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Independent minded sorts that they are, who would rather go climbing than organize an event, it's hard to get an event out of these Alaskan climbers. But if an event conveniently stumbles by, the web page servant will chisel it into this cybergranite.


Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic Race 2011 ...... 30th Annual

The race starts on 16 July. The course this year is the Alaska Range course. It starts at the Gerstle River Bridge on the Alaska Highway south of Delta Junction, in the Alaska Range. It runs west through or beside the Alaska Range, to near McKinley Village on the Nenana River, Parks Highway, in the Alaska Range. Spectacular country. Glaciers, crevasses, moulins, grizzly bears, irate moose, storms, raging glacial rivers, swamps, giant mosquitoes, trolls, and five forest monsters last seen just north of Mt. Hayes. Just the usual local conditions. But you must outrun them all.

Contact: Michael Martin, email: mickeyMamwc@Comcast.net

Check the Wilderness Classic Race page for more info and previous race results.

Brief description of the race......

The Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic is serious. Started in 1982, it is perhaps the first true wilderness race after the one Otzi the Ice Man ran against the guy with the bow and arrows. The race has a starting point and a finish point, somewhere in Alaska, with no required or set route. No traveling on roads. No motorized vehicles. Carry everything. Drop nothing. No food or equipment pick-ups or drops. Serious grizzly bear country, and they can run faster than you, and they are the least of the hazards. The race area changes every three or so years. Some of the winners over the years have been very innovative in route selection and techniques, as have some of the losers. Usually a 3 - 6 day race, in the summer.

If you have not done the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic, do not too widely brag about any extreme adventure races you have done. If you have done the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic, and survived, you might not brag about things anymore.

Other contact for general information: Roman - borneo@gci.net


The Hot Springs Race.... 2011

You already missed the 2011 race because the web slave did not upload the notice in time. We didn't feed him for three days so he will remember to be not be so tardy next time.

The AlaskAcross race, from Chena Hot Springs to Central Hot Springs, northeast of Fairbanks Alaska, is shorter than the Alaska Mountain and Wilderness Classic race. It is about 75 miles, depending on which route through the hills, swamps, creeks and rivers you choose, and how far the bears run you off course. The AlaskAcross race is as Alaska as you can get. The rules, regulations, stipulations, control, requirements and check points are scant to non-existent. If you are looking for the rules, you will be left behind. You are on your own with your own wits. There is nothing but wilderness between those two hot springs, except for maybe a gold miner or two back in the woods here and there. Don't be wasting your time looking for gold nuggets in the creeks, because you may be on somebody's claim, and he may be watching you, scratching his head, trying to figure out what that damn fool kid is running from.

The winner this year was Gerry Hovda, with a time of 21 hours 13 minutes. With a record time like that, he might have been riding one of those bears running from what was on his back. Well, nothing in the rules about that.

The other racers, in the order of their finish this year are, James Binkley, Jeff Levison, Peter Calvin, Andrew Harrington, Bob Gillis, Mark Ross, Tom Moran, Jay Cable, Mike Roylance, Jeff Garrder, Scott Jerome, Joel Pierson, Ed Plumb, Mark Plumb, Joe Meyer, Jason Reppert, Ray Clairmont, Matt Rogers, Riley Troyer, Eric Troyer, Andrew Bishop, Zachary Keskinen, Dan Bishop and Wayne Livingston.

If you are looking for some inordinately capable sort who can think outside the rules, take your pick. Some of them are so independent they will not even join the Alaskan Alpine Club, and the only club membership criteria is, you are a member if you say you are. Well, the "member" word is a bit confining.

The AlaskAcross race contact email is mdr65n@yahoo.com.



UIAA Events.....

Check the UIAA website for more info on international events.


International Ice and Rock Climbing Competition opportunities...

Okay, here's the gig. If you are sufficiently interested to wade through this rhetoric, to become more knowledgeable than many other climbers, about the climbing competition game, there may be some fun international climbing competition opportunities available to you.

Climbers climb. Climbing organization leaders organize things. The organization leaders also take your money to help government leaders deny your rights and take more of your money. They obscure that basic fact with rhetorical illusions, fooling only fools. Then the leaders flatter themselves, claim to represent you, and give themselves all manner of titles, credentials and awards to flatter themselves more. Then they devise all manner of tactics to control you and make decisions for you against your will. They travel around to meetings to flatter themselves even more, and generally stagnate what would otherwise be an exponential advancement of human capability and knowledge. They remain clueless of their fundamental concept even if they read these words. If climbing organization leaders would effectively oppose the government restrictions and taxes on climbers, the climbing organization leaders would be of some actual value to climbers. Government restrictions on climbers are only designed to rob climbers of their money, and feed the egos of government drones, with illusions of their raw power over you.

UIAA (International Union of Alpinist Associations), described elsewhere on this website, and its various committees, associates and affiliates, organize international ice and rock climbing competitions, which of course have a reputation of being so excessively controlled by control-based organization leaders that they chase away the best climbers, and attract the organizationally flattered climbers, which makes the competition easier.

In addition to the fun of the actual competitive climbing, the events offer the opportunity to meet other climbers at international locations, and party hard.

The Alaskan Alpine Club is a member of UIAA, much to the amusing anger of the pitiable American Alpine Club chaps, so we are routinely invited to send member climbers to international ice and rock climbing competitions. Because most of our members are climbing rather than paying any attention to any organizational things, and certainly not reading all these words, we do not have any member climbers who take advantage of the international competition climbing opportunities available to UIAA member organizations.

Therefore, first you might notice the Alaskan Alpine Club membership criteria, described on the Membership page of this website, and notice that you can readily become a member of our club, no matter where you live in the world. Alaskans are a bit more international than people who are fooled by their idiot government leaders into believing that the human species is separated by routinely changing political boundaries scribbled across paper maps. Alaskan Alpine Club members are not fooled by political boundaries or even mountain ranges. Our members recognize the primary division within the human species demarcates those who use their mind for reasoning, and those idiot government chaps who use the guns of their minions to attempt to force other people to do illogical things.

Climbing mountains is reasonable, as all climbers know, for some unknown reason.

Attempting to force climbers to pay fees and fill out useless paperwork is illogical, or it would not require the threat of fines and jail.

If you are a climber who understands that concept, you are eligible to identify yourself as an Alaskan Alpine Club member, if you wish, and we will verify your membership.

As a member of UIAA, the Alaskan Alpine Club is routinely invited to send two or a few club members, representing the club, to UIAA or affiliate organized international climbing competitions. Besides the opportunity of the invitation itself, the competition host sometimes offers free lodging and food for competitors. A logical reason for a limit on the number of climbers invited, per UIAA affiliated club, is to limit the total number of competitors when the host can only facilitate a certain number.

Therefore, if you hear about any such event, and want to have fun as a competitor, and need an invitation as a UIAA affiliated club member, and are eligible for Alaskan Alpine Club membership, declare yourself a club member, and let us know so we can facilitate the official paperwork for you, if it is convenient for us at the time. The hosting organization will therefore derive more innovative and dynamic competitors who will therefore represent the nature of the Alaskan Alpine Club, and be appreciated among the other competitors.

You will have to do all the actual paperwork and provide all the expenses and anything else required, agree to all the rules of UIAA and hosting organizations, and respectfully conduct yourself as a member of the prestigious Alaskan Alpine Club. We will facilitate that process through the club office, and sign, stamp, shuffle and forward the paperwork, if there is anyone in the club office at the time, to make it all officially official, and verify your membership and your representation of the club for that event. Expect to be made the Club Climbing Competition Committee Chairman for that event, so you have the title to impress the title and credentials dependent folks, for the signatures on the paperwork. We may send you a club lapel pin, if we have any left, so no one can successfully dispute your official position.

These events are usually chained down with all the organizational rules and processes that you must graciously endure and honor, because you will be a guest of the host and thus wisely honor all of the host's requirements and requests. Among all the forms and paperwork and licenses and fees and processes, is the common anti-doping requirements and processes that are so popular with government and organization leaders these days. Expect to be tested for everything and further questioned, much to your amusement.

Keep in mind that when the Alaskan Alpine Club sent the winning team from the US, to the first meet of the UIAA World Cup Competition Climbing series, several years ago, the American Alpine Club leaders, with their losing team of politically selected loser AmerAC members, were so incensed by being beaten by the Alaskan team, that they forced the dutifully compliant UIAA leaders to force the Alaskan Alpine Club team to become the American Alpine Club team. We laughed. So if you do good as an Alaskan Alpine Club competition climber, you may have to defend yourself from being forced to join the American Alpine Club. And the government-supporting American Alpine Club control freaks have become more pitiably insecure since then, much to the amusement of the actual climbers.

If any of our dear friends in the American Alpine Club or other control-demanding organizations read these words, and are incensed that a climbing club would dare to offer international climbers access to international competition climbing opportunities, above the political control and restriction process, we leave them to identify their nature by their reactions. And they will. Power-damaged minds hold no access to the reasoning process within the human mind. You can tell them that they will make fools of themselves by serving their power above human reasoning, and they will do so. Power is insatiable. Power could not exist in the human mind if it could ever willingly surrender any portion of itself, by design, It is otherwise vulnerable to reasoning. The existence of power-damaged minds is why wars yet rage and the American Alpine Club leaders still do not effectively object to the National Park Service's 210 dollar tax on climbers who wish to exercise their non-taxable right to walk on public land politically described as Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Actual mountain climbers and other wise people appreciate the diversity and simplicity of the process routinely offered by the Alaskan Alpine Club. Diversity creates the new ideas that advance the human phenomenon. Simplicity offers efficiency. Common organization leaders and other such control craving sorts cannot tolerate such concepts beyond the self-stagnating labyrinths of institutional strictures.

Email us if you notice such an opportunity and want to access it.

If we can find anyone who would do the boring work of organizing an ice climbing competition, to our unique standards, we hope to be hosting a high quality ice climbing competition at some time in the future. We have some handy ice here in Fairbanks, for a long duration in the winter.

Keep on climbing.



Valdez Ice Festival, Valdez Alaska

It usually happens each year in late winter or early spring.

We will upload the Full Report when we hear rumor of it.

Information at 907 835 5182

Info: AlaskaGold.com/ice if the web page ghost updates the thing.

Valdez ice is the hottest ice climbing on the old rock whizzing through space. The frozen waterfalls in the canyons around Valdez are nuts. Bridal Veil, Hung Jury, Wowie Zowie, Keystone Greensteps, Simple Twist of Fate, Onion Skin, and too many more for the memory capacity of this site.

Party time in Valdez for serious ice climbers. This has been the premier annual Alaska ice climbing festival for some number of years, and may again be that.

Do not bring any pet small dogs that look like a tender morsel from the air. The eagles have snatched them right off the Valdez downtown streets. In fact we are not sure what happened to some climbers who disappear now and again.


We sent one of the local climbers out looking for another event, and we know he is somewhere between Fairbanks and the Alaska Range because he called from a bar down in that direction.


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