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The Club...

It's all about rabble rousing, trouble causing, and general carrying on. And if you are not laughing yourself to tears the whole time, you are missing the only show these humans know, still lost, struggling deep within the intellectual dark ages, their governments still imprisoning people, seizing assets and waging war as the only way the mental midget government dolts and their supporters know how to convey their idiot illusions. The process of reasoning is still generations away from the minds of the poor victims who stumbled into government and organization leadership positions.

The only things you need for mountain climbing, are the mountains and your freedom to climb them. No club or organization can give you the mountains, except of course maybe a cool climbing wall. But a club can help you get back your freedom from the government thugs, if your club leaders are not lying as usual.

And notice herein the difference between the Alaskan Alpine Club (that's us), and the Alaska (no n) Alpine Club www.uaf.edu/aac a University of Alaska club of environmentalists, which willfully kicked its mountain climbing ethic into a crevasse, and politically attacks the rights of climbers, much like the American Alpine Club, amusing chaps that the lot of them are. From a mountaineering club, did you want a club, or your freedom to climb mountains? Make your choice, and we recommend that choice for you.


The club origin, and its concept...

The Alaskan Alpine Club started in grand style, in 1979. There was arm-waving and name-calling, shouting and dissertations on whose genetic origin disgraced which farmyard animals, rhetorical masterpieces on the matter of who oughta be doing what and why, and how long ago it should have already been done. The brouhaha was steeped in the finest traditions of mountaineers, strong-minded, independent lot that they are. The squirrely little environmentalists attacked the rights of the mountain climbers, in the name of the mountain climbers, the mountain climbers reacted, and the rhetoric raged throughout the realm, albeit laced with bursts of laughter among the climbers, while the environmentalists seethed in anger and demanded more government laws against all those humans out there.

The proverbial hornet's nest was kicked by the government thugs and their pocket environmentalists, an amusing lot deserving themselves. In its usual style Washington DC bashed its way into Alaska again, like it bashes its way everywhere, with a political scam seizing most of Alaska's best mountains for rule under the notoriously malicious National Park Service thugs, comical little boys that they are with their guns. The scam was the Alaska Lands Act (ANILCA) adopted in 1980. The Park Service formally stated its intent to impose a set of climbing regulations for all the new and previous parks in Alaska, that would criminalize and further harass into misery the majority of mountain climbing in Alaska, and they were not bluffing. Just one example was their publicly stated intent to allow only climbing teams of four persons or more, with the leader required to have undefined leadership experience, and a maximum of 25% undefined, inexperienced members, each under the determination of non-climbing Park Service bureaucrats more adept at fondling their guns.

It is rather difficult to get four Alaskan mountain climbers to agree on climbing the same hill at the same time, by the same route. If two agree, they head out of town forthwith, and neither of them need a leader.

So, ah, how do you get climbing leadership experience if you are not allowed to lead until you have it? Well, would you not ask yourself that question before you publicly stated your intent to impose the aforementioned regulation? The Park Service had already established its reputation for maliciously denying the rights of mountain climbers and all other humans, and then came to town more arrogantly slashing those rights. If you can find any government agent anywhere in the world as expressly stupid as United States National Park Service drones and their political supporters, email the club. Their other proposals at the time, for universal mandatory registration, fees, permits, doctors certificates, radios and more, all under threat of jail and fines, were what no actual mountain climber supports, by available proof.

Would you publicly sign your name to a statement that a citizen should be fined and go to jail for not registering with the central government authority, each time before walking on public land? What is your answer, and how will you use your answer? The old Soviet Union dolts answered, Yes, and backed it up with their police guns. So did the armed mental midgets of the United States National Park Service and their pocket environmentalists.

As an indicator of the Park Service intent, the first Alaska Region National Park Service Director for the new parks, a chap known in Alaska, hand-picked the first 40 Park Service rangers for "interpretive services" in the new parks in Alaska. They were each Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team riot police from Washington DC, who did not know a moose from a mouse, but were trained in every weapon and explosive used by US Army infantry soldiers. They were later observed training other National Park Rangers with full automatic machine guns in Alaska, for "interpretive services", with avid environmentalist support. And these kids sincerely believe that they are adults.

The legitimate concerns of Alaskan, US and international mountain climbers were apparent. The response by the leaders of the University of Alaska's Alaska Alpine Club of environmental groupies who claimed to represent mountain climbers, in Fairbanks, was emphatically stated by its president: "We have to support the Sierra Club." The Park Service's political scam was avidly supported by the Sierra Club and other environmentalist organizations, including all their mountaineering front organizations. The leaders of a similar climbing club of environmentalist groupies in Anchorage also supported the Park Service. The leaders of the American Alpine Club even more actively supported the Park Service against the mountain climbers. And UIAA was supporting its darling American Alpine Club, perhaps because they had no other convenient source of US mountaineering information. Every other so called mountaineering organization in the United States, usurped by environmentalist leaders, which participated in any way, supported the Park Service against the mountain climbers, much to our amusement.

The history of the University of Alaska's Alaska (no n) Alpine Club reveals its anti-climber attitude. Fairbanks Alaska mountain climbers were and are among the most freedom-oriented climbers in the world. They are end-of-the-road adventurers, and they have the Alaska Range for a playground, including Alaska winters. To be long term Fairbanks Alaska climbers, they learn how to function, conveniently, and have fun, where others fear. Not an easy place. Not for the timid. Not a guided trip concept. The Fairbanks climbers formed a climbing club at the University of Alaska. But independent minded climbers are not good organization folks, especially Fairbanks climbers. So in a few years the normal majority of club groupies recognized that they were bird watchers who enjoyed hiking in the Alaska Range foothills. The climbing reports became stories of birding outings.

A group of actual climbers noticed the contradiction, showed up at an annual meeting with enough votes, and reclaimed the club as a climber club. The local climbing stories included the account of that amusing event. The club reports changed to actual climbing stories. But the actual climbers were still not good organization people. The birders recognized that they were all environmentalists, amid a new popular wave of environmentalism, and slowly took over the club again.

When the Park Service and Sierra Club launched their Alaska Lands Act attack on the Alaska climbers, the actual climbers in Fairbanks showed up at an annual meeting of the University of Alaska's Alaska Alpine Club, well advertised as to the nature of the meeting, stated the case that the club was originally formed by and for climbers, and the need for honest representation of actual climbers in regard to current events. The environmentalists were invited to honestly represent their interests in environmentalist organizations. The debate was clear and unequivocal. The climbers prevailed, since climbers were present, and again reclaimed the University's alpine club, with actual mountain climbing officers.

Well, that certainly pissed-off the local environmentalists. Some calls were rumored to have been exchanged between the California Sierra Club and local environmentalists. Fairbanks had the only recognized US mountain climbing club which was not under the thumb and heel of the environmentalist coalition organized by the Sierra Club and American Alpine Club. So the environmentalist faction, steeped in as much dishonesty and maliciousness as their government nannies, claimed that the previous meeting was not the "real" annual meeting, and that the next scheduled meeting was the real annual meeting.

Much to the amusement of the Fairbanks area climbers, they showed up at the next meeting, which was not well advertised, which the environmentalists simply claimed to be the "official" election meeting, amid a small legion of new members. The new members were facilitated by the previous environmentalist club secretary, several openly admitting that they were Northern Environmental Center activists who were recently asked to join the climber club to elect an environmentalist leader. That is what is identified as being a good organizational person ("groupie who never questions leaders").

The environmentalists advanced a so called neutral presidential candidate who was a recently arrived University student from England, clueless of what was going on, who parroted the obvious lies fed to him by the environmentalists. He was fooled into believing that he was being recognized for his Alaska climbing knowledge, somehow acquired in jolly old England. The environmentalists hold the gullible people they use in contempt, identical to the attitude of government leaders, especially those using gullible young military dupes. The club's actual climber president elected at the previous meeting simply restated the issue and his representation of actual climbers. Another well respected older climber was nominated by some timid chaps who were uneasy about what was happening. But that climber, a long time club member and friend of a few of the environmentalists, was honest and understood what was happening. He stated his support for the actual climber elected at the previous meeting.

But the Northern Environmental Center drones, who held the majority to claim that the new election was the "real" election, voted the environmentalist line, and elected their patsy from England. He reiterated his election speech line that that he would keep the club out of politics. A month later he signed a formal environmentalist-written club letter supporting all the Park Service mountaineering regulations and policies that no actual climber would ever support. The Park Service still uses that "formally expressed support from the recognized Alaska mountaineering organizations, for the National Park Service mountaineering policies and regulations" during Washington DC policy review and budget hearings. The same bureaucratic process is used to start and sustain presidential ego-gratification wars and all other damaging government actions making government personnel and insiders rich and power, that the common people do not support.

The Fairbanks climbers laughed robustly at the typically dishonest, idiot environmentalists who perceived that they could fool all of the people all of the time, like all power-damaged minds. The climbers promptly formed the real Alaskan Alpine Club to credibility represent climbers in face of all questions that the University of Alaska environmentalists dolts must forever flee to therefore forever acquire only ignorant members and dishonest leaders.

If you are a University of Alaska alpine club member or leader, it can be flawlessly proven in open questioning that you are laughably ignorant or equally dishonest. There is no escape in face of questioning. No actual mountain climber will ever publicly support the restrictions on climbers endorsed by the University of Alaska alpine club and its overlord National Park Service, or not denounce their repugnant prior club members and leaders for having attempted such a fool's ruse, by flawless proof in the questions of the resulting contradictions.

The environmentalists were publicly bad-mouthing those nasty oil companies supposedly destroying the pristine illusions of environmentalist minds, but in the back rooms the environmentalists were unleashing their Park Service dogs on mountain climbers and other individual Alaskans who were taking infinitely better care of the Alaska wilderness than the Washington DC military industrial complex can even hope to comprehend. Who in the world is so naive as to believe that Washington DC will protect anything but its squanderous military-industrial complex with the resources it seizes from local people, the tax money, including climbing fees, and how gullible or more obviously dishonest are the environmentalists supporting Washington DC over the common people?

Of course the Park Service and its environmentalists were publicly claiming that the climbing regulations were being benevolently reduced, fooling fools with the usual bovine scat, while they were writing the new regulations for outlawing Alaskan mountaineering guides, expanding mandatory registration, imposing a climbing tax in Denali National Park, etceteras.

As a classic humorous indicator during all this political thrashing about, a newly assigned Executive Director for the Sierra club-owned Northern Environmental Center in Fairbanks, was sent to Fairbanks from California, with a sourdough-sounding, long but micron-thin list of Alaska credentials. Among unquestioning fools his credentials sounded more Alaskan than the guys who came across the Bering Land Bridge. Dumb as a rock, he hastily perceived the local (real) climber club president to naturally be an environmentalist in the Sierra Club pocket. Said Director invited said climber club president to the Northern Environmental Center HQ, to explain and get support for a new State legislative bill the Center was proposing. With sweeping motions, waving his hands over the large wall map of the eastern Alaska Range (among the last remaining free mountains in Alaska), he described the legislation as sounding innocent to "those hunters and trappers", which could therefore get their support. After adopted into law, it could be used by the environmentalist personnel in the State Division of Lands "to block anything we want to block." Dumb as a rock. Clueless that he was talking to an actual climber. Perfectly describing the intellectual void of University of Alaska alpine club members and leaders. These were the same Environmental Center dolts who supported the State Division of Lands, Parks Department, attempt to ban rock climbing in Alaska, the same dolts who seized ownership of the University of Alaska alpine club. The dumb State Legislator they fooled into sponsoring that doomed bill was shortly voted out of office. His district was not in California.

It is an ancient and amusing story. The conquering nation uses all the common dishonesty and its human puppets to subjugate the conquered people to turn a geographical area into a cheap resource or labor warehouse for the exclusive use and opulent lifestyles of the conquering leadership clique, much to the amusement of intelligent observers. Nobody climbs their own local mountains without first paying the central authority's metaphorical Sheriff of Nottingham the fees and ego gratification he demands. The conquerors therefore trade the infinite value of their mind for worthless ego gratification and material wealth held under armed power. They thus become more stupid than the conquered, and start their inherent decline. Stupid people dependent on government guns ultimately fail amid the inherently advancing knowledge of thinking humans. Wiser to be among the conquered, to face incentive to ask questions of the resulting contradictions, to advance your knowledge. Humans are of their mind, not their material wealth or childish titles. Pity the University of Alaska alpine club groupies too dumb and gullible to question the glaring contradictions of the equally pitiable Northern Environmental Center and National Park Serviced chaps

The Alaskan mountain climbers, primarily in Fairbanks, routinely accustomed to challenges beyond the edge for other people, stood in the face of the whole lot of them, and did some most intriguing things worthy of a separate book, perhaps the most significant mountaineering book in mountaineering history, if it is written. The club was sometimes politically assisted by independent (thinking) international climbers, not through their timid national organization leaders. For just the least of the adventures, the Alaskan Alpine Club sent a representative to Washington DC during the most intense parts of the lobbying on the Alaska Lands Act. We were in the face of the Sierra American Alpine Club and other environmentalist leaders claiming to represent mountaineers while they attacked the rights of climbers. All the government and organization leaders whom you think are leaders, are not even close, poor sad timid drones, psychologically vulnerable, intellectually absent, fearing questions, dependent upon equally mindless police and military with guns. Americans are still represented by those pitiable sheep simply because enough Americans never thought it worth their time to learn how to ask effective questions of their organization and government leaders. One of the definitions of the fundamental gullibility of humans is their following leaders who follow the followers who do not question the leaders using the rule of guns, rather than reasoning.

And the Fairbanks climbers had more fun than the environmentalists know exists. It is remarkable what one can do with plain old down on the farm truth, if one has the courage to stand on it against the threats of armed thugs with government jobs, and against organization leaders holding legions of gullible followers who never question their leaders. You can walk anywhere with the truth, and laugh at the dolts who must flee before your plain questions. Those timid chaps who think that political process must be shackled with the propriety of the King's court under the King's edicts backed by the King's guns without functioning human minds are left with the propriety of the King's court and the results of its inbreeding. The world is outside the government cocoon.

You don't have to do what some mental midget with a government job says you have to do. Would you have to do what I tell you just because I get a government job? Well? I had one, and fools did what I said, instead of questioning what I said, just as I stupidly did what my idiot superiors said, instead of questioning them. Everyone in any system, top to bottom, gets stupid when they are frightened out of asking effective questions. You can do whatever you damn well please, with inordinate effectiveness, and be confined only by the inherent consequences of your actions, which are what you would define from logic, not what mindless government dolts spew in volumes of regulations contradicted by prevailing law and logic. You need only learn the process to bind the childish government sorts with their own laws that they otherwise criminally violate approximately 100% of the time, sometimes more, while they sling around their guns and threats of jail to intimidate cowards.

Seize your own life, and use it. Learn the lessons the mountains offer. The groupies following government edicts try to live a life decreed by intellectually void government chaps who got their job because they are too unquestioning to create a life of their own, so they fabricate the illusion of one from edicts, and bleed the life of others. Do you want to climb mountains and learn what they offer, or be a club member and do as you are told by your leader following the unquestioning majority? Use your answer. Which answer benefits you and thus society, while which stagnates society to serve useless leaders who fear and flee your effective questions?


The club activities...

In the first several years the Alaskan Alpine Club did the usual club sort of stuff. It published an outrageous newsletter, held meetings and slide shows and parties, and taught climbing classes. It supported the local mountain rescue group, since the local members were largely the same. It held an outrageous annual auction of a unique nature (that may be published some day), to support mountain rescue. It created a climbing grant, a mountain rescue insurance program, and invested in land. It attended public hearings, spoke to the issues of climbing, and all that stuff. It was admitted to UIAA, much to the ongoing grief of certain organization leaders and delegates representing their governments and their personal craving to force independent mountain climbers to grovel before organization leaders.

The club later reorganized its programs under independent trusts for efficient management. It dropped the clubby sort of activities, and concentrated on representing mountaineering concepts.


Membership, and its concept...

The club does not even provide membership cards anymore. If you climb mountains and can stand in public expressing concepts herein expressed, you can say you are an Alaskan Alpine Club member. Spend your dues money on climbing gear. Your actions verify your membership. Our members are therefore real climbers, and international. If you are an Alaskan Alpine Club member, you are your own leader.

What organization can more credibly claim to represent mountain climbing concepts and actual mountain climbers, independent minded, bold sorts that they are, questioning all concepts to advance their knowledge, challenging what they have not yet done, where others are too frightened to go? Well?

The club represents mountaineering concepts above personalities. That is what the other club leaders say they do but are clueless of the meaning of the words they use. They cannot manifest the meaning of their words. The objective lesson of the Alaskan Alpine Club itself, learned by its leaders, has produced a club that can achieve goals in the mountaineering arena, that other people cannot yet achieve. The process is just knowledge, acquired the same way all knowledge is acquired, by asking and answering questions, that which other organization leaders most fear and flee. Those who flee questions remain ignorant, much to the open laughter of Alaskan Alpine Club members.

Which reason was the real reason the Park Service says climbers must register with the central authority or be imprisoned if they climb Park mountains? Well? Wouldn't the threat of jail and its costs to the public suggest imperative for a definitive reason to avoid an otherwise evident damage, and why does such damage not occur outside National Parks? Look again at the rhetorical tap-dancing answers of Park Service and climbing organization leaders, who think they are adults and are still more clueless about the concept of questions, than grade school children. And laugh robustly at those pitiable chaps who only know how to threaten you with jail to avoid using their mind.

To achieve difficult goals, one must ask and answer the most frightening questions, that which organization leaders have never even considered because they hold the organizational power to silence or evade effective member questions at organization meetings. Is there any power that does not corrupt, that is, alter the perceptions of its holder's mind? When the decision on the mountain can only be yours, did you want a mind trained to be afraid of making decisions without first getting permission from your organization leaders? And when you return from the mountain, what will you do with your more capable mind, among phony organization leaders who are afraid to make a decision until a majority of members makes it feel safe?

Did you want your organization to achieve a logic-based goal that you publicly express, identifying your integrity, or are your leaders so timid and personally vulnerable that they sacrifice that goal and the rights of climbers to maintain the illusion of personal friendships among their egotistical leadership cliques extending to those who are dependent upon the exact opposite of your expressed goal? How, by precisely described process, did all the establishment mountaineering organizations end up with leaders who placed above the membership goals, their personal friendships with fellow leaders among government and environmentalist organizations openly attacking and denying climber rights? What is your answer to that question? Are you capable of answering the questions that organization leaders fear? Did you want your rights, or did you want to help your timid, dishonest leaders get cheap friends?

All leaders have more in common with each other than any of them have with any of their followers. Read that again, and take the time to verify its immutable truth. It flawlessly includes leaders who claim to be directly opposed to each other. Your leaders are easily flim-flamming you, as is readily demonstrated with only a few effective questions. The lessons of the mountains expose the foolishness of following organization leaders rather than learning the knowledge of the process that created the institutionally imposed problems of climbers.

Precisely why, by reasoning of public record and process of its imposition, must a poor climber pay a $150 tax to the most wealthy and arrogant government in the world, Washington DC, to walk on precisely what part of the publicly owned land of Denali (owned by the people) while the part next to it requires no tax? If you effectively ask that question and the corollary questions, you will verify that your government and mountaineering organization leaders are defrauding you, much to the howling laughter of the observers who have left you with your self-induced conundrum, because it offers such grand entertainment. Knowledgeable climbers are not required to pay the unlawful tax to walk to the top of Denali, Foraker and other public land areas. Nor are they required to obey other such unlawful impositions of mental midget bureaucrats basing their impositions on lies and intimidation. The difference is knowledge, that which can be acquired by anyone who does not fear questions. If you do not fear mountains, what is there to fear in mere questions?

You are paying for the park rangers who are only there to arrest you if you do not pay them. Their pocket environmentalists in mountaineering organizations say they represent you mountain climbers, and parrot the Park Service which therefore parrots the environmentalists. Why do you think mountain climber groupies are being laughed at by commonly intelligent people?

The Alaskan Alpine Club represents the lessons of the mountains, and thus actual mountain climbers. Its representation can survive every question of mountain climbers and others, while the other organization and government leaders fear and flee effective questions.

If you are a member of the Alaskan Alpine Club, you are your own leader. We have some volunteers in Fairbanks attending to the perfunctory paperwork and voluntary projects for which they claim no titles or ego, beyond rarely used titles of service required for paperwork only. If you want to carry out an Alaskan Alpine Club project, let us know how it turned out. The other leaders won't waste your time. Would an actual mountain climber want it any other way? Are your actions on a climb predicated on some titled organization leader in town, or your own decisions? Use what the mountains teach.

That ought to be enough rabble rousing, trouble causing, arm waving and general carrying on for this page. Wouldn't you agree?

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