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Other ice walls and towers

A smattering of types of ice towers and walls here and there in the world. Send a picture for this page, if you wish.

Pictures are added upon discovery, arranged by impressive nature or whim of the erratic web slave known to be doing excessive chocolate, tea, single malt islay scotch, cigars, subversive plans and bizarre thoughts late at night.


Photo to the left....

Nic's 2009-2010 ice tower in the north of North Dakota, on a lake. December photo, just starting.

Nic's webpage...http://bluevulpine.net/~kit2042/icetower09



Photos below...

Wayde Leder, Winter 08-09, Fairbanks Alaska.

Well, when Big John Reeves decides to do other art for a winter, and the Alaskan Alpine Club is goofing off with other projects, and you only have 6,000 gallons of leftover summer roof-collected rain water, you do what Wayde did.

The eternal human quest for climbing ice cannot be defeated.


















The Ice Tower at Lycksele Sweden (2004-05).

The folks in Lycksele have made the tallest free standing ice tower. They started making ice towers in 1995. In 1999 the Lycksele Ice Tower got to 49.54 meters (162 feet 6 inches). It is at the edge of the river running through Lycksele.

They have a web cam on their current Ice Tower (black at night time) (invisible in the summer).


And the Lycksele Ice Troll (good friend of the web slave).




Web cam view.









January 06 Lycksele web cam photo


19 February 08 Lycksele web cam grab











The Equinox Outdoor Learning Center (EquinoxYukon.com) folks, at Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

The 06-07 Whitehorse Towers, built out of town several miles.












The 07-08 Whitehorse ice towers, at the edge of town.

These guys know how to build ice towers.... close to a pizza place and coffee shop. And they have a nice warm-up shack with a wood stove.

















Some kids have a sand box for play. Some kids have an ice tower, with tunnels.









The ice tower to the left was in Oulu, Finland is 21 meters high, made with an old construction crane, with a hose inside the crane stick. More pictures of it and ice climbing competitions at climbing.fi/oks91/SMO4/ and arkko.com.


Below is the Nic Jacobs ice tower, in the far frozen north of the far north of North Dakota, Bottineau, North Dakota, of all places, on Lake Metigoshe, in front of the house. It reached 25 feet high, and won the 2006 Alaskan Alpine Club Ice Tower Contest. Photos during February 2006 or thereabouts.





















Centerville, Utah.


Classic encounter...... January 2007 the web slave was driving through near-nowhere Utah, from Montana to Arizona (adventure assignment), concentrating on the rear view mirror for Highway Sharks, on a less traveled road through ranch country, just out of little Circleville, about to enter a canyon, and came to a erratic stop upon noticing the ice. Later he noticed the windmill next to it.






One of Joe Dalton's adventures with a garden hose and cold weather. The windmill is another one of his endeavors. Stacy tolerates his hobbies because he is a nice guy. There is some extra frozen garden hose in the ice, because the kids turned off the water to sled down the ice slope. Joe had no idea anyone else was spraying water into cold air, and was just having fun.

It was about 15 feet high at the time









The effort of Maxime Lefebvre and Laurent Boisclair, of Shawinigan, Quebec.

2005 ice wall was 40 feet high. The frame facilitated a summer structure for rock climbing and dry tooling. The green garden hose is the water source.

The 2004 ice tower was made on a single Poplar tree wrapped with orange snow fence. A garden hose from the house provided the water. The hose was kept outside the ice. It was 25 feet high, with a 10 foot diameter.

























Sulda, Italy.


Anaconda, Montana.












The Iowa Silo Ice scene. Photo from RockClimbing.com




Commercial ice climbing structure. Available for your community. Wide pipe with internal ladder and hose. 10 meters high. Germany.


Stubai Glacier ski resort, Austria, 75 feet high. Stubaier-Gletscher.com








MackinawCity.org Michigan

2004 on left

2005 on right












Mt. Washington Ice Festival




OlliesRockGym.com, Mystic, Connecticut.









Hostelling International Banff Alpine Center, Alberta. www.hihostels.com




Shamineau Adventures, Motley Minnesota. www.shamineau.org




Chris Fisher's ice tower at Fort Wayne, Indiana.












Old silo wall in Bloomingdale Illinois. The silo interior was converted to a cimbing gym by Chris and Pam Schmick.




Canmore, British Columbia.







Entre Prises ice wall. www.epusa.com





Medeba Adventure Training at West Guilford, Ontario, Canada.











70 foot tower used at the 2002 World Championship ice climbing competition in Quebec. structuredacierorleans.com




Valle di Daone, Italy. Ice Master World Cup competition

From www.ad-pecjak.si/ice






Savoy France, 2004



Koetschach Mauthen, EU somewhere. From www.ad-pecjak.si/ice



Fieberstolp, Europe somewhere.

From www.ad-pecjak.si/ice












Solcava, Slovenia. Slovenia Cup competition

From www.ad-pecjak.si/ice







Kirov, Russia. From www.risk.ru


Norilsk, Russia. From www.risk.ru


Kirov, Russia. From www.risk.ru

Kirov, Russia.

From www.risk.ru






Scotland. The indoor ice scene. Entre-Prises UK. From www.outdoormagic.com

Pitztal, Austria. Tyrollean Vallee. From www.ad-pecjak.si/ice




Cortina DAmpezzo, Italy.

From www.ad-pecjak.si/ice




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