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What you want Park Service personnel to learn.

An accurate measure of the repugnance of National Park Rangers.


What you want your Park Service parents, offspring, other relatives or friends to learn.....

Precisely how corrupted have National Park Service personnel become?

In our current primitive condition of the intellectual dark ages, you will always be attacked for being honest, saying things that cannot be successfully denied, using words that hold their dictionary meanings, but then time will go by, and you will recognize the wisdom of having been honest.

If you are honest, you will learn valuable new knowledge that advances beyond those who fool themselves by trying to fool others with rhetorical illusions.

If you have a parent who is a National Park Service employee, the below information describes how laughably ignorant, self-fooled or malicious your parent is, and the likelihood that they taught you to be as stupid and malicious. You are wise to recognize that possibility, verify it, and learn the knowledge to extract your priceless mind from such a plight.

If you have a son or daughter who has become a National Park Service employee, the below information describes how thoroughly you failed to teach your offspring basic reasoning process for competing among fellow humans who become successful by asking effective questions, learning new knowledge and resolving the contradictions and mistakes of other people.

If it is your brother or sister, tell them to get a life of their own before they become as laughably dumb as a National Park Superintendent.

If you cannot synthesize or combine the following knowledge, you are eligible for National Park Service employment, and you might ask your parents or school teachers how they left you so unable to think (ask and answer questions), so you can warn your friends.

This web page uses the National Park Service as an example of institutionally power-damaged minds because Park Service thugs have so consistently been malicious toward mountain climbers, while fooling themselves to the contrary by flattering and schmoosing American Alpine Club and other environmentalist organization leaders who dishonestly claim to represent mountain climbers. Other police, military or such force-based institutions could be equally used at the instructional entity for the same knowledge.


1. As any commonly literate person can recognize from the meanings of the words, and as found by the US Supreme Court, an inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or enforceability as law. The word, "weight", is not accurate, but court judges like to pile up words.

The rule of written law, as opposed to the rule of personalities, means that the prior written words of the law on paper are the ruler, not any person stating any interpretation or alteration of those exact words.

The common dictionary meanings of the words must and do prevail for the meanings of the words in laws, and for any useful communication.

If two accurate descriptions of an action, using different words that are found in two different laws, can equally apply, the choice of which law best protects the person having performed that action is available to that person, if the rule of written law applies. If society does not want one of the two laws to apply any longer, it can repeal the law by proper process. Until then, neither written law can be lawfully denied the person so acting, if the rule of written law applies.

2. For society to expect a common person to obey the law, the common person must be able to understand it as written.

If a lawyer or court judge is needed to explain the law with his verbal words that are not the exact words of the written law, verbatim, then the rule of written law is changed to the rule of personalities saying whatever they want as the meaning of the law (their decrees).

If what a lawyer or judge verbally says the written law means, is the law, then those spoken words can be written as the law. Under the rule of written law, if those spoken words are not first written as the law by proper process, before the action in question is performed, then they are NOT the law.

You need only learn the wisdom of telling the precise truth all the time, using words that hold their meanings, unlike government personnel who say the US is under the rule of written law while they apply the rule of personalities verbally decreeing what the law says, with words that are not written as law.

If you are under the rule of a king, you need only learn what pleases the king, to be productive and protected by the king's words. If you live under the rule of legions of bureaucrats, police, lawyers and judges, each verbally saying the law means something different, routinely contradicting other, you live in a society of fools, stupid people with fools for leaders, and hold no hope of being genuinely productive. Everything you do, or any particular action you perform, may be verbally declared in violation of the law, by some cop, bureaucrat, lawyer or judge, to jail you or have your work seized from you, for the pleasure or whim of power-damaged minds in government. Knowing that, an intelligent person will do less innovative and socially beneficial things, therein inherently stagnating society with old knowledge.

A right is a human action for which the government holds no authority to require permission (permit, license, mandatory registration), or charge a tax or fee.

Rights are inherent to your existence as a human understanding the concept of rights, and inherent to your ownership of your body or other resources which you use for the conduct of rights.

A privilege can only exist in regard to the use of the private property of another person. The owner holds rights to his property. The owner may grant another person a privilege to use property, but the right is retained by the owner.

Private property is optimal because one mind holds incentive to manage the property for current and future benefit, inherently learning from mistakes. In contrast, government or public property is the most poorly managed because government implies its functional ownership of the land, and is always insatiably greedy by design, and uses its power to evade responsibility for its greed-based mistakes in regard to management of the land, routinely blaming the other guy, those damn non-government citizens.

Alaskans use oil and caribou, for their lifestyle they want to pass on to their offspring. Washington DC uses only oil for its destructive wars and processes to grab more power. Read that again to recognize the amusing ignorance of liberal environmentalists wanting the DemocanRepublicrat War Regime to control Alaska caribou, oil, land, and everything else their War Regime can seize.

The public lands in the US (Park Service, BLM, Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, State lands, etceteras) are held and managed "in trust" for the public who hold absolute ownership of the lands. The public lands are NOT owned by the agencies or personnel managing them.

The public lands may only be lawfully closed to the public by, 1 - public buildings being locked for normal security reasons after normal working hours, or 2 - fenced with chain link fence for identifiable materials security or public safety from verifiable hazards, or unusual temporary conditions of such public concern that sufficient guards are present to stop persons from entering lawfully restricted lands not yet fenced by lawful process.

The countless government violations of the law do not create the reasoning for closing public lands to the public. An otherwise lawful instrument may not lawfully effect a crime.

An action is either lawful, for which no permission can be required or fee demanded, or not lawful, for which the government holds no authority to permit. The myriads of US government unlawfully imposed licenses, permits and their taxes/fees, illuminate the categorically dumbed-down Americans. They cannot even comprehend the distinction between lawful and unlawful actions. Lean that right now from those words, or you will end up as stupid as National Park Service personnel.

The government holds no authority to deny, require permission or tax the right of the people to walk on their public land, and to travel (drive) by common means (motor vehicles) on the public rights of way (public roads).

The only lawful process by which a person can be lawfully separated from his rights is by his willfully surrendering his rights.

There can be no lawful demand that a person perform any action that separates him from his rights.

The act of asking for permission (request a permit or license), or acquiescing to the payment of a tax or fee, even under the false assumption that it is required, constitutes by law the willful surrender of one's rights. It can be presumed that a person who is too stupid to understand his rights, and therefore so stupid he asks permission to exercise a right, or pays a fee to exercise a right, can be lawfully separated from his rights that he willingly surrendered because of his stupidity.

It is unlawful, and a crime, to carry out an unlawful order.

It is the known legal duty for every agent and officer of the government to initiate due process of law (file criminal charges) upon recognizing reasonable evidence that a crime has been committed, regardless of the employment of the perpetrator.

The evasion of a known legal duty is a crime.

While Congress grants to agencies the authority to write regulations creating the process of the Public Laws (adopted by Congress), no regulation may exceed the authority of the exact words of the Public Law. To use power of office and color of law to impose regulations that exceed the authority of the Public Law is a crime. Public Law 89-249 was written to limit the building of hotels in National Parks. It authorizes a limited concession permit system only for the control of facilities development (buildings) and crowding impacts. As it does with all public laws, the Park Service has used the law to impose concession permits for activities that involve no facilities development and no identified or defined crowding, even to the extreme of mountain climbing guides on the least crowded (person/acre/day) notable mountain in the nation, and most durable (ice and rock), Denali, in flawless criminal violation of the Public Law 89-249. (Only one example among countless.)

The $350 Park Service tax for the right to walk on the public land described as Denali constitutes a criminal use of power of office and color of law to extort and deny the rights of park visitors. The involved Park Superintendents and rangers a simple street thug criminals, too dumb to even understand these words.

The entrance fees to travel by common means on the public rights of ways in National Parks constitute a criminal use of power of office and color of law to extort and deny the rights of park visitors.

The evasion of the known legal duty of Park Service personnel to initiate due process of law (file criminal charges) against other Park Service personnel for charging entrance fees, demanding permits, etceteras, which are openly recognized evidence and proof of crimes, defines every Park Service employee as a criminal and amusingly too dumb to understand even the most simple precepts of the rule of written law.

The use of power of office and color of law to deny citizens their rights constitutes the most repugnant betrayal of the public trust in government personnel, especially repugnant to those who fought in wars, and those who died in wars creating and defending the rights of Americans.

Mountain climbing is one of the more pure expressions of individual freedom in an environment where no public is affected by climbing, and there is no real damage to the planet. The benefit to the human mind is the pure freedom of significant decisions, alone with absolute accountability to oneself, with the physical exercise as a distant second benefit that could be more efficiently and safely acquired in a gym. Real climbers understand the freedom of individual decision making, the most valuable concept available to the human mind. There are no real climbers who will accept a National Park Service mountaineering ranger job, because the primary duty of the job, poorly veiled by the laughable Park ranger lies, is to arrest the climbers who do not adequately kowtow to the myriads of unlawfully imposed climbing regulations, hassles, costs and denials of rights. Real climbers will not do that. National Park Service climbing rangers are laughed at, ridiculed and held in contempt by all real climbers, verifiable with a certain few questions.

From the above, a person with a 6th grade education can recognize that every National Park Service employee is a criminal of the most repugnant sort. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, especially for those wielding power of office and a claim of authority in law.

There is no goal in these words to denigrate Park Service personnel for their malicious use of the ruse of law, or suggest a change in their actions. They are merely biological victims of their self-power-damaged minds. However great or seemingly inconsequential, they hold power of office and title. There is no power that does not corrupt, that is, damage the perception process of the human mind. If by circumstance the writer of these words had become a Park Service employee, or any government employee who are all doing the same thing, he would be doing as Park Service personnel do, or he would have been fired or have quit, and the above words would describe him. When he was in the Army, assisting with the slaughter of Vietnamese who refused to kowtow to the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, the above words described him, and worse due to the nature of his foolishly accepted job.

Park Service personnel could read this web page many times, and their mind cannot synthesize or combine the above information. They are useless and hopeless for any benefit to society. They are the portion of the human population that stagnates and attacks the productive benefits of reasoning among the reasoning portion of humans.

The object of these words is to possibly cause some scant few of the more perceptive young people among the scant few who might discover this webpage, to learn how to think, synthesize more than two items of data, ask the questions to verify the data and the resulting conclusions, and wisely advance their knowledge into the arena of that which is, otherwise described as, fact, truth, honesty. That is in contrast to the common human craving for institutional power which produces nothing sustainable because it defies the human mind's original reasoning process which needs no institutional power.

No human holds the ability to sustain a contradiction, such as a lie. The design of the human mind, a contradiction identification and resolution device, precludes the ability of anyone ever fooling all of the people all of the time. Plain physical science demonstrates that all contradictions are eventually resolved. All lies are revealed by the ultimate results. Fools such as government people seek to get powerful, rich or famous, to any degree great or small, with lies that ultimately identify their life as of no ultimate utility to humans. Wise people progressively learn to do that which is based on verifiable truth, to benefit and advance humans. Truth is sustainable and a lot more fun. Unlike government people who attempt to FORCE other people to do things, and thus make enemies, wise people offer the reasoning of truth, and thus create friends among honest people. How would you describe me if I attempted to FORCE you to do things the way I decree that you should do things. In contrast, how would you describe me if I instead offered my perception of how things might be done more beneficially, and let you make your own decisions? All your police-mentality Park Service relatives and friends who wield the FORCE OF PURPORTED LAW, can only offer you what can never benefit you or be sustained in the controlling human concept of advancing human reasoning ability and its results.

The benefits of living life in harmony with that which is sustainable, with full knowledge of it, are worth more than all the inherently doomed power and money in the world.

Extract yourself from the embarrassing ignorance that your Park Service employed parents will most likely attempt to foist onto you. Have a chit-chat with your Park Service employed offspring, to suggest the wisdom of life efforts of benefit to themselves and society. And tell your Park Service employed brother or sister to get a life of their own before they become as laughably dumb as Park Superintendents functioning as ignorant criminals wielding the rhetorical illusions of inferior laws contradicted by superior laws / reasoning.

Then go climbing.



An accurate measure of the unmitigated repugnance of National Park Rangers....

The US government fools gullible young males and some equally gullible, excessive testosterone females to run off to the killing fields of wars to "fight for American freedom and rights, under a solemn oath to uphold the US Constitution".

The fact that the claimed reason is a complete lie, easily verifiable as such, is immaterial. They were told that is what they were fighting for, and that is why the vast majority of the unquestioning fools fight for the DemocanRepubicrat War Regime.

Some are killed, suffering horrible, painful deaths. Some are physically maimed for life. Some are emotionally maimed, suffering a gradient of ongoing mental and emotion damages. Some later commit suicide because they cannot resolve the contradictions between the lies they were told, the maliciousness of their actions that routinely resulted in the slaughtering of civilian women and children, and the results in America that openly prove the lies.

The costs of wars extend vastly beyond the lies of the governments that start them.

When US military war veterans return to the US, having fought for the RIGHTS of themselves, their families, friends and fellow Americans,..... US National Park Rangers deny their right to simply walk and travel by common means on their own public and, and SELL that right back to them, for from $20 to $500 depending on the area of land !

If you can find anybody more repugnant that the swine who would sell a war veteran back his or her RIGHTS, for a tax / fee, for simply walking on their own public land, please inform the author of this website, and he will present the questions to prove your error.



The web slave, rabble rouser, trouble causer, arm waver, and general carrying on'er, laughing as usual.


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