot objectively determine the right or wrong, that is, logical or illogical, or completed reasoning or lack of reasoning, for the government imposed climbing tax on Denali, among climbers capable of reasoning, how shall we determine who is right or wrong for the above illuminated contradiction?

Rainier Mountaineering Incorporated (RMI) is a large mountain climbing guide service which was long the monopoly guiding company for Mt. Rainier in the State of Washginton, until an Alaskan Alpine Club effort broke the monopoly, upon which the National Park Service claimed credit, of course, much to our amusement. RMI guides many climbers on Denali. RMI, like any institution, has political supporters and opponents, but regardless, they are a large company with a great deal of mountain climbing management experience.

After expenses, the money that climbers pay RMI goes to the bank accounts of some fat cat Seattle lawyers and cronies, who, among other things, spend their money on good wine, therefore supporting many good wine makers and vineyard workers for the further benefit of climbers. The only money RMI gets for its mountain guiding services, is from climbers. RMI chaps do not lie about where the money goes. It is a private enterprise. The money goes to the company owners.

The money that climbers pay to the National Park Service, for entrance fees and the Denali climbing tax, goes to the US Treasury, by law, not to the National Park Service or any of its programs or activities. The usual lies pandered by Park Service chaps, about where the money goes, are just the usual lies pandered by the Park Service chaps, fooling unquestioning fools who will fail the below test, as noticeable in their conversations. Lies are expressed contradictions. It is impossible to resolve a contradiction by adding more contradictions. Why would the Park Service just keep lying after the Alaskan Alpine Club prior forced the Park Service to publicly retract its lies about the climber fees going for mountain rescues and mountaineering programs, if not to easily fool fools who mindlessly believe whatever government says, the amusing sorts who actually believed George Bush, Barak Obama and Park Service officials? Those chaps will fail the below test.

From the US Treasury, our dear friends in the US DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime take money for their wars to kill a lot of people and make more enemies of Americans. The more money the Treasury gets, from thousands of types and layers of taxation in the US, with the "income tax" not even enough to pay the interest on the federal deficit (money borrowed from China), the more war toys the Feds can buy. Among the taxes are oil taxes (your gas), timber taxes (your house), highway taxes (your food), taxation by fraudulent Park Service citations, Social Security taxes, Park Service entrance taxes, Park Service climbing taxes, and thousands more. Money to manage the Parks also comes from the US Treasury.

1. How much money does the US Treasury need to pay for which precise services, prioritized by "enough too", among its debt service, current Presidential Ego Gratification Wars in six countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Philippines), war veteran medical care, Social Security for the elderly, Medicaid, National Science Foundation funding, federal arts programs, food stamps, Coast Guard, federal employee retirement payments, all federal expenses not here specifically mentioned, National Park land management, Park Service mountain climber "programs" for some elitist outdoor recreationalists?

2. Because there is already not enough tax money in the Treasury for the above, and the current federal program of exponentially printing worthless paper money is about to make all of your money worthless, and nobody is willingly donating money to the problem created by the feds, and more taxation is just spent on more bombs and bribes to foreign military generals, will a reasoning mind suggest that the Treasury "needs": the increased taxation of mountain climbers for all the programs, or suggest eliminating one or more government funded programs?

Now therefore, for the below questions, consider that RMI sauntered into the back room with the government, and acquired private ownership of Denali, by the process it used to acquire and hold for decades a MONOPOLY on mountaineering guide services for Mt. Rainier, the same process Dick Cheney's Haliburton used to get the current Iraq, Afghan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalian wars going.

And consider that the current Park Service entrance fees and proposed climber fees would remain identical, except that they went to buy wine for fat cat RMI lawyers instead of war toys. Climbers would just be FORCED to pay RMI instead of the DemocanRepublicrats.

Consider that RMI's guides would offer the same "free" information and "services" currently offered by Park rangers, for that $350 fee per climber, as an aside to their normally more extensive services for guided climbers. However, consider that the proposed climbing tax increase would be to $499, not $500, with a guarantee that there would be no further increase beyond any other National Park Service visitor fee increase.

Of course rescues would continue to be paid for by the federal or State governments, from your other taxes, as is currently the case for climbers on other public mountains for which there is no climbing tax, and as for hunters, hikers, berry pickers, boaters, auto drivers and everybody else who needs a rescue on public lands and water, including private lands in or near public lands any distance off road, and on roads (State police).

Actual management of the rock and ice of Denali would remain the same. RMI chaps would look at it and say, "Yup, doing good.", identical to National Park Service "management". And the same free feces buckets come with the deal.

Same services. One dollar less. FORCED to pay RMI fat cats. Better wine industry. Less war industry.

3. Regardless of your views on wine and war, which are valid but mentioned for fun, would you stand in public, with your name, and support the proposal for climbers to be FORCED to pay RMI fat cat executives for their "services", whether you wanted them or not?

Your answer?

An Alpinist Magazine reader describes the above as mindless dribble, much to our amusement.

Now consider how your reasoning ability is judged by those who minds can reason through a modicum of common government-induced contradictions.

More to be uploaded.....

The liability of a compelled benefit.

Your RIGHT to walk on YOUR public land.



Denali National Park Tax On Human Rights.... November 2010

Preface #1: Laugh robustly --- Upon emailing the National Park Service a notice of this article which is an official comment to the Park Service about the proposed climbing tax increase for Denali and Mt. Foraker, the Park Service responded by emphatically telling the club to not send any notices to the Park Service again. The US government openly invites "public input", but if you do not dutifully flatter and agree with the government, your "input" is expressly not welcome. That is the process of all tyrannies that fool fools, primarily the intellectually absent government chaps and their unquestioning minions who sincerely believe themselves, clueless of their contradictions laughed at by thinking people.

Preface #2 Consider that you are a National Park Service chap, a common human like the writer of these words, and everybody else. (a) If you start reading this article, you are already thinking ahead of your Park Service colleagues who cannot tolerate anything said by fellow common humans who do not flatter the Park Service. (b) If you read the entire article, you are intellectually well advanced beyond your colleagues who are quickly angered and quickly stop reading criticism of their god-image institution, to thus remain ignorant of what they are doing wrong. (c) If you are not offended by the word-arrangements, and therefore consider the reasoning of the word-arrangements, you are a wise person and will soon enough quit your Park Service job, to thereafter use your experience to suggest that other people not make the mistake of believing the lies of self-serving government agencies. And you will laugh at having learned the repugnant nature of Park Service sorts more slowly that others.

Your enemies will flatter you, to leave you making the same mistakes that make more enemies. Your friends will tell you what you are doing wrong (criticize you), so you have an opportunity to correct your errors, if you recognize them from the criticism, if the criticism is well reasoned, to thus derive more friends and leave your enemies with no errors of yours to attack.

Now therefore... If you have a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or other relative who works for the US National Park Service, you can copy and send them this article to let them know that you know how thoroughly dumbed-down, repugnant to humans, greedy and malicious they have become, if you concur. Therein, perhaps with your expressions of understanding, you can assist them with one of their best decisions in life, that being quitting their job as a pitiable Park Service thug, if they are capable of thinking more than their fellow Park Service thugs.

Or you can let them grovel among their colleagues in their self-delusions and greed, and just pity them. They are their own solution. They will destroy the National Park system, on schedule, while still believing their propaganda about a "95% public approval rate", much to the laughter of thinking people.

It is just a educational example to mention that on the day the Rumanians executed Ceausescu and his wife (dictator of Romania), on camera, (fall of every empire) they could not understand how the Rumanian people whom they perceived to have been worshiping them, became so angry so suddenly. It was not sudden. The public worship was a typical government self-delusion.

The executioners only represented the many more people who hated Ceausescu for his maliciousness, analogous to the number of Americans who are friends and family of the millions of people who harmed or damaged nothing, and know that, but whom the Park Service Police have fraudulently cited to extort fines from them, and create "enforcement" budget excuses.

There are no excuses. To willingly work for an agency as repugnant as herein demonstrated, is to be that repugnant.

The National Park chaps are again proposing an increase in the climbing tax on the RIGHT to walk (climb) on the public land of Denali and Mt. Foraker, from 200 bucks to 500 bucks per person per walk. (Raised to $350 starting 2012.)

The British king's Sheriff of Nottingham did the same thing. It was most clever of that Sheriff to get a US National Park Service job after his taxing the RIGHTS of the British peasants collapsed the power of the British kings.

Public comments on the Park Service climbing tax increase are purportedly welcome, we hear by rumor. Now just why do you suppose that National Park chaps in Alaska send all the public notices and other opportunities to support the Park Service on climbing issues, to their pocket American Alpine Club, University of Alaska alpine club and other environmentalists, but do not send any such notices or news of mountain climbing policies to the Alaskan Alpine Club and other citizen organizations which oppose Park Service violations of laws? The unmitigated outrage of it all. You would think those fine chaps would not be so biased with our tax money.

Who do they think they are fooling with their childish scams? The question is asked with the intent to cause a well considered answer. Even our good friends among the anti-climber environmentalists openly admit to the dishonest scams of their Park Service cronies, and offer the defense of, "That's just the way it works, and we're the winners". So if even the Park Service's environmentalist cronies know that Park Service personnel are crooked to the core of their souls, violating the related laws, while certainly the opponents of the National Park Police States have long been exposing the ongoing examples of Park Service violations of law, not being fooled, and the last concern of the general public, in these war and economic hard times, would be any mountain climbing issues if the general public even knew there were any mountain climbing issues, for whom are the laboriously contorted Park Service mountaineering propaganda and tactics pandered?

The answer.... Just talk to a National Park Service employee about the proposed increase in the climbing tax on Denali and Foraker.

They actually, sincerely, genuinely believe their own propaganda lies. Your mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister or other Park Service employed relative is just plain that flat intellectually absent, unthinking and unquestioning. They would follow Hitler into his last bunker if the Park Service propaganda said that was the thing to do. They could read this article, and not recognize a single question of what they are doing.

One of the most fundamental RIGHTS of Americans is the RIGHT to walk on their open public lands, secured in the US Constitution and the prevailing law requiring the government to fence any public property, with chain link fence, that is prohibited to citizens, and then only for verifiable material storage security. That human RIGHT to walk on the public lands is that for which the British kings and their Sheriffs were most held in contempt for denying the common people.

By prevailing law and definition, a RIGHT is an action for which the government holds no authority, or attainable authority, to demand permission (permit, license, mandatory paperwork), or charge a tax or fee.

A right is a right, opposite of a privilege. You can exercise a human right at whim, any time, anywhere, without any lawful interference or involvement by people who sink to government jobs. A privilege is grantable and deniable, only by an owner of that to which a privilege may be granted or denied. Despite the official Park Service lie believed by laughably gullible Park Service personnel, the Park Service does not own the public land. By law, the Park Service only manages it in trust for the people, with no authority to deny any human rights on the land. That which does not damage, is a right. Climbing a public mountain is an undeniable right, not a deniable or taxable privilege.

The US federal government sends young Americans off to wars, to maim and be maimed, to kill and be killed, and to destroy, to "fight for American rights", at profound mental consequences to soldiers, among vast other costs. And then the most repugnantly slimy little (add a dozen similar adjectives) perfidious war-dodging National Park Service Pigs waddle up to the Park boundaries to make war veterans and their families and friends buy back their rights by paying a tax to exercise their RIGHT to walk on their own public lands.

Is there anyone more repugnant to human decency? Making a war veteran buy back the rights for which he fought, for which he killed people, for which his friends died horrible deaths, certainly ranks a Park Service thug among the scum of humanity.

The Sheriff of Nottingham was more respectable and honorable.

There are a lot of mountain climbers among those young athletic military personnel, and after war, they commonly seek the mental respite of hiking among the mountains and other outdoor environments of public land. They were told that they were fighting (killing people) for the rights of their family, friends and all Americans. When you use government power to train somebody to kill people, and send them off to kill people in war, and then they learn they killed people for a lie, you might consider the consequences a bit more than the idiot Bush, Obama and Park Service sorts, because the consequences become due.

Maybe it is just bad timing. A record number of American war veterans are committing suicide, more than being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, increasingly discussed in the news. Because the military generals refuse to consider any genuine solutions, and are addicted to their wars, the trend is going to increase through and beyond the time the Park Service will finalize its current increase on the taxation of human rights. The minds of the military suicide candidates are inherently being anguished by the profound contradictions of killing people to protect American rights, when they come back to America to be slammed by the discovery that they and their families have no rights in the American Police State. Legions of armed law enforcement thugs, such as Park Service rangers, in dozens of government agencies, desperate for budget excuses, are arresting everybody for anything. And the National Park Service thugs even force war veterans to buy back one of the most fundamental citizen rights, at a commonly unaffordable $350 per person per walk on selected, uncrowded, undelicate public land (glacier-covered rock mountains), under threat of arrest. And the weasly little war-dodging Park Service thugs are so greedy they have formally stated their intent to periodically increase the tax. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, the communists and all the other government-fabricated enemies were nowhere near as contemptuous of the common people as are the privileged Washington DC government swine.

Who would work for such a repugnant boss, if not only those who are equally repugnant and revel in it? Or instead, perhaps a person who is so flat intellectually absent (as dumb as Bush and Obama) that they cannot understand a word of this, and would only respond with memorized Park Service propaganda supporting their budget excuses at any cost to the common people. The next additional tax will be on your right to breathe the Park Service air while in the Parks.

For their proposed increase on the taxation of human rights, the Park Service thugs dazzle their easily dazzled employees with the fabricated propaganda of "increasing mountaineering program costs". First the Park Service squanders the public's tax money by imposing a legion of ignorant bureaucrats (mountaineering rangers) fabricating and fussing with needless and counter productive "mountaineering programs" to which mountain climbers have been objecting for decades, not wanted or needed by anyone except Park Service drones otherwise incapable of functioning in the real world of competitive humans. Then the amusing Park Service chaps claim that the costs (arbitrary spending) for those impositions are increasing so the climbers must pay a tax on their human rights, then Park Service sorts again claim that the costs (arbitrary spending) for those impositions are still increasing so the climbers must pay a higher tax on their human rights, etceteras.

The climbers are only paying for the Park Service thugs who are only there to arrest the climbers who do not pay them, identical to the scam of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Notice all the other taxes that were created and increased the same way, with the new increasing taxes on top of those old increasing taxes in addition to the next increasing taxes. All governments expand their spending, taxation and power to their inherent self-demise, on schedule. The Washington DC government has priced itself out of the market for government, and is now so desperate that it is taxing even basic human rights, while its monumentally ignorant personnel cannot figure out the inherent consequences.

Is it not only the most intellectually void humans who believe they can fool all the people all the time, to therefore be the greatest fools, such as your own family members or friends if they are Park Service personnel? How long can you successfully say that Americans hold "rights", when there are no "rights"? Amidst escalating home foreclosures, entrenched unemployment, increasing war costs, increasing military suicides, the largest tax increase in American history imposed in Obama's "Health Care Law", grossly over-printing paper money given to government insiders therefore robbing the value of the money for which the common people had to work, and the insatiably greedy National Park Service thugs genuinely believe that there will be no consequences for even their insatiable addiction to increasing taxes on even human rights.

If you were assigned the task of writing the greatest comedy possible, you could do no better than writing the story of the clueless National Park Service personnel. They actually believe themselves.

Go ahead, increase the tax on the human right to walk on open public lands, and hire more Nottingham sheriffs to enforce the tax, even on war veterans, if you can find more such repugnant sorts who are so laughably dumb that they cannot understand the consequences illuminated by this sentence.

So why does the British king or queen no longer rule the American colonies?

As stated a few years ago by another person observing the National Park Service thugs... "We have discovered the greatest threat to the National Park system. Is is the National Park Service". It is flawlessly certain to destroy the National Park system, much to the howling laughter of Alaskan Alpine Club members and other thinking people.

The Park Pigs could read these words, and would remain clueless. On the day of the collapse of every empire, it is replete with personnel who genuinely cannot understand (intellectually void) how the people became so angry so suddenly.

It was not sudden.

What?, was the writer of these words, the club paperwork guy, supposed to speak of Park Pigs in more "respectful" terms? To answer the question, consider the following question. Between a guy who would criticize insatiably greedy, malicious, corrupted government officials, as "Park Pigs", and Park Pigs who would make war veterans buy back their basic human rights for which the war veterans fought in war, killed people, and risked their lives where their friends died horrible deaths, who between the aforementioned guy and the Park Pigs are less "respectful" of fellow humans? Your answer? Have you ever denigrated corrupted government officials? Notice the difference in answers between insatiably greedy government chaps with their delicate egos, and the common people who "say it like it is". Notice the exact terminology of even government personnel describing "other" corrupt government officials. Who is supposed to say what, of whom, for whom, if not instead just "say it like it is"?

Throughout history, in every country, the government thugs act like therefore angry government thugs, with their inherently power-damaged minds, and the common people enjoy the laughter of calling the malicious little government thugs, the thugs that they are, or perhaps pigs, swine, dolts and your choice of other accurate descriptions, with due apologies for slighting the good character of farmyard swine by equating them to National Park Service rangers.

The only difference among government chaps, within the government process, is that between those who belatedly figure it out and thus quit their government jobs, and those who just keep believing their own government lies until the metaphorical end of the track. It is fully within the gradient of normal learning, to learn things later than the other guy. Everybody learns things later than other guys. A noticeable demarcation is those who never learn, such as career Park Service folks.

With such entrenched ignorance, arrogance, intellectual inability and maliciousness, the National Park Service hierarchy could read these words, and they WILL still increase the taxes on the human rights of climbers and others, or their entire ruse would start crumbling among their own people who cannot comprehend the existence of a world or a process outside their self-deluding ruse. They CANNOT start acting on reasoning instead of insatiable power, by design of the power-damaged mind, or their entire system, based on power above reasoning, would collapse. They are trapped in their own process of self-demise, the flawless trait of power that ALWAYS advances to its own self-demise.

Notice, much to the amusement of the writer, that these words challenge the Park chaps to become honest, and to respect human rights, but prove that they cannot become honest, they cannot respect human rights, and that they WILL increase their taxes on human rights (the right to walk on public lands, and travel by common means on the public rights of way - drive on the public roads inside National Parks), to thus soon become intolerable to the common people, by design of the human mind that recoils at other people forcing illogical decisions on them. Power is insatiable, by design. The power-damaged mind cannot possibly become honest, by design.

The only escape for your father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister or other Park Service employee is to quit, today. No amount of money is worth denying war veterans the rights for which they killed other people on orders of the government. The refusal to quit is the identification of their repugnance to humans.

Now laugh even more. Consider that this message, or a certain targeted portion of it in certain other words, (distributed elsewhere) reaches enough war veteran's groups, military generals who are desperate for a solution to the increasing military suicides, congressmen and Park Service rangers, that the greedy little Park Service bean counters figure they better give a special exemption to military veterans, or the Park Service could suddenly be politically hammered so hard that they irreversibly lose vastly more, very publicly, by making war veterans buy back the rights for which they killed people under the government lie. But then what? The announcement of a war veteran exemption could be used to inherently, noticeably pit the families of the war veterans, the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and cousins, against each other. "Oh, so you get a special right for killing people, a human right denied to your own daughter / mother. You were just fighting and killing for yourself, not America or even your own family." And therefore the Park Service thugs would make the lie more obvious.

But to make the increasing number of American war veterans, especially the increasing number noticeably anguished and needing peaceful respite from the temptation of suicide or criminal violence, be maliciously harassed with ANY tax to buy back even their right to harmlessly walk on their own public land, a right for which they killed people, risked their lives, saw their friends maimed or die horrible deaths, is about to end the American tolerance for the insatiably greedy, repugnant National Park Service thugs, and soon enough, the completely corrupted National Park system.

The imposition of power-induced contradictions, instead of reasoning that resolves contradictions, is always self-defeating among the human species ultimately predicated on its thinking process.

The actual mountain climbers, who formed their own volunteer mountain rescue groups and mountain rescue funding programs that the Park Service sorts have attacked and lied-about for decades, have been telling the Park bureaucrats to get out of the mountain climbing restriction gambit since the Park Service first invaded and occupied it at Mt. Rainier National Park in the 60's, when the Park chaps were caught lying to Congress about the $34,000 annual Park Service cost of rescuing climbers on Mt. Rainier, that was shown on record to be twice the theoretical calculation of the value of the (Seattle and Yakima) volunteer mountain rescue groups of actual climbers rescuing climbers at no cost to the taxpayers.

Volunteer mountain rescue groups have been shown to be more effective than the Park Service "mountain rescue" bureaucrats (self-decreed "experts"), and spend from 1/10 to 1/14 the amount of money the government spends per mountain rescue. The goal of volunteer mountain rescue groups is to save their fellow climbers. The goal of the Park Service "mountain rescue experts", is to spend as much money as possible, for a funding excuse, and, as stated by a National Park Service mountaineering ranger during an investigation for a lawsuit over a fatal "non-rescue" by the Park Service (for which volunteers were barred), "Dead bodies in National Parks make good budget excuses."

The Park Service mountaineering empire has become too large. The inherently corrupt congressmen funded the lie after they learned it was a lie, and kept increasing the funding for Park Service lies, until the repugnantly over-funded, over-staffed Park Service became so insatiable that it had to get even more money by taxing human rights. The Park Service chaps fed the monster they cannot control, as usual for all power-damaged minds. It grew to involve the multi-hundred million dollar, unlawfully imposed, ranger-enforced, highly lucrative kick-back scam of the mountaineering guide concession permits. The kick-backs and wealth of too many wealthy Park Service insiders is at risk if the Park Service mountain climbing empire starts to crumble (and thus collapses). A start cannot be stopped because each part of the scam is dependent upon the whole scam. The Park Service is dependent on its lies, and thus requires progressively dumber, unquestioning, malicious thugs for employees, such as your family members or friends if that is the case.

All use of "power" above reasoning extends to its own self-demise, on schedule, without escape, by design of the human mind, much to the amusement of Alaskan Alpine Club members and other thinking people.

Was the writer of these words not a fool to have fought in Vietnam, maliciously harming Vietnamese, for the government lie of fighting for the RIGHTS of Americans, as are those who fought and are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the fighting was and is for the POWER of the National Park Service Pigs to sell those rights, even the right to walk on American public land, to Americans, for a handsome sum of money for Park Pigs? The writer of these words resigned his career-oriented Army officer's commission early in the game, when he figured out the lie and wrongs, and has long acknowledged that he was an ignorant fool to defend the US government power used to seize and sell human rights. So what shall National Park Service personnel do, and say of themselves, after being herein and elsewhere informed of their repugnant maliciousness toward Americans who fought for the rights of Americans? Among those who figure it out before they make the mistake, and those who figure it out after they make the mistake, and those who never figure it out while they continue to willfully do such malicious wrongs even after facing the proof of the truth, among whom would you later wish to have more wisely been while among people around you who recognize what you did? No amount of money or social status among fools is worth being a hired malicious fool. Those who derive their money and ego gratification by being malicious toward others, thus with their demons growing in their minds, eventually wish they had found a job without demons, respecting their fellow humans, more greatly enjoying life, and laughing at the comedy of the humans denying human rights to other humans.

Therefore, be it known to all climbers of the realm (and beyond the boundary of the Shire), that the Alaskan Alpine Club opposes the increase in the climbing tax on Denali and Mt. Foraker. Concurrently we oppose the tax itself, and oppose all the other Park Service mountaineering impositions, programs, bureaucrats, their ilk and the orcs on which they rode into the mountain realm.

The non-Park Alaska mountains, sustaining more year-around climbing than in the Parks, often more dangerous than Park mountains, existing in functional mountaineering anarchy, comparatively void of the mountaineering problems claimed by the insatiable Park Service chaps in the Parks, openly expose the lies of the National Park Service mountaineering thugs, their "mountaineering programs" and the pitiable sorts who believe rather than question them.

This of course leaves the pitiable Park chaps with themselves, the American Alpine Club, the University of Alaska alpine club and their other environmentalists who hate human rights. They deserve themselves, and are missing the amusement of themselves at which thinking people laugh robustly. The humans will ALWAYS crave and work to achieve their human rights, while power-damaged government minds carry out their malicious and socially damaging process of routine self-defeat.

Concurrently, the Alaskan Alpine Club formally requests the names of all organizations that support the increase of the climbing tax on Denali and Mt. Foraker, for public record. Because the Park Service hosts a public comment period, and if it derives no verifiable public organizations supporting the increase of the tax, then increases it, the Park Service further identifies the obvious repugnance of National Park Service personnel who hold Americans, as well as their rights, in contempt. The ongoing, back door support and rumored privilege kick-backs involving the American Alpine Club and University of Alaska alpine club leadership support for the tax is being exposed elsewhere.

And therefore, the Alaskan Alpine Club formally requests the names of all organizations that supported the original $200 per person per walk tax on the RIGHT of Americans to walk on their public land referenced as Denali and Mt. Foraker. Since the Park Service acknowledged on record, receipt of the email notifying them of this comment on their proposed climbing tax increase, and since the list of organizations supporting the original tax (if any such support exists) is public information, and this is a "reasonable request for public accountability of government agency actions", any failure or refusal to identify the organizations would indicate that the Park Service had no substantive public support for the tax (that was unlawfully applied on at least four counts).

To our fellow Alaskan Alpine Club members around the world, and other thinking people, as you already recognize, and completely beyond the understanding of power-damaged minds, your mind will learn more while climbing the smallest mountains in the most minor mountain range, with a free mind, than your mind can possibly learn by climbing for a US National Park Pig budget excuse, under constant threat of arrest by insatiably power-craving Park Rangers. Those who are climbing Denali and Mt. Foraker, are merely helping to fund the US Presidential Ego Gratification Wars, and a wallow full of Park Service farmyard animals that wallow in wallows.

Climb on.




Report on the 2006 UIAA General Assembly at Banff Canada

Written by the Alaskan Alpine Club delegate to UIAA. October 2006.

Difficult to beat the visual images from Banff, for a meeting of climbers. Mountains tower above the town, way above. And deer freely roamed through town, often seen in yards. Eight elk walked past the hotel one evening, stopping to casually look in the convenience store.

It was desperate. The UIAA annual meeting was in the same town at the same time as the Alpine Club of Canada's centennial celebration. A smart person would have been climbing. The rest of us were at the parties.

First the club delegate had to have his name tag corrected. He was labeled as from USA. That got changed to ALASKA, to avoid any embarrassing confusion with the amusing American Alpine Club chaps.

On account as the Canadians scheduled a really big centennial party for their club, of course, for the subsequent night, the annual UIAA "Gala" banquet, usually scheduled after the General Assembly, was held the prior evening. A good way to start a UIAA meeting is with a grand party the night before. In fact, that would be a good replacement for the whole meeting.

Any excuse for international climbers to get together for a party is worthy.

Typical UIAA meeting. UIAA reorganized itself again, as usual. That is what they do.

There were 63 delegates from about 50 nations, among about 200 people. The General Assembly is the meeting of the delegates from each member organization. The Council is a smaller group of elected delegates from representative areas. The Council does the same thing as the General Assembly, more often, more efficiently, and then submits what they do to the General Assembly for approval to increase the total amount of process for the same result. Wait, the result is the process.

The AknAC club delegate did not attend the seminars and Council meetings held during the days before the General Assembly meeting. The seminars apparently discussed what climbing organization leaders were going to do to stop global warming, to save the mountains, glaciers and other illusions of humans fooling themselves.

The meeting room was a bit too small, without enough tables and chairs. The round tables did not facilitate half the people paying attention to the speakers at the front of the room, which was not much of a detriment. The club delegate acquired an electrical extension cord with a multiple socket outlet to feed the several laptops at the table he sat, while other folks drained their batteries. There were 14 laptops among the delegates. The club delegate typed detailed notes of the meeting, on his computer, while some other chaps were more productively playing computer games on their computers. The club needs a delegate who knows how to play computer games.

Unlike meetings a few years ago, involving three languages and interpreters, UIAA has settled upon the use of English only, mostly because interpreters cost a lot of money. But strong accents diminish the understanding of some of what is said. Eventually everyone will speak metric so we can all understand what previously kept us confused.

As usual, because of the difficulties of strong accents and the mutually intolerable nature of climbers attempting to make useless decisions and be gracious, confusion reigned for the task of doing nothing of any real benefit for climbers.

The minutes of the last General Assembly, in Singapore, were read and thereupon falsified to render them politically correct by removing certain "unproven" accusations during one of the normal arguments. Imagine that, climbers arguing and making unproven accusations. The unmitigated audacity. But no one will ever know because the minutes were properly cooked.

Reports of committees and commissions were given and each approved with a vote. Excessive thank you's and expressed appreciation for doing little consumed more time. Arguments erupted. Speakers droned on with repetitious stuff as boring as what you are reading.

However, the delegates successfully voted to separate competition rock climbing from UIAA representation, finally. Back when competition climbing started, UIAA leaders were desperate to control it under UIAA, to create more UIAA power. Time teaches lessons that could be more efficiently learned by simply asking more questions at the get-go. Now the competition rock climbers, using artificial rock walls, have their own international organization, not wasting their time being controlled by non-competition climbers.

However, the competition ice climbers are still under UIAA representation. Confusion reigns. As a result UIAA can reorganize again when the competition ice climbers belatedly figure it out, serving the UIAA purpose of routinely reorganizing.

And the ski mountaineering sorts are still under UIAA representation. Skiers represented by climbers. Confusion reigns. The ski mountaineers are in the middle of a years-long bureaucratic thrashing-about and kowtowing to become an Olympic sport. UIAA has the international organization and image to facilitate that process. So the skiers foolishly decided to stick with the flawed system they started. They will eventually learn, and UIAA can reorganize again.

Much time was consumed on varied graphic displays of proposed, alternate and amended organizational charts and diagrams, poorly explained and hastily shown, often too small to read, and complex, depicting the new UIAA organization structures with and without the competition climbers, after the competition climbers already separated from UIAA in an earlier vote, but with the competition ice climbers and skiers still in the mix. On one graphic display the ice climbers were represented as a little icon below the crampon on a large mountain climbing boot. And that is where they should be kept if they stay there.

The reorganization decision came down to a vote on the Foundation model, the Federation model and the modified Federation model, with some amendments to the modification. When the vote was called, many delegates suddenly recognized that they had no idea what each of the models actually did. Confusion reigned. There was a motion to refer it all to the Council (the avoidance model), and vote on it next year (the delay model). Argument and loud expressions erupted. The American Alpine Club's always amusing Putnam stated that he would vote against the president and everyone on the Board of Directors if the reorganization vote was not avoided and delayed. He stated that the Board is incompetent (which has always been the case because they were climbers). He concluded with, "Have I made myself clear?" The Brit delegate was emphatic in his threats of officer liability, lawsuits and lurking suspicions fraught with peril if a decision was made instead of delayed. The Canook delegate was equally loud in his expressed confusion and certainty of woe. A staccato of unruly discourse invaded the proceedings. The Alaskan delegate was amused, busily typing notes on the comedy, knowing that it did not matter. Nobody knows or cares what the always temporary UIAA organization structure is. They act the same way anyway, and will reorganize regardless of what they are.

The vote proceeded. As a result of this momentous effort, UIAA is now under the Federation model of organization. Wait, UIAA was previously under the federation model. Well, UIAA is more federated now. The goal was the process, not any result, as usual.

The crises regarding proposed regulations for Mt. Blanc and the Peru mountains were introduced so the Conservation Commission could be lavishly thanked for its great work providing government bureaucrats with communications and meetings to increase their paperwork budget excuses and regulatory morass.

The election of officers involved multiple ballots and votes because of the mix of regional and non-regional Council members. The current president and the nominated vice president were uncontested until the nominated vice president was nominated for the president position. That was not scheduled. Confusion reigned. And the nominated vice president nominated for the president position won the president position by one vote. Not a minor event. He is a Canadian. He is the first non-Euro/Brit UIAA president. Now the western hemisphere can be blamed for UIAA. Hopefully the position can be foisted onto Asia at the next election.

The Mountain Medical Commission gave its report. Doctors talk about drugs, if you can imagine that. Ooops, the ski mountaineers cannot tolerate any UIAA mention of drugs that is not government approved anti-drug propaganda, or the Olympic Committee might suspect that UIAA is not sufficiently anti-drug and therefore not approve ski mountaineering as an Olympic sport. And the ski mountaineers are serious. Their main guy in UIAA was emphatic that people in UIAA, including the doctors, limit their mention of drugs to anti-drug rhetoric. Amusing lot these humans and their organizational perceptions. No more dope smoking during the meetings.

We discovered from the AmerAC Chairwoman of the UIAA Mountaineering Commission that Yosemite could have been lost and not protected, in those words, if it were not for the work of the UIAA Mountaineering Commission. She praised herself and her commission colleagues in the grand style of UIAA self-praises and mutual praises. The UIAA Tyrol Declaration, which required ten years of work, is apparently the artistic heart and moral values of climbing, in those words, and therefore more reason to praise the Mountaineering Commission. These chaps will remain clueless of the valuelessness of organization declarations, resolutions and policies the rest of their lives, which is why they are such admirable organization folks instead of climbers. Every year UIAA delegates come from around the world, at great expense, to test their endurance for such rhetorical illusions before the party starts.

As the evening banquet got near, reports got more brief, not brief enough. There were a gaggle of new member applications, postponements, cancellations, a voting rights change and such things, with the recommendations of the Council immediately accepted in total, to get to the party on time. That is, except for a momentary snag over the voting rights change request. It seems that club X accused club Y, both within country Z, of having more camping members than climbing members, and should therefore not have the country voting right within UIAA. Club Y responded by stating that club X had more campers than climbers. A few climbing organization leaders are still under the delusion that real climbers join climbing clubs. The climbers join party clubs. There would have been confusion but the climbers wanted to get to the party, so the status quo was immediately adopted, with a minor physical demonstration of disapproval by club X, or maybe it was club Y.

Motions to thank more people, oppose helicopters on summits and change the climate by policy were hastily passed. Adjournment became apparent by the increasing exodus of delegates. The new UIAA president expressed the hope of harmony and more harmony, and adjourned the meeting.

The great and weighty matters of serious consequence to the world's climbers were therefore property attended to. Good for another year. Somebody tell the climbers that they can go climbing now.

Off to the party. Canadian climbers know how to party. And a lot of them were there for their club's centennial event. The American Alpine Club's Bill Putnam, accented with a red bow tie, is again to be appreciated for his generous support for both banquets and a reception, primarily the ample supply of fine wine. There are occasional references to his generous support for other climbing organization stuff, but that is just organization stuff. Speeches were presented. Outrageous stories were told. Scots where there in kilts. Canadian Royal Mounted Police where in Dress Reds. Suits and ties draped gangly guys, and beautiful gowns graced stunning women. The exchange of useful climbing information saturated the banquet room, redeeming the time lost at the meeting during the day. Chairs were kicked out of the way and some serious rock and roll dancing ensued. The Alaskan Alpine Club delegate left at 3:AM. The new Canadian president of UIAA, some other Canadians and the Norway guy were still telling stories, to beautiful women of course.

And there we jolly well have the full party report, unless it gets falsified by majority vote to reflect the illusions of mob rule.



The Palestine climbing scene...


Check out this picture of a newspaper AP photo (a bit wrinkled) of highly commendable Palestinian climbers on the Israel Wall.

Notice the good climbing form of the Palestinians.

Thank the Israelis for building the Israel Wall, the longest climbing wall since the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall. But the American wall on the Mexican border may get longer. Perhaps we can get more governments to build climbing walls on every border, restricting international travel to climbers only, as it should be.

Laugh at the Israeli government dolts for thinking they were doing something other than building a climbing wall and a training facility for enhancing the athletic ability of young Palestinian freedom fighters, with great gun positions at the top.

Ask ICC (International Competition Climbing) to sponsor a competition on the Israel Wall.

Encourage the Palestinian climbers to join ICC.

If we could just get the US National Park Service to stop spending so much money on its idiot armed rangers arresting thousands of visitors each year, including climbers, and simply build Israel-style walls around the US National Parks, at less expense, the Park pigs could feel secure behind their walls, and the climbers would not need the Park rocks.

If you are not laughing at the intellectually void government dolts who think they can force other humans, especially climbers, into submission to stupid government dolts, you are missing the only show those dolts know how to stage.

Shall it be the climbers who lead the people over the obstacles the idiot government Neanderthals incessantly create for the people?






Newspapers and climbers

This is the ragging I wrote about the Fairbanks Daily News Minus, the local Fairbanks Alaska newspaper, February 2005. This was on an Ice Wall page for awhile. News journalists are a pitiable lot.

NEWS RELEASE: Dateline - now. Location - here. Reporter - me, the web slave. Consider your self-induced intellectual stagnation if you subscribe to, or read the Fairbanks Daily News Minus, and what they will print if you talk to their reporters. (The paper calls itself the News Miner.)

If you want to identify the people in Fairbanks Alaska who are the verifiably dumb, find the readers of the Fairbanks Daily News Minus. They would not read it if it they did not end up believing some of it. And if you want to know how dumber I am, I talked to a News Minus reporter again after repeatedly learning to not do that.

The News Minus wrote an article about the ice tower. I was an idiot to talk to them. They did not need anything I said for their article, except an illusion of credible reporting by referencing me. I gave them some information about the ice and then emphasized that they could not reference my name, because it is embarrassing to be referenced as an information source in a publication that lies if their ink touches paper. I then foolishly acquiesced to be being referenced, "barely". I was too hasty for not identifying a number (one or less) and not getting a recorded agreement, but even that would be worthless with a News Minus reporter.

Barely, to the News Minus, means their referencing me six times in one article. And of course they invented illusions for the article because New Minus dolts, like their darling George Bush and anyone else with a government title, literally do not comprehend that words hold meaning. They trained their minds to believe, as did Hitler, Bush, Clinton and their ilk, that words were created for rhetorical illusions pandered among gullible fools, to help centralize more raw power in government and news media, and progressively destroy human rights. With such an entrenched belief in rhetorical illusions as a substitute for truth in communication pandered as news, the non-governmental applications of words by the News Minus, are inherently saturated with contradictions (lies). You train your mind by the words you use.

The pitiable Fairbanks Daily News Minus chaps verifiably believe that truth is defined by any words of titled government dolts or news media sorts, and that mere citizens are inherently lying and must have their words changed, or be attacked as dangerous to the government's war against citizen rights. As an analogy representing the spectrum, if government officials say that the world is flat, and some mere citizens come forward with the proof that the world is round, the News Minus attacks the citizens, and praises the intellectually void government dolts, because of their official titles, parroting their ignorance as the highest truths of the land. To the News Minus, government prevails above truth.

I belatedly learned that lesson decades ago when the News Minus consistently attacked the rights of the mountain climbers, and repeatedly pandered National Park Service and environmentalist lies as truth, to advance the maliciously wielded power of the armed National Park Service thugs and other government agents. And readers verifiably believed those lies. The News Minus refused to ask the questions that proved the government and environmentalist statements as false. The News Minus intent to assist the government's effort in trammeling human rights, was unequivocal and remains verifiable.

Curious about the phenomenon, I began paying closer attention to a cross section of issues. Among many examples, I sat in the Washington DC meeting for which the News Minus then reversed the clearly displayed attributes of the two involved politicians, knowingly lying to the people of Fairbanks to help defeat the more logical Senator in an upcoming election, and support the News Minus darling, the Senate's most corrupted, dishonest, power-craving little ego-addicted war monger in the history of the US Senate, Ted Stevens.

So that the unquestioning conservative Republicans, who might be offended by these words about their News Minus pandered illusion of the world, are given a clue about what is happening, Senator Ted Stevens is a consistently endorsed colleague and sometimes Director of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its typically unquestioning members. I hold a copy of the C-Span video of a Senate Subcommittee meeting in which Stevens strongly encouraged the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) to use his executive authority to summarily write law (regulation holding the full effect of law) to ban the import of common semi-automatic rifles (so Stevens would not have to publicly vote on such a Congressional law) in one of Stevens' many successful attacks on gun owner rights, in the presence of two NRA staff. NRA did not report that or any other of the countless attacks on gun owner rights by crony Republican congressmen whom NRA leaders reward with millions of member dollars. NRA is the most effective anti-gun owner rights, and anti-citizen rights organization in the US, as verifiable by their results across the spectrum of laws, including the 20,000 laws infringing the right to keep and bear arms, adopted while NRA claimed to be defending gun owner rights while supporting hundreds of verifiably anti-gun politicians. As long as the attacks on gun owner rights are quietly advanced by NRA, under news media lies and other rhetorical illusions to the contrary, unquestioning NRA members will keep shoveling their money to the NRA leaders and political cronies who get richer and more powerful facilitating those attacks. The results and the test of time destroy all the rhetorical illusions to the contrary. Power corrupts, flawlessly.

I could add endless examples of the fundamentally dishonest, equally corrupted Democrats and liberal organization leaders supported by gullible followers. Power corrupts, flawlessly, and the pen is mightier than the sword, and the News Minus therefore advances power above reasoning, truth and human rights, much to the ongoing laughter of the observers, including we who were so astonishingly stupid as to have talked to the News Minus again.

The net result is the progressing destruction of your rights, and those of the next generation, under an increasingly powerful Police State government not effectively questioned by the American news media fooling unquestioning fools into believing that the news media words represent truth.

Like the American DemocanRepublicrat Regime and all other power-damaged minds, the News Minus personnel will not learn how to tell the truth, no matter how many times you offer them the opportunity to learn that highly useful knowledge. Power, as a concept within the minds of its victims who so foolishly adopt power, functioning with a biologically identifiable, electro-chemical process within neurons, cannot allow the mind to learn the controlling contradiction of power, or power could not exist as a substitute for reasoning within the human mind otherwise predicated on reasoning. Consider a test. If any Democrat and Republican politicians have ever verifiably lied (knowingly said that which is not true), as countless have, millions of times, and their party leaders did not formally remove them from the party or from party endorsement, to defend the party from being represented by liars (as has never happened), then no honest person can ever vote for a Republican or Democrat to represent them, by definition, or English words do not hold their meaning and are useless for communication of truth. Read that again. A person cannot successfully claim party membership or support for a benefit, and successfully evade the liability of the party. There are no one sided coins. You cannot join or support a party represented by liars if you claim to be honest, if words hold their meaning. Only a power-damaged or biologically damaged mind can perceive the existence of such a contradiction as truth, while words hold their meaning. Like the News Minus personnel, DemocanRepublicrats will continue to say they are honest, and vote for verified liars to represent them, therein contradicting their words while their minds remain clueless. The power-damaged minds of DemocanRepublicrats have rhetorically trained themselves to believe that the power of their political party, which is mutually exclusive to individual rights, is more vital to them than the truth which is the only concept which can recover the human rights they keep saying they want to recover from the power of their political party's government. Their minds cannot identify the contradiction, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary. If you are not laughing yourself to tears at these humans, you are missing the only show they know how to stage.

The escape from the highly successful, dumbing down of Americans, advanced by the Fairbanks Daily News Minus and other governmental systems, is to ask questions, primarily of the contradictions in your own answers.

If you fail, as have American public (government) school teachers, to teach your children how to ask inordinately effective questions, writing the questions and writing the answers, they will become as dumb and useless as the current American adults who believe the American news media and have therefore acquiesced to the American Police State replacing human rights with Federal Homeland Security Gestapo. For you young people; your parents, school teachers, government dolts and news journalists have defined you as idiots, doomed to live in a Police State, until you learn the itemized questions that openly destroy their lies and power, when effectively asked.

The News Minus will not correct its increasingly successful attacks on citizen rights, because not even one of its personnel have learned how to ask effective questions of government, news media, or any other power structure.

Amusingly, the power of the American press has been so openly self-corrupted to support and not question what is therefore now an undeniable American Police State, guaranteed to get much worse, complete with the Federal Homeland Security Gestapo, its Patriot Act, and summary imprisonments, for years, without criminal charges or court process, etceteras, that the counter balance to the American press is inherently emerging. More people will read these words, for a longer duration, than will read the worthless Fairbanks Daily News Minus on the day it wrote about the ice tower. And the editor of these widely distributed words was the writer, a common citizen, not a new media censor protecting the power of the government and news media. The writer suggests that you severely question these words, and all other words, to learn how to ascertain truth while living under a thoroughly corrupted government, nearing its self-collapse, which will imprison and kill before it surrenders any of its raw power back to your human rights. These words are another consequence of the News Minus contempt for truth and the common people. If you want the real news, the internet has it on the non-American and non-mainstream news media websites, much to the seething anger of the Washington DC war mongers who are demanding more government repression of the people who thus inherently make greater efforts to regain their freedom from Washington DC thugs. The American RepublicratDemocans will only become more malicious and destructive, even if they read these words, because that is the only concept their minds understand, by design of the power-damaged mind. Enjoy the show.

You might wish to consider Think.ws, ParkServiceCorruption.com, and CourtCorruption.com.

Of course ice climbers hold an exemption from the above. Their brains are not yet fully thawed, or they would not be ice climbers.



How a few climbers fool gullible new student climbers

This is for new climbers only. The rest of you are not authorized to read this. If the rest of you attempt to read this, your computer may develop wavering multi-colored horizontal lines with subliminal messages about secret climbing places.

And this section is boring, but useful.

As Buddha is said to have said... Do not believe anything you hear or read, no matter who says it, no matter even if I say it, unless it conforms to your own reasoning.

Reasoning is the process of asking and answering questions.

Therein, Buddha suggests that your creator gave you a brain with an ability to wisely question even your creator, to learn what she knows, rather than merely believe anyone. Would a wise creator do less? In contrast, pitiably ignorant religious, government and organization leaders incessantly attempt to prevent or hinder you from asking them questions which could advance your knowledge beyond their lies and ignorance. Notice that as your questions become more effective, the answers offered by institution leaders, if any answers at all, rhetorically suggest everything except an answer to the question.

Question everything you read at this website, and all others, with real questions, and identify the answers, to advance your knowledge.

The process to fool unquestioning fools, described herein, is functioning in nearly every organization, but this site is about mountain climbing, so the example illuminates a so called climbing organization, because it affects new climbers.

Our dear and benevolent friends, in the University of Alaska (Fairbanks) environmentalist alpine club, teach a University credited climbing class, much to the disadvantage of the students. Since that club first uploaded its website years ago, www.uaf.edu/aac, and still as of November 2008, they have bestowed upon themselves credit for working to prevent industrial development and threats in local climbing spots, and other fallacious claims that fool fools such as the University of Alaska students who do not question what they are told.

It is amusingly easy to simply tell the truth. It serves humans well, and ultimately prevails anyway. But power-damaged minds, such as organization leaders, especially those of the environmentalist and other political organizations, cannot advance their egos and petty power, on truth.

The following sentences are quoted from the University alpine club's website as of 12 October 2005: "Past club activities include lobbying the state government to prevent industrial development in local climbing spots (the famous Alaska Pipeline was originally routed through the granite crags northeast of Fairbanks) and publishing guides to local climbing areas." "In the early 70's the club was instrumental in preserving the Grapefruit Rocks area, which was threatened by a proposed pipeline pump station. Due to the efforts of club officers, an alternative site was agreed upon between BLM, Alyeska, and the AAC." They still made the same claim with slightly different words as of November 2008.

Amusingly, and again revealing that club's climbing credentials, the "granite" crags they reference, Grapefruit Rocks, are exclusively limestone, in a large limestone belt, without any nearby granite. Local climbers enjoy laughing at our poorly educated University of Alaska environmentalist friends who do not know what it is that they purport to climb. Did you want too purchase a published guide to local climbing, that they produce or recommend? They also have difficulty distinguishing moose from mice, like their politically supported cronies in the National Park Service. We would pity them, and speak more forgivingly of them, if they were not so egotistical, dishonest, and did not so incessantly attack the rights of climbers.

The small limestone outcroppings are on a reasonably sharp hill top and an extending ridge, created by the rocky substrate, if you can imagine such a thing in an otherwise non descript boreal forest among rolling hills. The Elliot Highway, going north from Fairbanks, to Prudhoe Bay, slashes across the hillside, with a noticeably large cut bank, going between the two primary rock outcrops, offering convenient access. Moderately wide valleys border three sides of the hill, with a saddle on the other side. The pipeline and pump station where not going to threaten or damage the crags. The threat was a rhetorical illusion, otherwise described as another environmentalist lie, as usual. Economic reality, identifiable by any common-sense person, dictated that the pipeline and pump stations not unnecessarily cross or be perched on top of hills or ridges. The route and locations favor gentle valleys and flat areas. They were not chosen because climbers did not want to see a pipeline or pump station.

The pipeline was routed through the valley, off the end of the ridge, as originally planned. The pump station was built at the originally planned, economically optimum site, rather than one of the several lesser suggestions which included a location near the Grapefruit Rocks. The suggested site near the climbing area did not interfere with any climbing or access to the climbing. The environmentalists, like inherently dishonest politicians, routinely describe normal phenomena as catastrophic threats, and then claim credit for preventing the results of their rhetorical illusions which fool fools.

The Alaskan Alpine Club, which did not exist at that time, would have avidly encouraged the construction of the pipeline as close to that ridge as possible, and would have, probably successfully, requested Alyeska Pipeline Company to gouge out as much of the end of the ridge as possible, near the pipeline route otherwise out in the valley, with their D-10 dozers and dynamite, to create a vertical climbing wall in the rock, and thus a public recreation benefit, enhancing public relations. If the smaller rock faces higher on the ridge and hill are desirable for an organization claiming to represent climbers, and visually tolerable, for what reason of record would a climbing organization object a larger rock face in the same rock formation not far from the other faces? What is the net effect of a common land slide, and bulldozers gouging out a cliff in limestone, for climbers? What is the net effect of a huge road cut, with a sloped bank, facilitating public travel and climbers reaching a climbing area, in comparison with a nearby vertical cut in rock to facilitate more climbing in that climbing area? There are very few accessible rock climbing areas in interior Alaska. Rock climbers want accessible rock climbing areas. The University of Alaska environmentalist alpine club, dishonestly claiming to represent climbers, wants more flowery fields in the sky, void of climbing areas or access, as their political actions repeatedly prove.

When the natural gas pipeline was later proposed, primarily following the oil pipeline, the Alaskan Alpine Club formally requested the above, and was informed by insiders that the pipeline company would do its best to create such a climbing wall. Alas, all the money for the gas line was spent on the studies, as usual, and we still suffer a dearth of rock climbing near Fairbanks.

Later, when a limestone mine was proposed for the hillside, far down from the crags, off to one side of the huge road gouge, the University alpine club leaders made concerted effort to get the permit denied, using some amusing political tactics, to save the wilderness that is slashed by the road cut, and occasionally cluttered with the cars of climbers parked in the area to climb the limestone crags. The club's only offered argument was that the mine would be an "ugly scar" on the hillside. The only functional impact of the amusingly small rock mine would be its creation of exposed rock on an otherwise forested hillside with a much larger exposed rock area created by the existing road cut used by the climbers for access to the climbing, and also the exposed rock of the rock outcrops the climbers use to climb. The University educated chaps could not figure it out even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary. The limestone mine, consisting of a hillside cut into the rock, with a flat area at the bottom for the trucks and loaders, would operate for only a month each year, to satisfy the local limestone needs, and the exposed rock would be available to climbers the rest of the year.

In contrast to the University alpine club environmentalists who incessantly attack the rights and opportunities of Alaska climbers while claiming to represent climbers, the Alaskan Alpine Club formally endorsed the mine and requested that a vertical cliff be left for climbing recreation. The mining company considered that to be a great idea, and was happy to enhance local recreation opportunities. Alas, the bottom dropped out of the local limestone market after the first year of mining, and we again got no new cliff. It is cheaper to ship bags of limestone to Alaska, from the lower 48, than to mine it locally. Tough times for we rock climbers. But we are hoping that economic calamity strikes the shipping industry, so the mine will re-open, and maybe we can still get another ugly scar of vertical rock on the surface of the planet near Fairbanks, so we can further clutter the roadside wilderness with the repugnant sight of those disgusting climbers clambering over anything they like to brag about climbing.

It does not matter whether you like pristine boreal forest slashed with only the ugly scars of road cuts, or you like rock climbing areas. The issue is the fundamental, deep seated dishonesty and monumental ignorance of the University of Alaska alpine club leaders who claim to represent climbers while politically attacking climbing opportunities and rights. There is no such thing as a person who lies to only the other guy. If a person lies, that is, knowingly creates a contradiction, and then refuses to correct its effects, you would wisely spend your mind's valuable time pursuing knowledge elsewhere. Pity the victims of a University of Alaska education. Not one of them has even learned enough to suggest that the University officials stop formally recognizing an organization that openly proves University of Alaska graduates and staff to be incapable of identifying laughably obvious contradictions, or thinking their way to the resolution of such contradictions. They embarrass human intellectual ability, quite like University educated government chaps who still sincerely believe they can start wars for peace, kill their way to the solution to the problems created by killing people, and remain clueless to the utility of the meanings of words. Consider checking out the University alpine club's website, and noticing the names of its leaders and climbing instructors.

One advances their knowledge beyond others by asking the questions of why an originally common human mind, which, by circumstance, could become of any political ilk, consistently becomes dishonest (creating contradictions), and displays one's laughable ignorance in public, when one becomes an organization leader, in this case those of the University of Alaska alpine club. Is there any organizational power, no matter how slight, that does not corrupt, that is, alter one's perceptions? What is your answer? What questions would verify it? If you ask enough questions, you will learn precisely how petty organizational power alters the perceptions of its victims, to the extent of even claiming to represent climbers while politically attacking climber rights and opportunities.

If your mountain climbing instructor, your climbing club leaders, and their supporting University of Alaska staff, are that stupid, and lie that consistently, are you not a fool to trust or use what they teach you?

The U of A alpine club also states on its website, as of 12 October 2005: "In 1983, due to concerns over sanitation and clean-up, the Glacier Stampede was discontinued."

What they did not say about that typical University of Alaska environmentalist club function on the Canwell Glacier, was that the Alaskan Alpine Club, of actual mountain climbers who traveled on that glacier to get to mountains, finally got tired of picking up all the trash the environmentalists left along the glacier after their glacier party, year after year. The climbers of the Alaskan Alpine Club shut down the University club function, with a public complaint. The University of Alaska environmentalists trained themselves to be too damn lazy and irresponsible to even follow the last of their sloppy lot down the glacier, with a trash pick-up team.

The complaint caused the University environmentalists to have to meet the costly bureaucratic permitting process they politically supported to attack and thwart everyone else's organized outdoor activities, which the University club could not meet. Noted in the complaint was the fact that the party attracted a number of participants from government environmentalist agencies, who failed the same responsibility, and criminally evaded their known legal duty to enforce their own permitting process on themselves and their crony environmentalist organization, as usual. We laughed a lot over that one. The primary, career leader and instructor of the University of Alaska's alpine club, was a career Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation bureaucrat, pitiable chap that he is.

When the University of Alaska alpine club speaks or writes, especially when lauding themselves and attacking the rights of others, start asking questions to discover what they are not saying.

Do the same for every word herein and elsewhere. There are many more examples of that University club's saturating dishonesty, discussed elsewhere, and you may wish to know if such accountings are accurate, because the process of identifying and verifying the source of described contradictions (asking and answering questions) is what will advance your knowledge beyond those describing the contradictions, regardless of who describes them, even if you describe them.

The resolution to the University alpine club's litany of contradictions has always been laughably easy, as with all human caused contradictions. That club can simply acknowledge the obvious for public record, that they do not represent climbers, and only represent environmentalists opposed to climber rights and opportunities, as their actions demonstrate, or they can use their organizational efforts to correct the results of the long list of their successful attacks on the rights and opportunities of climbers. But power can never acquiesce to truth or reasoning, and power-based institution leaders are flawlessly addicted to power, much to the amusement of honest people.

Enjoy their show.



The American Alpine Club (AAC), again

I laughed robustly. In November 2005 the AmerAC sent Doug Buchanan, at the Alaskan Alpine Club headquarters, a membership solicitation. This is Doug's response. You can reference it to AmerAC members, and share the laughter.

The AmerAC membership solicitation was the same old garbage, including an amusing confirmation of the AmerAC's nature.

Regular membership costs $75 per year. Junior membership costs $40 per year.

Juniors are people less than 29 years old.

We have long noticed that it takes the pitiable chaps who join the AmerAC, several more years to be recognized as mature. The AmerAC's leaders formally acknowledge that which they otherwise demonstrate.

That immaturity might be psychologically convenient if they were climbing mountains, but it explains why AmerAC dolts are so mad at the world around them, common to immature, power-craving sorts not yet experienced with the magnificent diversity of life, seeking to control everyone else's lives, by force, who support the armed US National Park Service thugs, often fellow AmerAC members, who arrest mountain climbers who do not pay tribute (climbing and visitor fees) to the Park Service thugs who are only there to arrest and jail the climbers who do not pay the Park Service thugs tribute to exercise the right to walk on public land. That is only one example of the results of creating a power-based (corrupted) political organization of immature AmerAC members, not unlike the RepublicratDemocans they support.

If you create a contradiction, such as claiming to represent climbers while politically supporting damaging and unlawful attacks on climber rights, such as the Park Service demand that climbers pay climbing and visitor fees (taxes) to exercise of the right to walk on public land (contradiction to law, logic and the meanings of the words), it is inherent that you will create other laughable contradictions, by having trained your mind to do so, while the uncorrupted human mind functions on identifying and resolving contradictions. Contradictions that are created and left in place compound themselves, increasingly illuminating the ignorance of their creators, until the contradictions inherently collapse the empire built upon them, because of the escalating damages to society.

If you think the $350 per person, per climb, peak fee (tax) to climb certain National Park peaks in Alaska, and a similar array of lucrative Park Service scams, will not reach your climbing areas, you are sufficiently gullible to be eligible for AmerAC membership.

If you hold no right to walk on the public land that you thought you owned as a member of the public, and must pay tribute for the therefore privilege to walk on therefore private land therefore owned by the government thugs demanding tribute, after the first payment of tribute, what amount of money will you eventually pay the insatiably greedy government thugs, to walk on the previous public land, before more intelligent people who recognize that fraud must throw the proverbial baby out with the stinking bath water?

If you are not intellectually mature enough to recognize the answer as whatever the insatiable government thugs demand, before enough people work hard enough to collapse their corrupted governmental system, as with all corrupted government empires, to regain your rights, you are sufficiently immature for American Alpine Club membership. You would also make a good military sort willing to kill other people in the world who do not kowtow to George Bush's countless other denials of human rights. The National Park Service visitor and climbing taxes, imposed by executive power, go to the general fund to also pay for more bombs.

Tell the AmerAC chaps that Doug Buchanan recommended your membership.

Otherwise, if you are sufficiently mature at any age, to recognize the AmerAC's contradictions, laugh yourself to tears at the angry young American Alpine Club brats who are either incensed by your belief that you hold rights, or those immature sorts are still so gullible and confused with life that they cannot understand what rights are.

Doug Buchanan was once that immature, for entirely too long, as proven by his efforts to help slaughter Vietnamese who wisely refused to kowtow to the American overlords. It just takes awhile to learn life's lessons, but you can do so more efficiently if you ask and answer the questions that government dolts and their supporting minions, such as the pitiable AmerAC sorts, refuse to ask or answer. Do not wait as many years as Doug did, to belatedly recognize the contradiction of supporting government attacks on the rights of the people around you, and thus you. The longer you wait, the more embarrassing it will be, and the harder you will have to work against the immature American Alpine Club members and their ilk throughout all power-based and thus corrupted organizations.


Climbing knowledge transfer....

An available climbing information project...

Consider the obscure location of this suggestion, and those like it, and thus laugh robustly. It may be a bit before its time. Humans are a primitive lot, just starting their adventure.

If an individual, or climbing organization, would like to distinguish themselves in climbing history, this project may be among the better ones. A website with the resulting information would be the center of the climbing world.

First the climbers who wanted to brag about their physical prowess, invented a crude grading system for climbs, so they could more easily identify and laugh at the new guy who could only do a 5.6 climb, and brag about their ability to do a 5.9, and begrudgingly but dutifully express awe at the guy who could climb 5.14c. Who ever heard of anything more than 5.99999 that was not 6.0? Only climbers could screw up a grading number system that badly.

But of course the climbers of every country invented a different number system, and could not establish a single metric system, despite their ability to otherwise communicate.

Well, it is all a progression of knowledge and communication, not unlike the struggle to get computers to harmonize their interaction.

So it is time to get climbing communication down to actual measurements that transcend all the rhetorical illusions. A new basic system could identify Google Earth located climbing sites anywhere in the world, methodically added to the data base, without subjective, ego-based and preference-based rhetorical illusions.

One might identify a vertical measurement per horizontal measurement per section of uniformity, with descriptions of the specific type of rock, snow or ice, its crack density per square meter, with related general weather data, etcetera. Plain hard data items based on vertical relief within the arena of climbing. A computer program might be able to do much of it from existing satellite image data.

Would that not be the most useful climbing data in the world? Get some climbing computer geek on that project.



The Cosmic climbing scene...


Now let us put this climbing stuff in perspective, because perspective is so astonishingly beautiful. This is just one of the pictures that daily grace the Astronomy Picture of the Day website. It is the Great Nebula in Orion, linked in the Astronomy Picture Archives.

That stuff in the picture is out there, way out there. It is big, way big. Somewhere in there is the biggest wall in the nebula, and it is all ice, methane ice. Get the ice tool metallurgists back into the lab, and buy an Apocalypse parka. There are no required permits or climbing fees in the entire nebula, as long as we can keep the mental midget government dolts out of there.



Climb on...

More stuff may be added later.


More Alaska climbing and adventure information, stories and illusions are available at AlaskaStories.com





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